Wednesday, April 30, 2008


There is an actual channel here that plays music videos. Can you believe that? Right now is Madonna and JT with 4 minutes. I have to admit I love that song. Anyway, we have 10 channels. Woooo! Our TV is 14 inches and we have 10 channels. At home we have a 42 inch plasma TV with probably about 500 channels. One channel here always has billiards on. 

OK, on to our our day. Oh, I have to mention first that our key cards have been having issues ... as in they stop working. We keep taking them to the front desk. They have told us to keep them away from credit cards and mobiles. We have. It happened again tonight. When Curt took his the guy finally looked into it. They keys had no end date so they kept resetting themselves. I knew it wasn't us. Tonight when I took mine up to the front desk the guy told me to keep it away from my mobile. And I told him I hadn't even been carrying my mobile.

OK, now really to our day ... we had lunch at Davy's. I had a delicious risotto plate and Curt had a yummy ham plate. Our food was really good. The day was wet, cold and windy. It wore us out. So after lunch we decided to come back to the room. On the way to the hotel from our Tube stop our umbrella turned inside out and bonked me in the head. We got back to the room and took a nap. After that we got cleaned up for Mama Mia! We had dinner at a cafe in the train station. When Curt ordered his hamburger the guy told him we don't have hamburger we have beef burger. I had a potato jacket (baked potato) with bacon and brie. Yum! After that we headed to Piccadilly Circus and got our tickets for the show. Then we headed to a pub for a drink. Tonight was the Liverpool v. Chelsea game. I did feel bad that Curt couldn't watch the football match because we had tickets to Mama Mia! We booked the tickets about six months ago. And we couldn't really trade them in--we could hope someone decided to buy them. But there were no guarantees. 

After the pub we headed to the theatre. I had a drink before. I wanted champagne. The cheapest champagne was a small bottle for 26 pounds. Curt ordered at the bar and was not gonna pay 50 bucks for champagne. I only wanted one glass. So he got me wine, which was fine. I really enjoyed Mama Mia! It entertaining and a lot of fun. Curt was able to track the score of the match on his iPhone. The game was still going when the show let out so we went back to the pub we were at earlier and caught the last 5 mins--which were quite exciting. 

After the show we headed back to our hotel to have a drink in the bar/restaurant. After that we came back up to the room. I brought my beer with me. Curt and I wanted some crisps. So he went to the store across the street to get some crisps and a beer for himself. Now we are watching bad TV.

Oh, Curt wants me to double-space my paragraphs. He thinks it reads easier. I personally don't think it matters. But I do think it makes the physical post longer than necessary. But I will oblige ... this time.

Long but good day

Yesterday was a long but good day. So long that I came back to the hotel exhausted and wasn't in the mood for any blog updates.
Yesterday morning (I am still not getting up super early yet--the sleep is getting better) we headed out to meet a former Macworld UK person for lunch. Curt is really connected to these Macworld UK people. I met some of the in January for the Expo. Anyway, so we got there early so Curt and I found a cafe and had coffee/not chocolate. (By the way, there are cafes everywhere.) After our drink we went to David's office. He is now a PR guy. He took us to lunch called the Banana Store. I know Banana was in the name. It was really good. I decided to order the chorizo dish to see what it tasted liked. It was sausage that was fairly spicy with potatoes and salad. Yum! Afterward we went to the first pub in London called The George. Apparently Charles Dickens and W. Shakespeare used to drink there.
After that David went back to work and Curt and I headed to The Tower of London. We took part of a tour, which was fun. Our tour guide, Paul, was cool. There was a lot of killings and torture that went on in those towers. Ann Boleyn (sp?) was killed there. I guess she was afraid of the ax so she was killed by sword. They both sound horrendous to me. We also looked at the crowned jewels. Very gaudy. To view some of the crowns we stood on a people mover and slowly moved down to look at them. We walked around some of the towers, including the bloody tower.
After that we headed to Macworld UK to meet friends for drinks. They just moved to new offices so they wanted us to see. Very nice. Curt got to meet people who only e-mails with. He seemed pretty popular with that group. A group of us went out for drinks, Karen, Mark, James, Rosie and Curt and myself. We had a lot of fun. We ended up eating dinner, there, too. Good stuff. Poor Karen (my twin, we have the same birthdate) was having tooth issues. She was a good sport and stayed out a good amount of time before she had to go home and rest. 
So it was a good and exhausting day.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The sunset

This is the Whitehall Court seen from the south side of the Thames.

