Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Let me edit!

I tried to edit my Star Jones entry with this lovely comment:

This reminds me of the time George Michael came out. Well, maybe not. Because some people really didn't know he was gay!!!!!!!!

But when I update the new comments don't show. What the H!!??


So Star Jones Reynolds admits she had gastic bypass surgery. Didn't we all suspect that already? I just remember some interview where she wouldn't answer the question and all she would she say is that she had medical help. Why am I even writing about this????


We went to a Giants game Sunday with our friends (recent newlyweds) Jim and Jennifer. It was possible Barry could tie the record and/or make the new record--even though he is a cheater. Well, he played horribly. He only got on base once and it was because the guy who shoulda caught an easy pop up dropped it!
They had old players there from the 1987 team, including Will "The Thrill" Clark. That was pretty cool. Clark was my brother's favorite player when he was a kid.
It was much warmer than we thought it was gonna be. So I have a slight tan.

22 stars

After I attend my afternoon yoga class today I will have 22 stars on my July calendar. Pretty impressive, eh? Mondays and Fridays the gym has a 7:15 yoga class. It is a little tough for me to get up for it. But once I am there it feels really good. Then I get to work and have already worked out for the day.

Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Stuff for the ads

Curt told me today that I should write about stuff that will fuel my google ads. I asked him like what? He said knitting and he actually said Tom and Katie.

My knitting has been slow these days. I was working on a project that just wasn't happening--pot holders. The yarn was tight and I had to use three strands of 100% cotton yarn for the pattern. I eventually gave up--but definitely not without a fight. Now I am working on a scarf for someone. And then I have baby blankets to start cranking out. I also want to give the person I am Secret Pal to something homemade. I am thinking a scoa and a regular scarf--in her fave colors. Our revealing lunch is mid-September. I will likely take the scarf projects with me to Glacier (we leave in a week).

I don't have much to complain about TomKat at the moment. I still don't like Tom Cruise. And it is too bad that I won't go see anymore of his movies--old stuff, yes. New stuff, no! I still love Jerry McGuire, A Few Good Men, Top Gun, Risky Business, etc. Lately he hasn't made any movies that I want to see anyway.

Today Curt and I went to our storage unit in Berkeley to move our crap from one unit into a smaller and cheaper unit. We brought a couple of things home with us. Like a bunch of wall maps. I was looking at a world map today--inagining all the places I want to travel. Next year is England and Ireland (and see my people--1/8 Irish baby!) and back to Vancouver, B.C. for our 5 year anniversary. Then in 2009, Hawaii again and parts of Germany, including the real Oktoberfest in Munich, and a side trip to Prague. (I can visit my other people--I am 1/8 Czech you know.) Then 2010 likely Australia and New Zealand. There are still so many places I (and we) want to go: Greece, Croatia, Amsterdam (again), Paris (again), Portugal, Spain, Italy, Tibet, Istanbul, etc.

Oh, I am bummed. Couldn't go to yoga today. My calves are so sore from kickboxing. It is tough for me to even walk normally. I tried a downward dog myself and it was too painful. So maybe a cardio machine tomorrow morning. If not, I should be ready for yoga again Monday morning.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Specially Challenged Monkey

That is what I felt like during my kickboxing class last night. But I made it. I looked and felt stupid. But it was an amazing workout. The first 3 minutes we had to jump rope. I thought I was going to die. And I wondered how I would get through the whole freakin' hour. But I did. We did this punching combo: punch, cross punch, some other punch that I can't remember the name, uppercut. Then she wanted us to double it. Yah right! I am not that coordinated. So I just punched. She also had the mitts and would come around and have us hit them. Dork alert for me! And she also had something for us to kick at. Anyway, it was tough and I am sore. But it was an awesome workout--and I will be going back.
This morning I attended the 7:15 yoga class. A little early for me. But it felt good. And now I have already worked out for the day. Woo-hoo!

Movie Night from my Secret Pal

I came in to work this morning and my S.P. left me a basket with 2 beers, microwave popcorn, Smart Water, Netflix free month of rentals and Pellegrino. Very cool! Thanks Secret Pal!

