Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Tornado Warning!

So we had a tornado warning in the Valley today. There were sightings of a funnel cloud that brought lots of rain and hail--but that is about it. The "tornado" never touched the ground--which was just fine with me since I don't do natural disasters.
Right before the lovely tornado warning all the computers went haywire at work. The lights went out and the air went off. We were probably out of commission for about an hour. So we just watched the "tornado" on TV. We have recovered nicely and will make deadline today. Also helps that we were given an extra 10 minutes for the Orange Bowl.
Started working out again today after a (gulp!) 4-week hiatus. I had a cold, and then Christmas happened, blah, blah, blah. I know. Me working out is NOT a New Year's resolution. Cuz those things don't work. I am just starting up again and will be losing weight before I know it. :) But this is my little plug for Yourself!Fitness again! It is an awesome workout. Even if you don't have an Xbox you should seriously look into getting one. An Xbox is about 200 bucks and the Yourself!Fitness is 35 bucks. A great workout for 235 bucks. It is totally worth it. Read about all the advantages of this great workout with the link above. You can go on amazon.com and read reviews, too.

Monday, January 03, 2005

It's rainy out

We had some good rain last week. And it is back today. So instead of being productive I am being lazy and lying around the house until I have to go to work. Oh, and I am eating some yummy soup.
Curt and I chatted with our nephew James yesterday. He turned 5 on Jan. 1. He was a "millenium" baby--well, the fake millenium, the one everyone celebrated. The real millenium was in 2001. But anyway ... James was the first baby born in his county. And he was about 3 weeks early. Well, chatting with him was a blast. He just chatted away. Usually he doesn't like to talk on the phone much. His favorite present was a wallet--which Curt and I gave him. There was 5 bucks in the wallet and he told Uncle Curt that he was gonna buy toys with it. HA! He doesn't know the value of 5 bucks. :) He told me all the stuff he got for Christmas and his birthday. At one point I told him I would let him get back to doing what he was doing. He said, I wasn't doing anything.
Well, back to being lazy.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Ringing in the new year

Well, Christmas is over ... Even though I enjoy Christmas (well, when I am not working) I am always relieved when the holidays are done. That means life can go back to normal.
Curt's parents and grandma came for a long weekend the weekend of Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve in Phoenix. It was very relaxing. We watched some movies, had our shrimp dinner and opened presents.
Then we went down to Tucson on Christmas morning. We spent half the day at my mom's house and half the day at my dad's. They were great celebrations. Here are some pictures that Ed (Curt's dad) took. I haven't put mine up yet but will soon.
New Year's Eve Curt and I both worked. Hey, when you get Christmas and Christmas Eve off in the newspaper business you gotta work some of the other holidays. I was off work before midnight. But I just came home and stayed on the couch watching TV. There was a Law & Order: SVU marathon. Woo-hoo! I must be getting old.
New Year's day I took down all of our Christmas decorations and the tree. Lots of pine needles to clean up.
Well, that's about how exciting it gets around here.
Happy New Year everyone!