Thursday, February 25, 2010

Not so exciting update

My personal blog is being neglected ... I know.
But Go Fit Girl! is being updated pretty often.
Work is busy and overwhelming. Too many meetings, lots of stuff to do, still going to SSF office twice a month (was there yesterday).
At home ... paid some bills, been watching some Olympics, doing a little knitting. Kinda annoyed that women's free skate will be commercial free at about 11 p.m. The fact that it is a little after 10:30 and I am still awake is pretty good. But I am losing steam fast.

Work, gym, home ... work, gym, home ...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lazy weekend

Friday night I ended my workweek with an evening yoga class. After that came home to meet Curt, Monica and Malcolm for dinner in our neighborhood. After dinner we headed back to our place to watch some Olympics and drink some wine.
Saturday morning I did my usual two hours at the gym. Did a little house cleaning. Used my "new" Oreck vacuum cleaner. That thing is awesome. It cleans so much better than my Dirt Devil. It is much lighter and the handle is longer. With the DD my back would start to ache soon after I started vacuuming. Saturday I did other domestic things around the house. Then eventually a well-deserved nap. Saturday night was full of Olympics watching, lounging and easy dinner.
This morning I hit the grocery. Did some cooking this morning. Skyped with the mother-in-law and skype chatted with our niece (she gets her camera for the computer on Wednesday). Jacob came over this afternoon to bottle beer that he and Curt brewed two weeks ago.
I caught up on some shows, had a yummy soup lunch and did some knitting.
There has been a lot of lounging and being lazy this weekend. I need and love those kind of weekends.

Monday, February 15, 2010

What kind of wine goes with fried chicken?

My cousin Mark (far left) with his wife Suzy (middle left) came to visit Curt and me over the weekend.
They came in late Thursday night.
Friday Curt and I worked so M & S hung out in our neighborhood enjoying lunch, shopping and coffee. We took them to Sushiya for dinner Friday night. After that back to the house to relax and watch the Olympics.
Saturday Curt had to work because Macworld Expo was going on. So the rest of us had an easy morning and then headed to the city. We walked around Chinatown going into all of the fun stores and buying cheap crap. We headed to Stockton to get some steamed buns. After that to North Beach for lunch. We ate at Mona Lisa's. We sat outside and enjoyed good food and a bottle of wine. After that we headed back through Chinatown and did some more shopping. Eventually we ended up at the bar the Irish Bank, which is literally in an alley. Curt joined us there. After that we came back to our place, ordered a pizza, had some beer, watched the Olympics and were all in our jammies by 8:30. Yup, wild and crazy night.
Sunday late morning we headed to Napa after lounging and drinking our coffee ... We got to Bistro Don Giovanni for lunch a little before noon. I figured they would be busy. But they were packed. We were lucky we got there when we did without a reservation. We got a table right away. We had a delicious lunch. Suzy and I shared half a bottle of wine. After lunch we were off to the wineries for some tastings. We hit our regulars: first William Harrison, ZD Wines and lastly Andretti. We tasted some yummy wines at all the wineries. I bought one bottle. It was an amazing bottle--because I really don't need anymore wine right now. Mark and Suzy got wine at all three wineries. Glad they liked the wine and were able to take some home. (The four of us are pictured above at Andretti [our last stop].)
When we got home we hurried to Market Hall to get some cheese and fresh pasta for dinner.
This was a great weekend. We shared a lot of laughs. Man, the things that Mark and I remembered as kids had us cracking up. All four of us get along really well. Mark and Suzy are easy going and are into their lounging like Curt and I are. They were easy guests. And we welcome them back anytime, with or without the kids. I can't wait to visit them and see where they live and visit with the kids, too, hopefully this summer.

A: Zinfandel (Though I still think it could be sparkling wine.)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Visiting the Bay Area

I worked at our South San Francisco office yesterday.
Usually my co-worker Melissa picks me up at a BART station and then drops me off. So much better than me trying to drive home over the bridge at rush hour. But last night she drove me into the city.
I met Curt at the Marriott. We headed to the sports bar for dinner. Karen (my British twin) and her boyfriend, Kash, joined us for dinner. After dinner we headed to the View Bar on the 39th floor. It is an amazing view, as you can see from the photo above.
We had a great time hanging out with the Brits. Good drinks, some hilarious conversation, a fun time.

Tonight (right now!!!) Mark (my cousin) and his wife, Suzy, are on a plane on the way here to visit us. I am really excited and can't wait to see them. I look forward to our weekend visit.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Comment Contest Tuesday

It's Comment Contest Tuesday on Go Fit Girl!
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Sunday, February 07, 2010

The past four days ...

Thursday and Friday I had training in the city. It was a training from the company called CPI. As they state on their Web site, "Computer Packages is the oldest company (over 40 years) providing Intellectual Property Management Systems and Patent Annuity Payment Services." So to maintain deadlines and run reports on Onyx's patent portfolio I use CPI's docketing database. Onyx also uses CPI to pay our patent annuity maintenance payments--you have to pay a yearly fee to maintain your patents.
There's a little background some of what I do. I went to this same training about two years ago. But I was pretty new at the job and we had Version 1 of the system. About a year and a half ago we upgraded, and now we have Version 6. So yea, a lot of changes.
I met some interesting people. Saw someone I know who does the same thing I do at another company. She and I see each other at trainings, our bosses are married to each other and we use the same consultant. I also met someone who works at Clorox. I was intrigued to find out all the companies Clorox owns, such as Fresh Step, Glad, Tilex, KC Masterpiece, etc. She was so sweet and brought me a Clorox gel pen on Day 2.
CPI treats you well. They provide breakfast both days, lunch and dinner on Day 1. And a happy hour.
Friday evening I hit my yoga class. I haven't been to the Friday evening class in months. After yoga I met Alicia and Sue for dinner to celebrate Sue's birthday. We had a good time, as always.
Saturday I spent my usual two hours at the gym. Did a little house cleaning and straightening up of our spare room and laundry. Jacob came over and he and Curt brewed some beer. So Saturday was loungy, yet productive.
Today we headed to Alicia and Darren's for good eats, beer and football. It was a good time. A & D just moved into a new place in San Rafael. They have this huge TV mounted to the wall and a pretty sweet surround sound system. It was a good time. And the football was exciting. The commercials were eh. But there were some funny ones. But there were also a lot of lame ones. I heart Betty White hardcore, Doritos, E*Trade, Bud Light. Some decent entertaining commercials--just not a lot of them.
Oh, and the past two years I have gotten sick the first week of February ... so far so good. (I rarely do get sick. I get a cold about once a year and it hits me pretty good. Bleh!) Wish me luck on staying cootie free.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Guest Post Tuesday

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