August 25

On that date Southwest will start flying into and out of SFO. I am sure that is good news for many. It is easier for us to fly out of OAK. But I wouldn't doubt we will use it at some point. There are more and better direct flights from SFO than OAK.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Oliver is coming to visit!!!!

Oliver is coming to see me!!!! (Well, not just me. And Robert and Leah are coming, too!) I am so excited for this visit. I miss Oliver so much. I met him when he was still in Leah's tummy at the baby shower last December. At that point he was referred to as Starbean and we didn't know if Ollie was a boy or girl.
And then I met him live in March when he was about 7 weeks old. He has changed so much. Luckily he has a blog and posts a lot of pics and now recently videos. It isn't the same as being there with him to hold and hug him. But it is better than nothing.
So the Beckidad clan will be here over Labor Day weekend. I can't wait! I can't wait!
Oh, and there is a good chance Erica and Casey will come that weekend, too. Woo-hoo! We can have a real knit fest!
The only request Leah has while here is that we visit at least one yarn store she linked up to in an e-mail. I think we can arrange that.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


That is how much I have made so far with my blogger google ads. So it sounds like you all need to do some more clicking. Once I hit $100 I will get the money. So help us get to England and Ireland next year. Maybe if I make enough with google ads we can go first class. HA!

UPDATE: Scratch the $1.94. I have now made $6.34. Good job my friends! Keep it up.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Alicia and the Mayor

My friend Alicia sent me this pic of her and (handsome) San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom at the AIDS Walk in San Francisco on July 15. I have this pic hanging in my cube and people ask if that is Alicia's boyfriend. DUH! And she wishes. HA! (Alicia used to work at Onyx, but no longer. And she looks very happy, eh?)

Working out

So I am earning my stars on my calendar. I did my first pilates class yesterday. It was good and tough. The backs of my arms are sore. Core isn't ... yet. Today I did yoga. I love the teacher, Sarah. She is really great. Tomorrow back to beginner's spin. And I think Thursday I am going to try kickboxing. I am sure I will feel uncoordinated and like a dope. (Has it gotten better for you Jen?)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Pursuit of Excellence

Saturday Curt and I were hanging out watching TV. We were checking out what was on on the guide. The second half of something called "Ferrets: Pursuit of Excellence." We were intrigued. It was about people who breed and show ferrets on PBS. It was rather entertaining and I thought the people were kinda nutty. Curt checked to see when it was showing again and recorded the Sunday showing. We watched the first half yesterday. OH MY GAWD! When we first watched it we missed the really hilarious stuff. I was laughing so much and so hard that I was crying. I mean I had to get a tissue. (As I was looking this up to find a link I found that the filmmaker did multiple Pursuit of Excellence documentaries.) Anyway, I did find a link that talks more in depth about this show. But just reading about it does no justice. You must watch this!!!! These people live for their ferrets. And no, it is not the way you think you live for your pets. It is so much different.

Yet another Secret Pal entry

I come in to work this morning to find a beautiful cobalt blue vase on my desk filled with flowers. I love cobalt blue. My Secret Pal really does rock and is making the rest of us look bad.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tomato babies

One of our tomato plants has at least 29 tomatoes on it! And another one I counted has at least 27. Now we just need those suckers to turn red! (Click here to see more photos.)
Curt pulled up one of the rows of carrots. They are pretty little--but they still taste like carrots.
Our second set of radishes are coming in pretty well. Our peas are dying! And at some point we should have some jalapeno peppers. Our parsley is going nuts. I think for a first-time garden we have done pretty well. We have figured some things out and when we do it again we will try a few things differently.
We did a lot of our veggies from seed (except for tomatoes and herbs). So we may buy some more plants next time. But we did well with the seeds of radishes, carrots and even the jalapenos. And, our peas grew well. They produced some flowers but no peas. And now they are turning brown. Oh well.