And, Kate, we will have a beer for you today, tonight, definitely at some point today. Curt commented to your question about how I am blogging. (On Curt's laptop, WiFi in the room.)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Tourism begins

So today while sitting at a pub I noticed 4 different people in running clothes running with backpacks. I wonder if they went to work, changed and ran home?
I have also noticed that a lot of women wear really short skirts and boots. Sometimes together, but not always. And a lot of Ugg wearers. I thought about bringing mine. But I didn't want to bring too many pairs of shoes--so I settled for tennies and docs.
Today Curt and I went to Harrod's. We had lunch there. They have a type of food court called a food hall. It is like a food court but much fancier and not fast foody at all. Curt and I shared a seafood platter. It was really good. Then we did some walking around. We ventured through the sports and leisure sports clothing department. We were cracking up. When I think of sports and leisure I think REI. Sports and leisure at Harrod's is polo, tennis, crocket, etc. Very snobby. We did have a cappucino at a little cafe in the sports and leisure department. You can pretty much have a coffee or beer any where around here. We never did find the cheesy statue of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed and there was no way we were going to ask. 
(There is a show on called Embarrassing Bodies. And they show everything. No matter the doctor's exam we get to see it. "What may be embarrassing to you is all in a day's work to me," one doctor on the show is quoted saying.)
After Harrod's we did some more walking around. We found a little outdoor cafe to have a snack and drink. Then a little more wandering and a stop at the Angel & Crown pub. We did some people watching, heard an annoying drunk guy sing "She's lost that loving feeling." After the pub we found an Italian Restaurant to have pasta for dinner. The food was really good. Their service was a little lacking.
Tomorrow we are having lunch with a Macworld UK friend. Then tomorrow night drinks with some other Macworld UK friends. They want us to come see their new offices and then out for the night. Should be fun. Get to hang out with my twin, Karen. We share the same birthdate.
Now just a little lying around the hotel room and maybe some tea. Curt bought us some more biscuits (cookies) last night.
Apparently it is national blog commenting day. So please comment, especially if you've NEVER commented. I love to hear from my readers. I am still surprised when I find out people read my blog--they are usually the ones who NEVER comment. So how would I know they read my blog? Yes, this is a cheap ploy to get comments. But c'mon, I am in London on my vacation keeping you all updated. Help a girl out! And while you are at it click on an ad to make me some moola. 

Some observations and other stuff

Taxi drivers here drive really well. It was the first time yesterday that I wasn't scared to be in a taxi. And he was really friendly and chatty. Also there was no trunk you just drag your suitcase(s) into the floor of the taxi. Oh, and the driver doesn't get out to help you. 
There is no ice bucket in our hotel room. But there is a little pitcher to heat up water to make tea. I had my tea last night with milk. It actually wasn't bad.
Sleeping last night kinda sucked. I was wide awake about 1 a.m. London time. I was tired and couldn't fall asleep. Eventually Curt was watching baseball: Tigers and the Angels. About 3 a.m. I decided to take a quarter of my Ambien. (I recently went to the doctor to get a prescription. The last time we were in Europe I was pretty much exhausted the entire two weeks. That sucked.) So eventually I slept pretty well. But we didn't get up today until about 11:30 a.m. London time. We are showered and ready to hit Harrod's. Probably will have lunch there and then look around.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

We're in London

So we got to London safe and sound. Our flight went fine--uneventful. Except for the crazy lady sitting in front of me. At one point during the night I got up to go to the bathroom. On the way back I stepped on her foot. I apologized and she said, Watch it! God damn it! I said nothing back. But I figure if you are hanging out in the aisle you deserve to get your foot stepped on mean lady! The crazy thing is we had to pay for booze. I thought all international flights had free booze. I guess not with United. We did with British Airways and Air France. Oh well. Movie after movie played so I watched Alvin and the Chipmunks, I am Legend and parts of Becoming Jane. I didn't get a lot of sleep. So I am pretty tired right now. It's almost 5 p.m. here. So probably do a little more walking around, have some dinner, shower and hit the sack.
Before we went on our first walk I went into my backpack to get my brand new, never worn, bought just for this trip North Face windbreaker. Um, I couldn't find it. I think I left it on the plane. And I never got to wear it! I hope whoever finds it enjoys it. Maybe that mean lady took it. I did bring a rain coat. But I am pissed that I already lost my cute purple windbreaker. Oh well. I guess more important things could have gotten lost.
Check back for updates.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Almost all packed

