Sunday, April 06, 2008

At the PHX airport

Curt and I had a 4:30 flight. Southwest asked for volunteers. We decided to go for it. We got really good vouchers. So now we are sitting at Fox Sports Bar having a beer and figuring out what we want to eat.
OK, so the wedding was an absolute blast. It was a great wedding. The day was so perfect and beautiful. I will post pics in the next few days. Photos were taken on our camera and via my iPhone. And what totally cracked me up was people kept saying, this is for the blog when I was snapping away. Apparently my blog is very famous at the Republic newsroom. (I wouldn't know since most of you don't comment. I LOVE getting comments--hint, hint.) Anyway, non-Republic people were shouting out about the blog. It was so funny.
Erica, of course, looked gorgeous. Her dress was so pretty, elegant, simple and beautiful. Erica and Casey walked out together to If I Were a Carpenter. The stuff they said to each other was so beautiful. I forgot tissue and I really needed it. 
After the short and sweet outdoor ceremony it was time for drinks and yummy appetizers. We got to see so many of our Phoenix friends it was so great, including Kate, who is technically a Phoenix friend but lives in Florida with her husband, Jason.
The dinner was so amazing. Erica and Casey's friend Mike catered it. And wow, amazing. We were all getting in line for food when Erica walked by with her plate and said, f***in potatoes in an Irish accent. (Casey usually says, what do you need when you have potatoes? More potatoes!--Doesn't quite transfer via online. But it's funny.) I think I was next to Kate and I looked at her and said, And the bride says F**k.
They had some fun toasts by two of their sisters. (During the ceremony a sister from both sides said some really nice stuff, too.)
Soon after that the dancing began. Oh, and cigars were smoked. (Not by me.) Curt and I were in charge if the bar ran out of booze. Erica and Casey didn't anticipate that happening. Well, it did. So Curt ran to a Circle K and stocked up on wine and beer. Thanks Curt for doing that.
Because Casey and his family are Irish they had a Jameson toast. (I am assuming that is a tradition--but not sure.) Casey's brother Pat gave a nice toast. I had never had that whiskey before. That stuff goes down smooth.
Then a lot more dancing. Dave and I decided that he and I and Jen and Curt all need to go to weddings together. Dave and I can dance together and act crazy and then Jen and Curt can talk. (They aren't as big of dancers as Dave and I are.)
We partied at that wedding until midnight.

This afternoon we met friends for brunch at My Florist. Kate, Leah, Jen and Dave met Curt and me. I asked Dave if he was hung over. He said yes and asked me if I was. I said, no. I only had 2-3 glasses of wine and that shot of Jameson. Then Curt chimed in, Yea, Ann acts like that even without booze. HA! I had a great time!!!

Also at the wedding we talked about what weekend Kate and I will fly out for SATC movie. Then the guys started talking about going to Vegas that weekend. So I think the girls will make it a fun girlie movie/spa weekend. I can't wait! Now we just have to pick the actual weekend and then start planning. We are thinking June 13-15. Check your calendars my Phx girlfriends.


Blogger Aaron said...

Sounds like a blast, Ann. Good call on volunteering to get bumped, too. Sounds as if you made out like bandits :-)

Sunday, April 06, 2008 10:01:00 PM  
Anonymous jodie said...

Sounds fun. Can't wait to see pictures.

Sorry I missed you at brunch. I haven't seen Dave since he left AZR!

June 14 is my birthday!

Monday, April 07, 2008 1:32:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Annie!
Sounds like you had a terrific time! I am so happy for Erica and Casey. I bet it was fun to see all your Phx friends. Glad that you got home safe and sound. Looking forward to the pics! Hugs -M

Monday, April 07, 2008 12:31:00 PM  

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