Google Ads

You may have noticed I have Google Ads on my blog now. Curt set that up (I am not that savvy.) So click away so you can help send us to England and Ireland next year. (The last I looked the ads were Vegas Wedding; Outdoor Wedding; Elvis Wedding; Lesbian Wedding. The ads just pick up on things you write about.)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Learn to share

Check these two guys out.

Friday, July 20, 2007

We'll miss you Bear!

Bear and our newphew Jackson having a moment together.
Is this a great picture or what?

Bear was Curt's parents' (Ed and Marilyn) dog. He first belonged to Curt's brother, Craig. But farm life suited Bear much better.
Well, Bear got older (he was about 13) and lately he just hasn't been doing well. So today Bear was put to sleep.
He was a kind and sweet, good and loyal dog. He will be missed.
I remember one night when we were visiting there was a thunderstorm. Bear was a scaredy cat when it came to storms. He was sleeping in the basement with Curt and me. He kept jumping up next to the bed and sticking his big wet nose in my ear. I could not stop giggling.
He also loved to swim. One day Curt and I took a walk on the farm with Bear. We walked by the pond and he jumped in and swam to the other side.
He also loved to catch tennis balls.
He was a good boy. At least he is no longer in pain.
All dogs go to heaven, right?

Good Lord / Geezus

This is what Curt and I said this morning about 4:40 when we were woken up by an earthquake. Apparently it was a 4.2. I thought it was much bigger. It felt bigger than any I have experienced. Our house shook violently. And I thought for sure it was the "BIG ONE." My heart was beating so fast. Then I was awake for an hour. So I am pretty tired right now. Curt of course fell back asleep within 5 minutes. Why can't I sleep like that?
When I got in the car this morning the car had a message for me: Alarm Triggered Check Car. I didn't actually realize we had an alarm. I thought the flashy thing was just the "message center" for the remote. So I figure the quake triggered it because everything appeared fine. (And yes, I am a dope.)

Chocolate and Secret Pal

Another gift from my Secret Pal. Ghiradelli chocolate! YUM! I have the best Secret Pal ever.

After work

Yesterday I was carless. Curt had an off-site in Sausalito. He dropped me off at work. After work Mia took me home. We were gonna hit the gym after work but her ankle was bothering her. So we went to Franklin Covey instead. At our admin off-site we were all given planners. We were told if we wanted to exchange them we could. So Mia and I exchanged ours. I got a purse and a planner. And they happen to match! HA! Mia and I were like two kids at a toy store. There were so many options on planners. It was difficult to decide on which one we wanted to get.
After F.C. we had sushi for dinner. The place we went to is in my neighborhood, but I had never been there. It was really good and reasonably priced. I LOVE sushi!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Secret Pal strikes again

So on Monday I was away from my desk 5-10 minutes. I return to find a bottle of wine left by my Secret Pal. My Pal is gonna make the rest of us look bad. :)
Many people commented that they want a Secret Pal. HA! Too bad. You gotta do my job to get a Secret Pal. And I don't think most people want to do admin work or receive admin pay.

Fried cheese the new weight loss method?

I knew when we were in Vegas over the weekend I might go a little crazy with the food and drinks. But I was OK with that. I had looked at the dinner menu ahead of time and decided on a burger. On Saturday night we are sitting at the table with our drinks when the appetizers come out. I wasn't going to have any. Then I see the fried mozarella sticks. I tried to hold back. But me and fried cheese love each other! So I said, What the Hell! I had one ... and then two ... I stopped at three. The fried cheese is what put me way over my points for the weekend. Had I not had them I woulda been on track--even with the burger and all the drinks I had over the weekend. Once you are Lifetime with WW you only have to weigh-in once a month. So I weighed in off the record. And I had lost .8 of a pound. So I decided that needed to be on the record. It had to be a fluke!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Fried bologna

So, here is a pic of the Fried Bologna sandwich you can order at Toby Keith's I love this bar & grill. Scary, eh? Here is a Flickr link to some of the pics from our weekend. I will post all the pics later.
One of the manager guys helping our party on Saturday night talked about Mr. Keith. He has met him and he does come to the restaurant when in town. But ... it isn't really Toby's restaurant. He sold his name for the use.
They play his music and videos (and others, too, including "Tequila makes her clothes fall off"). Everytime I love this bar came on there would be shouting and annoying sirens. Apparently when that song is on you can have a free shot. (It was really loud and annoying. Am I getting old?)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Learning about Trademarks