So I did most of my packing last night. We are packing for cool and rainy. But who cares! We are gonna be on vacation.
Just getting the last minute things done this morning. Our friend Cyrus is driving us to the airport for our 7:20 p.m. flight. Thanks Cyrus.
So I am almost all packed. Doing the last bit of laundry and cleaning our house. Ruff Ruff Pet Care is watching Joey part of the time. And Dad and Hilda are coming to stay here for about 5 days.
Make sure to check for updates while we are gone!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Last day of work

For the next two weeks anyway. Tomorrow Curt and I take off for England and Ireland. We will spend 5 days in London, a few days in Newcastle and a few days in Dublin. We had a slight glitch with our Newcastle plans. We actually planned the trip around the dates of the "soccer" match. The match was sked for next Saturday. But just the other day they moved it to Monday. Argh. So Curt scrambled to get our stay extended in Newcastle, switch our flight to Dublin on Tuesday morning sted of Monday. I think he got all the kinks worked out and it really only alters our plans a half day. Not too bad.
I plan on updating while we are away. So stay tuned.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Congrats to Kate and Jason

Yup, you guessed it. Kate is pregnant. I am super happy for her and Jason, too. She said she will be posting a pic of her lima bean soon. I am sure s/he is a cutie!!!!!
So, see I told you just about everyone I know is pregnant!
Congrats again guys!
Happy Admin Day!
So I had no idea it was admin day. But apparently it is. I got a bottle of wine from the Compliance guys and I got tulips from my boss. Very nice!
So I found out for sure today that my favorite yoga teacher is no longer teaching at my gym. I had heard rumors. But today I found out that it is true. It is very unlike her to leave and not tell her students. Some people only went to her classes. We have two subs that we can let the gym know which we prefer. I prefer neither really. But I gave my comments. One I like her style, but she is too mild. So I would prefer her but just kick it up a notch or two. Then I can modify if I need to. The other sub for some reason I just don't like. I like his practice. There is just something about him I don't like--and that can actually alter my workout.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Love Trap

One of the radio stations I listen to has something called Love Trap. Someone suspects that their significant other is cheating. The DJs call and pretend like the person is getting something for free: massage, flowers, candy, underwear, etc. And they ask who they want to send it, too. Most of the time the dope sends it to the person they are cheating with.
The guy today was a total dope. He got caught red-handed. He told his girlfriend the reason he cheated--tho. he said nothing happened--was because she was too cheap to pay for cable so he is bored. What a moron. She told him she was cutting off paying on his truck. At the end of the call the guy asked the DJs if he was still gonna get his candy. His name was Troy. They update the Love Traps pretty often, day off. So it should be there soon.

One of my e-mail subject lines said ...

3 tips to dance your way into her pants
I hate getting that garbage!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Congrats to my friends

This picture came from Angela. Thanks Angela. It makes me a little sad, makes me miss my Salem friends. :( Anyway, pictured is Kate (pregnant); Melissa (pregnant--and due anyday now. Has Melissa had the baby?); Angela (pregnant and having a girl in about 3 months); Marion; Carol; Spike; and Aaron.
As Angela put it, 3/5 of the women in the pic are pregnant. And the other two have kids.
I am super excited that Angela is having a baby and a girl!!!! I get to be Aunt Ann again. Curt and I will go out to Portland in September/October to meet the new Baby Carpstead. Mums the word on names for the baby. For now she is being referred to as Brunhilda. I am sure Angela and Michael will come up with a beautiful name for the beautiful little girl. I can't wait to meet her. Congrats to Angela and Michael.
Kate and her husband just got married recently in Hawaii. I am sure it was an absolutely gorgeous day. Sounds like it was some sort of elopement. So congrats on the marriage and next comes the baby in a baby carriage. Soon Kate will find out if she is having a girl or a boy. Congrats to Kate and Mark.
I think Melissa's due date is technically tomorrow. But she may have already birthed her boy. Haven't heard yet. Melissa's boy will be the 8th boy born to someone in the Statesman Journal newsroom. Congrats to Melissa and Adam.

OK, on to my weekend ...

