Sunday, October 17, 2010

I have found the cure for adult acne ...

Go to Hawaii for at least a few days ... (I was totally breaking out before we left. No breakouts while in Honolulu and then BAM! breakouts almost as soon as we came home.)
Sorry the updates have been few and far between.
I am gonna do my best to summarize the past week or so in bullets:
  • Joey is doing well with the shots. It's pretty much no big deal. He barely cares and seems to be willing to get him some treats.
  • Curt and I headed to Honolulu last Friday (the 8th). We did some lounging, eating and drinking Friday, then met up with old and new friends Friday evening. I had dinner, drinks, listened to jazz, had more drinks with new friends. We stayed out past midnight and I was wished a happy birthday.
  • Saturday morning Curt and I had met up with our German friend Martin (who flew all the way from Stuttgart, Germany). Then the guys headed to surf lessons and I headed to the spa for my birthday massage. After my massage met up with the gang and Curt, Martin and I had lunch and Mai Tais. Well, I had Mai Tais (Martin had one).
  • Saturday evening we headed to Ken and Karen's (couple getting married) for dinner, mingling and lots of fun. A few of us headed to the jacuzzi, which got me all nice and warm and ready for a good night of sleep.
  • Sunday we met Martin for breakfast again and then got ready for the wedding. Ken and Karen got married on a boat--so awesome! We arrived a little before noon, got on board and sailed off. We saw lots of sea turtles and dolphins. We also witnessed parts of the Molokai Hoe canoe race, which was pretty amazing. About 45 minutes into the ride we stopped for the short and sweet wedding ceremony. There was a little more sailing around. And then we headed back to land for a trolley ride and pictures around town. I made friends with Liliana, who is almost 7, and she wanted to sit next to me on the trolley. She said, I want to sit next to you because you are cool. Have you heard that before? After the ride, we were dropped off and given a little time to lounge. Then we had dinner in a private room, which had great wine and delicious food. (Oh, and there were only about 25 of us total.)
  • Monday had breakfast with Martin again and then headed to Ken and Karen's. A group of us headed to Hanauma Bay for beach time and snorkeling. I decided not to snorkle. But I heard there were lots of beautiful fish. The rest of the day was loungy and nice.
  • Then Tuesday we headed back home. What a sad day.
  • Lots of eating out this weekend: Friday two co-workers took me to lunch to celebrate my birthday--yummy sushi; Friday night had dinner with Sue and Alicia to celebrate my birthday: Cafe Biere--always good food and beer. Man we ate well, it was so yummy; Saturday after spin Jennifer and I had brunch at Sea Salt--another delicious meal; last night Curt and I got a pizza and headed to McNally's for beer and to watch the Giants game.
  • Today, grocery, yoga, lounging, paying bills, a little house cleaning, etc.
Today would have been my grandpa's birthday (my mom's dad). Grandpa Lisa (name is kinda a long story) would have been 87 (I think I have my math right). He died the day before his birthday. I can't believe it has been 16 years. He had the best laugh.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Smart kitty

After Joey gets an insulin shot he gets treats. The idea is to associate the injection with a reward afterward. The shots have been fairly easy to give. Sometimes Joey resists. But luckily he has lots of neck scruff to poke.
This morning after his shot he almost immediately walked into the kitchen for his treats. Less than a week and he already knows what happens after he gets his medicine.

Oh, and check out Joey's (kinda) new blog right here.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

What am I? 15?

It must be the stress making me break out. Last week my chin totally broke out. Now it's my forehead.
Good thing I am getting a mini holiday at the end of this week. I think sand, sun, warm weather and drinks with umbrellas are all going to make me feel better and reduce my stress big time.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

You take sugar? No, thank you. I'm sweet enough.

For those who don't know, that quote is from "Snatch."
This past week was a little rough for me. On Monday I took Joey to the vet as he was drinking a lot of water, losing weight rather drastically for a little guy and the week before the vet visit he got sick about four times.
So Monday we headed to the vet. Dr. Miller is awesome and didn't seem concerned. But he did take some blood and urine and ran the normal tests.
Tuesday evening when I got home from work I had a message from Dr. Miller. Joey is diabetic.
I know it could be a lot worse. But it still made me sad. I hate needles and, of course, I don't want my baby to be sick. I did some research online--found a video on how to administer the shots. Not sure if that made me feel better or worse. I found an article about diabetic cats. What I found out was that 1 in 300 cats become diabetic. It is more common in older cats and male cats. Joey is 16 and, of course, a boy.
I made an appointment for Curt and me to learn about Joey's new diet and learn how to give the injections. I was dreading the appointment all week. I was so stressed. (I also got sick. At first I thought it was allergies. But I think I got a mini cold. My cough and congestion are almost gone. I should be as good as new soon.)
Joey is now on a new Science DIet diet: high protein, low carb. I learned how to give him injections, which I was super worried about. I thought there would be much crying by Mama and furbaby. It was actually a lot easier than I thought. We have to give Joey two injections a day along with the new food. The good thing for Joey is he now gets more treats (he was limited before as we were trying to control his weight). After every injection he gets a couple of treats. That way he will associate his injection with a reward. Though I seriously don't think he even notices the shots.
We have kept our weekend low-key to keep an eye on him. And he seems to be responding well to the shots and he seems to like his new food, too.
Last night we did have dinner and then drinks with our friends Jacob and Aileen who have cats who have been diabetic and needed fluids. So they are used to the needles and injections. It was nice to talk to them about it.
Today was a visit to Target and mostly lounging around the house. I want to make sure I am healthy for this coming weekend and our upcoming trip to Honolulu for a friend's wedding next weekend. (We have awesome catsitters who will take good care of my furbaby.)