Today I was in the city attending a seminar on trademarks put on by the Practising Law Institute. I was worried it would be a little bit over my head. But it was actually perfect for me. My boss would like me to be the trademark guru at Onyx. I have no issues with that. But I told him there were still things I was unclear of and I would need some training. This seminar was more of an overview. This is a start--but I will need more training. There is a great company I took patent training from last year (Silicon Valley Seminars) and they also offer trademark training. Unfortunately, not this year though. So I am hoping they offer it next year and hopefully in San Diego again.
Curt met me for lunch on my break. We went to Lee's Deli. He had a BLT--with like 14 slices of bacon and I made my own salad. I love salad bars. They should be everywhere!
When I got home I got the car and headed to the grocery. It actually was pretty tame there.
Gotta jump in the shower and then make something for dinner.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

We're back!

And not any richer. Oh well! We still had a great time in Vegas. It is such an easy trip from Oakland.
We got in Friday night about 9. About 10:30 we met up with our friends Jennifer and Jim (bride and groom) and some of their family for drinks at the Bellagio. After that Curt and I went to get something to eat. We tried Bill's (where we had eaten before with partygoers from Jen and Dave's wedding. This is the place Curt likes to remind me about. Everyone else ordered $2 breakfast and Jen and I ordered $14 Chinese food plates that we barely touched. Hey, it was 5 a.m. and I was drunk!). And at like midnight there was a 25-35 minute wait. We decided to try somewhere else. We went to a restaurant in Paris (where we stayed) and they were closed! What kind of restaurant closes in Vegas in a casino??? Third time was a charm. We found another restaurant in Paris that wanted our business.
Saturday morning was lesuirely. Curt slept in. I really can't sleep in these days. So I read my book. I started A Shop on Blossom Street. I am really into it. Great chick lit!
Saturday late morning we hit a little cafe. Curt had a pastry and coffee. I had a yummy and quite filling salad. And water--must drink lots of water while in Vegas in July. The heat didn't bother me too much. It didn't seem to bother the other million people who still flocked to Vegas either. Curt and I hung out at Bally's. We placed some sports bets for ourselves and others. Let's just say if Hampton wins the NCCA tourney I am sitting pretty. HA! I also bet on my Cats. Let's hope they don't screw me. But let's face it, will they even get out of the first round?
After sports betting we hit a bar in Paris to relax before getting ready for the wedding. It was Bastille Day and Curt ordered a Kronenburg beer. He got a free glass and a beer cozy that is a boustiee (sp???) with lace. I took a pic. It is hilarious.
After drinks we went back to the room to get ready for the wedding. It was at Little Chapel of the West. Our tax driver tried to take us to a di
fferent chapel. But we got to the correct chapel. That place seemed to get people married every 15 mins. Impressive. We had to wait outside. (The wedding was at 4:30.) So that is when I started to get a little toasty and sweaty. It was a short and sweet ceremony. Curt and I were honored to be a part of it.
After the ceremony we shared a cab with Frank and Leah (friends of the bride and groom) and headed to Harrah's--where the reception dinner wa
s held. We hung out had drinks until our table was ready for the party at Toby Keith's I love this bar & grill. (Last time I linked up to this I accidentally linked to the OKC site. But there doesn't seem to be an official Vegas site for the restaurant. Or at least I can't find it.) The dinner was yummy. I had a cheeseburger and french fries and fried cheese. I haven't had mozarella cheese sticks in a long time--probably since before I started WW. I couldn't resist the fried cheese. Some ordered the fried bologna sandwich. Sounds digusting--they said it was good. The party was a good time. Yummy food, drinks, appetizers, etc. Fun conversations. Eventually people started playing Black Jack. They had cutsie dealers with tiny shorts and tiny shirts. Curt, Frank and Leah played. And their dealer was really cool. She would root you on when you won. Better for her if you do cuz then you wanna tip her.
This morning we had breakfast in our room. Then headed to our little Paris bar for drinks (and a rip-off bottle of water. 12 oz. for 4 bucks! Can you believe that???) before heading to the airport. I played slots a little. (Curt's game is Craps. He played Friday night, I think a little Saturday during the day, Saturday night and then he was done.) My friends at work, Sue and Alonzo, had given me mon
ey to gamble. Sue gave me 2 quarters and said once she won to stop! Funny thing is those machines only take bills or tickets. So I put in a dollar and the first 2 spins were Sue's. She won $1.25. Alonzo's $20 in the $1 slots was not so lucky.
At the airport we hit a restaurant for lunch before getting on the plane. We sat with a woman who had been in Vegas for a family reunion. She lives
in LA. She was fun to chat with. We talked sports and politics.
Now we are home. I am tired and need to start getting myself ready for the work week. Bleh!
Before I do I will share 2 pics with you. Eventually I will post all the pics. One of Curt and myself before the wedding. And one of Jennifer and Jim right after they got hitched.