Friday night I hung out with Phil and Lisa. Curt was attending a class to get his motorcycle license not to far from their place. So after work I headed to Phil and Lisa's and then picked Curt up about 10 p.m. Phil and Lisa made yummy homemade pizza. It was really good. We watched the Colbert Report from the night before. And then watched Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. The movie was OK. It has some good parts and some weird parts. We laughed and made fun of it. I brought over some People mags so Lisa and I looked at trashy celebrity news.
Saturday morning I went to the gym. That abs/core class is killer. I got home and Curt took off for more motorcycle license class. I just vegged. I didn't do a whole lot--but I did enjoy having the house to myself. I did notice how messy it was, but I didn't do anything about it. :)
Saturday night I watched a movie called, The Dead Girl. Interesting. And kinda sad.
Sunday Curt had his class again. This time I maxed my time. I did a little cleaning. Got a mani/pedi. Talked to Kate (different Kate than pictured above). Did laundry. I got some stuff done on my to do list before we leave in less than a week! Watched Ratatouille.
It was a good weekend. Got stuff done without being too overwhelmed.
This week will be trying to get a ton of stuff done at work, start packing and getting ready for our trip.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Finally some pictures!

Here are pictures from Erica and Casey's Scottsdale wedding two weekends ago. We had a great time! There were a lot of people showing their guns (biceps) that night. Unfortunately there were none snapped of me showing my guns. But they are impressive! :) At least some people at the wedding were impressed. You all make get to see them via picture some day, if you're lucky.

And these are the pics taken at the wedding with my iPhone. Keep in mind this is a camera phone without a flash.

And here are the pics from our visit with Baby Alex. He was such a doll and sweetheart. He can come back and visit us anytime. I had to laugh. Even tho. I am sure Aaron didn't appreciate us putting his son in Mizzou AND Arizona gear. But he added the pic to his blog.

Friday, April 18, 2008

What to write about?

I could tell you about my yoga class today. And how I am getting a lot better at my pigeon pose. I can really feel that it opened up my hips today as I walk around. (In the pics I can't and haven't attempted the third pic.)

Or I could talk about my observations of pregnant people--particularly my friends and co-workers. It seems like everyone is either pregnant or just had a baby (or already has kids). I guess it is my age. It just feels weird. You all know that I really love kids. (But I do have to admit I have a very low tolerance for whiny, crying children--esp. the ones who are old enough to talk. It seems like the next-door neighbors' kid is ALWAYS crying.) But I really have no desires to have one or any of my own. My biological clock has never ticked. I have a few friends who have decided NOT to have kids--but it seems fewer and fewer. (I could go into all the crap about how people tell me I should have a baby or I am selfish for not having one--because I guess it is less selfish to have a baby when you don't really want one because that is the thing to do. But I won't. That is for another post another day.)
On that note I am looking forward to our trip in a week to England and Ireland.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pill Pockets rule!

So my friend and co-worker Sue told me about Pill Pockets. They are soft treats that you can squish medicine in for your cat. Since Joey has been so resistent to taking his medicine I thought I would give them a try. The Pill Pocket doesn't hold much. So I actually molded two together and squirted that "yummy-tasting" paste into the pockets. I went into the kitchen and shook Joey's treat container. He came running into the kitchen. I threw down the three pockets. He kinda looked at them and looked up at me. But eventually he ate all three. Curt kept giving me updates as he would eat one.
He should be grateful for the medicine. Because after I found out he weighs almost 17 pounds I have started giving him a lot less treats. But for now if these things work then he will continue to get them.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Visit with Baby Alex

So I figured Aaron was a little bias about his son, Alex, being such a cutie. Well, Aaron. He is. He is so much fun and such a good baby.
Stefanie, her sister Teresa and Alex arrived in the Bay Area yesterday afternoon. They got to our place and wandered around our great neighborhood. Curt and I got home about 6 p.m. The five of us went out for sushi. Alex had sweet potatoes.
We walked around our hood a little to show Stefanie and Teresa where the BART station was and a coffee place, etc.
I never heard Alex during the night. This morning before I went to yoga I got to have a quick visit with him before I took off.
It was a pleasure having the three of them stay with us. And they are welcome back anytime. Alex is the second baby to visit us (after Oliver) and they have both been so good and such a joy to have around.
In the little time we had visiting with Alex we took a lot of pics. I will share all of those later. But the one I would like to share today we took just for Alex's dad, Aaron.

Aaron, Alex was perfectly content in this attire I have to say. :) For those of you who don't know, Aaron went to KU--which is a huge rival of Mizzou. And a semi-rival of UA. The Chickenhawks (Jayhawks) just won the NCAA tourney. So we felt this pic was appropriate. And just to let you know Aaron, Stefanie had nothing to do with this. She actually said, Aaron is gonna kill me.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Joey!!!!!

My furbaby is 14 today. I can't believe I have had Joey for almost 14 years. I got him when he was 6 weeks old. He was this adorable puff of gray fur. I got him at the very beginning of June. The vet said he was 6 weeks. So then April 15 became Joey's birthday.
Curt and I gave him a catnip eggplant this morning.