Friday, July 13, 2007

We're off to Vegas Baby!

Curt and I take off for Vegas tonight for the weekend. Our friends Jennifer and Jim are getting married. And it will be a cowboy wedding at Little Church of the West. The reception dinner is being held at Toby Keith's I love this bar & grill. We got our cowboy boots and are ready for a fun weekend. I will definitely be sharing pics of the good time that will be had by all.

Secret Pal

Can you believe I already have another entry about the Secret Pal? I come in to work this morning and my Secret Pal left me a Starbucks gift card. Wow! Me likes my Secret Pal!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

You Spin Me Round ...

... not quite like a Record.
I took a beginner spin class at the gym last night. Talk about killer! I took a spin class a long time ago when we still lived in Phx. and that class kicked my butt. Thankfully my gym has a half hour class for newbies. Let's just say I will be taking the beginner class for a long time. The instructor told us the regular class is 4 times as hard. OK, just discourage me to take that one why don't you! (My co-worker Judy and I took the class together. That made it a little easier, too.)
It was an amazing cardio workout. I was sweating like a pig and concentrating on my breathing and holding my body the right way on the bike. It was a lot of work.

Secret Pal

When we had our admin off-site we talked about doing a Secret Pal drawing. A lot like Kris Kringle or Secret Santa. So we all filled out a questionaire--which I thought was a great idea. We drew names and received the questionaire for our person. Today when I came into work my Secret Pal had left me a mini bouquet of flowers with a note that reads: Ann -- Roses are read Violets are blue Daisies are pretty Hydrangeas are too! Your Secret Pal
Anyway, we are supposed to leave a little something for our friend at least once a week. We will have a revealing lunch in September.
The flowers really brightened my day. My Secret Pal must know I love have fresh flowers on my desk.
I have a lot more in common with my person than I realized--that is all I will say.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


The link to this story was posted on the WW message boards. It's about a woman losing 110 pounds with WW. Just thought I would pass her inspiring story along.

And why is Victoria Beckham defending the "Cruises" about their Scientology. Um, if I recall correctly Tommy put himself out there for criticism and ridicule all on his own. So I say if the "media" wants to criticize they can! So shut it.
"There's been so much made of the Scientology, the this, the that." Um, yes, there has been so much made of the Scientology because Tom talked about it over and over again. Judged people, told them they were doing things wrong (and told them they were glib), put up a Scientology tent on the set of War of the Worlds. (And when did he study psychology?)
John Travolta (it breaks my heart) is also a Scientologist. But he pretty much keeps that to himself. He isn't out there flaunting it or telling the rest of us we should take vitamins and exercise and that will cure our chemical inbalances.

OK, off my little soapbox for now.

Oh, Curt told me last night that one of our tomato plants has 19 tomatoes! Holy cow! I was looking at the plants this morning. There are lots of tomatoes. I love tomatoes raw and cooked. Actually I pretty much like all vegetables raw or cooked. Maybe I will have to take some updated photos of our tomato babies!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What to write about?