At first Joey didn't want to get near the eggplant. I think he thought we were trying to give him medicine. Eventually he warmed up to the toy. I took photos with my iPhone since I had to dash off to work and didn't have time to be uploading photos. I will take real photos tonight. Joey wrote his own birthday post today. Enjoy!

Giants / D-backs game
Last night Curt and I along with our friends John and Nicole attended the Giants D-backs game. I even wore my old school D-backs Gonzo shirt. Though because it was so cold no one really got to appreciate it as I was bundled up. We had a good time. It was pretty cold. But it wasn't too bad. We left at the end of the 7th inning. It was 5-4 Giants and that is how the game ended.
There was a woman sitting near us who had this fuzzy thing. It was sitting on her lap and I said to Nicole, how in the H did she get a dog in here? And then I realized it wasn't a dog. I never could figure out if it was some sort of lap blanket or a big furry purse.
I realize this isn't a very good shot of the furry thing. John and Curt are sitting next to her with their arms crossed--cuz it is chilly!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Warm weekend

So about noon on Saturday Curt dropped me off at work. I met with one of our patent consultants and talked about some things. And then I was on my own entering info into the database. I am starting to feel more confident about doing this. I am still having my work checked--which is fine with me. But I am feeling better about it.
I finished up at work about 4 p.m. Curt came and picked me up. He asked me if I was hungry. I asked him where he wanted to eat. Oaks Card Club. I was a little reluctant. (Last year when Erica and Casey were visiting Curt and Casey went. Erica and I stayed home and knitted and watched Grey's Anatomy.) Curt and I did no gambling. But we had a drink at the bar. And actually their menu was pretty good. I ordered a burger. And that was probably one of the best burgers I have had. And it was cheap, too.
I have to say I couldn't believe how packed the gambling part was. I mean, it was a gorgeous day and people are inside playing cards. Oh well, whatever.

Here I am scarfing down my burger at Oaks Card Club.

Saturday evening Curt and I watched There Will be Blood. That was a really long movie. Any movie longer than an hour and a half (this one was 2 1/2 hours) really better keep my attention. This one really didn't. It just kinda dragged on and on. There was no real plot to it.
Sunday started off lazy. Then I started cleaning our very messy house. Besides the fact that we needed to clean it we have guests coming on Tuesday. A former co-worker of mine from Salem, Stefanie, and her sister and Stefanie and Aaron's baby son, Alex, are staying with us Tuesday. Joey has been locked out of the spare room since Stefanie gets sneezy around cats. Hopefully she won't feel too bad. And the spare room has been vacuumed and Allergen Febreezed. (When our allergic friend Angela was here last year she did OK. So I hope Stefanie does, too.) So our house is all pretty and clean, mail was looked at, bills paid, laundry done. Bedroom cleaned up.
At one point Curt and I took a walk down College to a sidewalk sale at See Jane Run. Curt had taken a walk earlier and saw they were having a sale. I want a new pair of tennis shoes before we head to England and Ireland in a couple of weeks. I also want some comfy track pants to wear on the plane. My track pants are a little big. I found a pair of shoes on sale. Then the sales woman told me about some pants she loves and are super comfy. I tried them on and was sold right away. I can wear them as comfy pants and to yoga!
After that Curt and I walked home. Oh, before that I stopped at Redhound to buy Joey a birthday present (tomorrow he turns 14). I wanted to get him a catnip carrot. They have been out of those for sometime. So I got him a catnip eggplant. Hope he likes it.
We had sushi for dinner. Curt picked it up and we dined at home.
All in all a pretty good weekend.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rockridge Optometry

This morning I went to get an eye exam. The doctor was recommended by my boss' wife. And she recommended well. The office was beautiful. Everyone who worked there was really nice. Dr. Yokoi was super cool. I told him I wanted to try contacts again. He told me the pros and cons of the different kinds that would work for me. I have an astigmatism in my left eye--which has made wearing contacts difficult in the past. The last time I wore contacts was about 7 years ago. I just saw better with my glasses.
We decided on a certain kind of contacts for me. Initially they will be tough to wear--comfort issue. But he said if I can get over that it will be worth it. My vision will be clear. And actually improve slightly. So at first I will wear the contacts for some time, checking in at the doctor's office and then once my eyes are at a certain point I will get new glasses.
I will likely have my new contacts next week. But I will wait to start wearing them until we get back from vacation.
These contacts are more expensive than soft lenses. But in the long run they last longer and the fact that I can see better makes it worth it.
There was a lot of stuff done to my eyes today. And usually I am not a big fan of it. But it actually wasn't so bad. And luckily no dilation. That will be saved for another visit at one of my follow ups for my contacts.
I so want to lounge today and do nothing. But I have to go into work in a little bit for a few hours.
Oh, did I mention it is absolutely gorgeous here. I am wearing short sleeves!!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

No time to blog

I am just getting to my blog today. This week has been crazy at work. But today has been especially nuts. You should see my desk! I so can't wait until we hire a new admin so I can focus my time and energy just on patents and trademarks. It is so tough juggling all my duties right now. And I am coming in tomorrow to meet our patent consultant to work on some stuff.
Actually the past three weeks have been pretty tough for me. But I am surviving ... barely.

So I had an e-mail from Erica updating on how the honeymoon is going. Sounds like Costa Rica is beautiful and they are having a great time. And apparently Erica rode a horse and there are pics to prove it. I think she is very brave!
I should be posting wedding pics soon. I still have to write some captions. So keep an eye out for them.

Thank Gawd it is Friday ... even if I do have to work a few hours tomorrow.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Walking is good

So today my good friend and co-worker Mia asked me if I wanted to go for a walk. We were gone about an hour, had a great walk, got to be outside (it was beautiful) and catch up. Then we stopped at a little market and got lunch. I got a yummy pastrami sandwich. Mia got a salad and a good looking piece of salmon.
We have decided we need to make this a habit. Getting out of the office and getting some fresh air was good for both of us.
And the weekend is almost here!!!!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Newcastle tickets have been ordered

Curt got up a little before midnight to be online (8 a.m. England time) to purchase tickets to the Newcastle game while we are in town. My understanding is the tickets go on sale for 2 weeks for members--which we are--and then after that are open to the public. I believe this is the last home game of the season and they are hot tickets. So Curt wanted to make sure we purchased as soon as we could.
Last week Curt ordered us our Newcastle attire. Unfortunately the item I wanted was out of stock. So I will wait until we are in town and buy something then.
We both recently received gifts in the mail from our Newcastle team: a pin, scarf and crystal stein. That sucker is heavy. I won't travel with my mug. But I will proudly wear my scarf and pin.
You can see where we will be sitting. Hopefully while we are there I won't become a Hooligan and get arrested and have to stay in England. :)

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My hatred for KU festers

I watched most of the second half of the NCAA championship game. Memphis played well and coulda won it. Then there were some screw ups and Kansas tied it up right at the end of regulation. Then Memphis just played poorly in OT. I am just waiting for all the comments from Aaron, my Chickenhawk friend.

On a happier note, here are a couple of highlights from the wedding:

I promise to post all soon. We took a lot and a lot of great photos. The second and last photos we really had ourselves entertained. Everyone wanted a picture with the bride. Earlier in the day Jen tried to get a pic with Erica. But it just didn't work out. But she still got a pic with the bride. HA! Jen and Kate are having fun with that in the last pic, too. In the fourth pic I am displaying my shot of Jameson.

Monday, April 07, 2008


So when I fly I pretty much have to chew gum the whole time because my ears pop. Sometimes when the plane is getting ready to land the pressure really builds up. There are times I have excruciating pain in my jaw--and then it hurts to chew my gum. I just have to wait it out and once we land or get really close to landing the pressure lessens.
Well, on both landings this weekend the pressure built up. But this time it wasn't my jaw. It was in my forehead. It was quite odd and felt weird.
Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

We're home

We just got home. I am pooped and have already decided no yoga in the morning. Originally the plan was to get home about 7:30 or so and have plenty of time to unwind and get ready for the week. But we decided to voluntarily bump for some very nice vouchers. And I think it was worth it.
I am gonna go relax before I turn in.
Pictures coming soon. Man, it was a great time. All of my friends from my close Phx group of friends are now married.