I don't have much to report. Life has been pretty uneventful lately.
Though I did book plane tickets to go back home for Thanksgiving. Starting Nov. 4 Southwest will offer a nonstop flight from Oakland to Tucson!!!!! Yes, it is only once a day. But how great is that? So, going out there the Wednesday before Thanksgiving we take the nonstop that leaves Oakland at 6:10 p.m. Coming back we won't be N/S since that flight leaves Tucson at 7:55 a.m. and we want to maximize our short visit there.
And last week Curt pulled up a few carrots to see how they are growing. They are small, but they look and taste like carrots. I also pulled the last of the onions. We decided to plant some more radishes. And the tomatoes are going crazy. I will wait until they are a little bigger before I take more pictures. But we are gonna have a lot of tomatoes!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

It's officially summer here

Why? Because Friday afternoon and evening and most of yesterday it was so freakin' cold. Man, when that fog rolls in it feels just like winter here without the rain. So far today has been beautiful.
Yesterday we went to an A's game with Phil and Lisa. Before the game was a Beerfest. You bought a beer "glass" and got 2 beers for 10 bucks. There were many kinds of beer there, and an 80s cover band--and they were all dressed in A's garb.
We also got into the game free. We were about to buy tickets when a guy handed us 4. He was part of the Boys & Girls Club. They had bought too many tickets so they were handing out the extras. We tried to pay, but he wouldn't take money. So we will be making a donation.
Anyway, the game was fun. Lisa and I pretty much chatted the whole time. We moved from our original seats to seats in the sun--when it was out. When it was out it was so nice and warm.
There was a couple sitting in front of us who had just gotten married ... in the parking lot. He proposed in the parking lot and then they thought, let's get married now. A buddy was ordained. And friends and family were there.
I watched that movie Prime last night. Chick flick. But it actually was really good. If you like chick flicks I recommend this movie.
Have a good rest of the weekend. Monday morning will be here before we know it.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


Just wanted to post something on this date.
So far good weekend. But I am ready for bed so I will write more later.

Friday, July 06, 2007

I'm Lifetime

Nope, not that TV network. Tho. you all know how much I love Lifetime and Lifetime Movie Network.
This morning I became a Lifetime WW member. This means I made my goal weight and did the Maintenance Plan for 6 weeks. It also means as long as I don't go over my goal weight more than 2 pounds the program is free to me.
Going to the meetings and weighing in really helps keep me accountable. And since our WW at work meetings will resume next week it will be easy to attend meetings regularly. (Tho. the past few weeks I have had to go to a center for the weigh-in and meetings and it has been good. The Friday morning meetings I really enjoy.)
There was a little celebration for me today at the meeting. But I will really celebrate with my WW at work group next week.
Here's to a healthier Lifestyle!

Oh, and yes, I musta really been off yesterday. I can't believe I forgot to mention the name of the movie Curt and I watched--Smokin' Aces. Thanks for setting me straight Curt!

Thursday, July 05, 2007

I'm off ... a bit

Well, it was a weird day getting started today.
Having a day off in the middle of the week totally threw me off. I tried to get up early this morning to attend a WW meeting before work (our regular Wed. meeting was canceled at work because of the holiday). Tried and failed to get up early. There was no having me do that, NO SIR!
Then while getting ready this morning I kept dropping things. First the deodorant (luckily the cap was still on), then my foundation tube went right into the sink and then that little applicator thing for eye shadow and yes, the sink was wet!
It felt like a Monday coming into work. But the great part is, nope not Monday ... Thursday!
We attended a barbecue at our friends' Mia and Todd's place (and Lexie and Coop). Todd was an awesome grillmaster. It was a great BBQ. The weather was gorgeous, well, until it started getting cold. Yes, most of you were melting (in Arizona) and I made sure I brought my sweatshirt jacket so I wouldn't get cold. And I actually needed it. I brought a really yummy fruit salad (which was quite popular). Great fruit right now: strawberries, cantalope, grapes, raspberries and blueberries. I took some pics. Will share later.
Afterward Curt and I came home and relaxed. No fireworks for us. I watched the latest episode of Big Love and then we ordered a movie from Pay-Per-View. If you like confusing movies with lots of shooting, blood and violence then this movie is for you. It was a little too confusing for me. And it was rather bloody. But Jeremy Piven did a great job. Though I love his character in Entourage much better.
Oh, before the barbecue and fruit salad making I hit the gym (and Old Navy--I had to buy some shorts that actually fit). I did this crazy machine called the Arc Trainer. I was kinda excited to try it. It was weird at first, but I got in the groove.