At the PHX airport

Curt and I had a 4:30 flight. Southwest asked for volunteers. We decided to go for it. We got really good vouchers. So now we are sitting at Fox Sports Bar having a beer and figuring out what we want to eat.
OK, so the wedding was an absolute blast. It was a great wedding. The day was so perfect and beautiful. I will post pics in the next few days. Photos were taken on our camera and via my iPhone. And what totally cracked me up was people kept saying, this is for the blog when I was snapping away. Apparently my blog is very famous at the Republic newsroom. (I wouldn't know since most of you don't comment. I LOVE getting comments--hint, hint.) Anyway, non-Republic people were shouting out about the blog. It was so funny.
Erica, of course, looked gorgeous. Her dress was so pretty, elegant, simple and beautiful. Erica and Casey walked out together to If I Were a Carpenter. The stuff they said to each other was so beautiful. I forgot tissue and I really needed it. 
After the short and sweet outdoor ceremony it was time for drinks and yummy appetizers. We got to see so many of our Phoenix friends it was so great, including Kate, who is technically a Phoenix friend but lives in Florida with her husband, Jason.
The dinner was so amazing. Erica and Casey's friend Mike catered it. And wow, amazing. We were all getting in line for food when Erica walked by with her plate and said, f***in potatoes in an Irish accent. (Casey usually says, what do you need when you have potatoes? More potatoes!--Doesn't quite transfer via online. But it's funny.) I think I was next to Kate and I looked at her and said, And the bride says F**k.
They had some fun toasts by two of their sisters. (During the ceremony a sister from both sides said some really nice stuff, too.)
Soon after that the dancing began. Oh, and cigars were smoked. (Not by me.) Curt and I were in charge if the bar ran out of booze. Erica and Casey didn't anticipate that happening. Well, it did. So Curt ran to a Circle K and stocked up on wine and beer. Thanks Curt for doing that.
Because Casey and his family are Irish they had a Jameson toast. (I am assuming that is a tradition--but not sure.) Casey's brother Pat gave a nice toast. I had never had that whiskey before. That stuff goes down smooth.
Then a lot more dancing. Dave and I decided that he and I and Jen and Curt all need to go to weddings together. Dave and I can dance together and act crazy and then Jen and Curt can talk. (They aren't as big of dancers as Dave and I are.)
We partied at that wedding until midnight.

This afternoon we met friends for brunch at My Florist. Kate, Leah, Jen and Dave met Curt and me. I asked Dave if he was hung over. He said yes and asked me if I was. I said, no. I only had 2-3 glasses of wine and that shot of Jameson. Then Curt chimed in, Yea, Ann acts like that even without booze. HA! I had a great time!!!

Also at the wedding we talked about what weekend Kate and I will fly out for SATC movie. Then the guys started talking about going to Vegas that weekend. So I think the girls will make it a fun girlie movie/spa weekend. I can't wait! Now we just have to pick the actual weekend and then start planning. We are thinking June 13-15. Check your calendars my Phx girlfriends.

Saturday, April 05, 2008


So Curt and I had breakfast this morning--a full breakfast, not continental. It was pretty good. We took our coffee to the pool to sit and relax and watch the Brits play in the pool.
Wow, my lunch just arrived. That was quick! Ooh, just took a bite of my salad. Yum!
So after our lounging Curt and I came back to the room. Curt wanted to hit Cabelas. Believe it or not but when we want SmartWool socks Ed has to get them for us or we have to get them at REI. I headed back to the pool.
When I was putting on my 2-piece I noticed that the plastic hook for my top was looking kinda haggard. So I reinforced it with the tiny safety pin I found in the mending kit I have in my toiletry bag.
I went down to the pool. I have to say it is so great to have your music and your phone (plus everything else) in one thing. I didn't have to worry about missing a call, e-mail or text while lounging and listening to my music.
I lounged, soaked up sun (don't worry, I use sun screen. Most of my life I have pretty much never used sun screen. Being from Arizona and being Mexican I never really needed it. But getting older and no longer living in the Grand Canyon state I must use it.) listened to music, read and just relaxed. I ordered water and a bloody mary from the guy delivering drinks. At one point I decided to get in the pool and cool off. As I was lying back down on the chaise lounge front down my top popped! Talk about perfect timing. Crap. So I layed there a bit. Then I was able to hold the back of my bikini top closed with one hand while grabbing my bag with the other and getting my little cover up. I was able to conceal and still get some sun until I was ready to come in to the room.
I do have to say this is the second bikini top to pop on me. When we lived in Phx I was at the pool (we had a pool in our backyard) and my top popped. But at least I was in my own backyard. That bikini I had for just the summer! This bikini I bought last year before we went to Hawaii. But that was the only other time I wore it. For a week in Hawaii, and oh wait, while in the beach with Kate the day after her wedding. But it isn't like I wear it a lot. So do I dare buy another top from Target? I know they have these same suits again this year. So I just need a new top. Not sure how much beach and pool time we will have this year.
Gonna go eat my lunch. Curt is hanging out with Ryan at George and Dragon. I will eat my salad and then jump in the shower.
Sorry if there are any typos--I am not checking for mistakes right now.