Oh, and remember how I thought birds or something were eating our tomatoes. Not the case. There is some tree that hangs over our garden plot with some green little things growing on it that fall down and animals eat whatever they are.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July

and some tomato pics for your viewing pleasure:
I put my hand next to the biggest tomato we have so you could see how "BIG" it is. When I was out there this morning taking pics I noticed a few tomatoes on the ground. And then some more that looked like they had been munched on. I am not sure if I should be upset or not since we are gonna be swarmed by tomatoes shortly.
We also have a cat using our garden as a toilet and I don't appreciate that one bit. So I am going to red pepper flake the area and hopefully that cat will use a more appropriate toilet.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

91 degrees at 3 a.m.

As I was getting ready for work this morning I was listening to CNN. The weather guy said it was 91 degrees at 3 a.m. in Phoenix. UGH!
And the whole dry heat thing was mentioned. Tho. the weather guy also said it really isn't a dry heat anymore because Phoenix (and Tucson) do have humidity. Finally, someone realizes that!! But also they mentioned an oven is a dry heat and no one wants to sit in that.

Yes, I write a lot about Paris Hilton, but so what

Anyway, here is a link from The Smoking Gun with home videos of her doing various drugs. First of all, why would you be dumb enough to tape yourself? And second, why did she lie to Larry King? It's not like she killed anybody!!!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Long time, no blog

... For me anyway.
First, check out this pic of our tomato:

There are a few more on some of the other tomato plants. We are gonna be overwhelmed with tomatoes soon!

Admin off-site

The off-site was Wednesday and part of Thursday. It was a really great session. We learned a lot about each other and ourselves. Onyx focuses a lot on values. So a lot of our talks were also focused on values. Thursday we had to come up with 3 personal values and share our feelings about them. It was very emotional and heartfelt. We learned things about each other we would have otherwise not known. It made us understand each other better and have a better idea of where people are coming from. It definitely made me feel so much more connected to these women and know that we can trust each other. It was truly an amazing experience. Over the past few days I have thought a lot about the things we shared.
I did not go back to work on Thursday. Some did. I don't know how they could. I was emotionally drained.
I took some cool pics from my hotel room Thursday morning.

Day for me

I took Friday off as a mental health day. I had to attend a WW meeting at a center this week because I missed my WW at work Wednesday since I was at the off-site. After the meeting I came home, had some breakfast and headed to the city. I got my engagement ring cleaned (have to do that every 6 months for warranty purposes) and hit Nordstrom for my Clinique. I had some extra time to kill so I got a Starbucks drink and sat in the food court area and people watched. After that I walked to Curt's work and met him for lunch. We hit a little deli for sandwiches and headed back to the office and ate.
I came back home and relaxed for a bit. Then headed to the gym for a yoga class. Curt worked really late Friday because of the sale of that dumb iPhone! So I had the evening to myself.


I took another yoga class. That one was a little tougher. Today I am slightly sore from it. I came home and Curt headed to work for about an hour. I watched Parenthood. Man, I love that movie! Then I took a nap. I love naps! I always wonder why little ones resist them so much. Curt and I had dinner at our favorite sushi place--Sushiya. Man, I love sushi. I could eat it every day. Afterward we had a drink at McNally's.

Today is all about lounging. At some point I have to drag Joey to Petsmart to get his nails trimmed. No one enjoys that--except for Curt.