In Phoenix

We got into Phx last night in great time. Our flight was actually 10 minutes early. Southwest seems to be doing that more and more these days. When we were at the Oakland airport waiting to board our flight a woman walked by. I said to Curt, Hey, that's Mariflo. (Friend of Leah and Erica's.) Then I walked over to her and found her wife, Katie, who Leah and Erica went to high school with, and their son Phin. Daughter, Anna, is coming later. I said the them when I walked up, I know where you guys are going. :)
Curt and I rented a car. We get to the people who actually give us a car. They just point us to a row and we get to pick whatever we want. Interesting. We went with midsize. We were looking at some sort of Nissan Sentra. Then Curt looks over and sees a Mustang. So that is what we--or should I say he--is driving.
We found our hotel just fine. Our room is nice. We only have a few minor complaints. First, when we checked in the girl told me that we were supposed to have a polka dot gift bag waiting for us but they couldn't find it. Great, Erica went through all that trouble and they lost our bag! I saw another bag sitting there. She told me to check again tomorrow--which is today. Um, does she think it is going to reappear? We get to our room, nice--it's a little suite. Let's see: 2 light bulbs are burned out, the free high-speed Internet is so slow, dial-up is faster. I don't know how I was even able to get on here and blog. We have a kitchenette--with only plastic cups. If you want real cups you have to ask. Pillows are a little wimpy. OK, enough complaining. We did go to the bar last night (which once we got there I realized I had been to before when our friend Jan was in town many years ago). Anyway, the bar was great. Great service and good food.
They have free full breakfast here. And I am hungry. So I may go check that out. I am planning on lounging by the pool today--though first I should work out.
The wedding starts at 430 and is super close to our hotel.


So last night while Curt and I were at the Oakland airport he signed me up for Twitter. I was asking him about it. Not sure why I need to update people on what I am up to. But I am now doing that. I am "following" three people right now. And two are following me. Anyway, I don't have a pic up yet because the Internet here is so freakin slow that I got frustrated with it. So I will likely add a pic after we get home. Anyway, my name on Twitter is StarrChhk.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Are we gonna do the taco?

In my last post I talked about how there was a stabbing done by Joey to Curt.
Both Steff and Aaron recommended the "taco method," where you wrap your fur baby up in a towel and they can't squirm too much and stab and you can apply torture.
So I had the towel out last night. I was gonna get Joey into it. I pretended like all was normal. But he KNEW something was up. He kept running from me. So I gave up and jumped in the shower.
Later in the evening Curt said, OK, Ann. (Meaning he had Joey.) I yell out, Are we gonna do the taco?
Nope, we still decided to do it the old fashioned way. Curt has learned how to set Joey down so there is no longer any stabbing of the lip.
This, of course, is no dis' to the taco method.


This evening Curt and I are heading to Phoenix for ... Erica and Casey's wedding tomorrow!!!! We are very excited. And we get to see lots of our friends, too. Should be a good time.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Minor injury

So Curt and I have kinda come up with a system for giving Joey his medicine. Curt picks Joey up and holds him tight and I smear the "good tasting" medicine on Joey's mouth and then he is forced to lick it.
Last night we decided to try a 2-for-1 deal. So one finger I smeared the oral medicine on to smear on his lip and another finger I readied the eye ointment. All went well--just the usual slight struggle that he gives us. Curt was even telling Joey that he was a good boy as he was setting him down.
Then somehow (I didn't actually witness it) Joey stabbed Curt in the lip.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


So remember how I talked about last week that I went online to defer my jury service for like 6 months from now? Well, when I did that I got a message saying I would get a confirmation e-mail within 24 hours. Um, never got it.
So I called yesterday. I was on hold three different times for between 10 mins and 35 mins. So annoying. But I needed to talk to a human being. I didn't want to come back from Dublin and have police waiting for me at the airport arresting me for not showing up for jury duty. HA!
I tried again this morning. The stupid thing kept cutting me off. I had to call back at least 5 times. But soon after that I was only on hold for a couple of minutes and actually talked to a human being. I told her the situation. She asked for my partipant number. Then she says, You have been deferred. I ask, Until October 29? Yes. OK, thanks. And that was it.


So trying to get Joey to take his medicine has been a challenge. Yesterday Curt held Joey and I smeared the "good tasting" stuff on his lips and he was forced to eat it. Then early in the evening and later in the evening I was able to smear the ointment near his eye. I think that is as good as we are gonna get.
We'll see how tonight goes.


Aaron, don't be writing those profanities on my blog or I may have to censor you!