Wednesday, February 28, 2007

So friggin cute!

Is this the cutest thing you have ever seen???? Click here for article and more pics.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More vacation pictures

OK, I put all of our Maui pics on Shutterfly. Enjoy!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Back home and back at work

OK, here is the crazy thing: Just a few days ago I was wearing a tank top and shorts. I came into work this morning wearing a wool coat and scarf! We came home to the cold and rain.

Curt put some of our Hawaii pics on Flickr. I will put all of them on Shutterfly and share that link very soon.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Ahhhh ... relaxing and boooo! time to go home

It is our last night in Maui. We had a great relaxing week. I think I will be OK to go back to work Monday (or am I just kidding myself?).

Yesterday: Late breakfast at Castaway Cafe. Then some beach and pool time. I finished "Knitting Under the Influence." Fun chick book. I started the book, "The School for Husbands." At first I wasn't into it, but it is getting better. I feel sorry for the couple in the book. And it makes me even want to have kids less than I already do. High praise to all of you parents out there. We went back to Lahaina last night for dinner. Had an amazing dinner right on the water. After dinner I had this ice cream berry thing with rum! Good dessert.

Today: Had breakfast in our room. (We have a little studio with kitchenette.) Headed out to the beach a little earlier today. Came back to the room about noon and Curt and I headed to a place called the Mixed Plate--finally some Hawaiian food. Good stuff. Great view. It was gorgeous outside. The other thing I loved was I still had sand all over me. I just put a tank top and shorts on over my suit and off we went. I had a drink called Hawaiian Punch. When I ordered the woman asked, the one with alcohol? I felt like saying HELL YEA! Yes, please. We drove around Lahaina a little and then back to our hotel. I made another attempt at the beach. It was a little too warm. I probably should just stayed out on the lanai. Came back to clean up and get ready for our luau. We got there about 4:30 and there was already a line (for 5:15 luau). What we didn't realize was we would be standing in the freakin sun for 30 minutes. I was wearing a tank top--but no sunscreen. My back was already a little warm from my second venture to the beach. Curt and I ended up sitting next to two sisters from Tucson. The food was really good, the Mai Tais weak (but still good). The show was pretty cool. Only a few cheesy parts. But the dancing and the fire guy were pretty amazing. We came back to our hotel and took a night walk on the beach. There isn't much light out there. It was nice and cool out there.

I am debating on whether I should start packing tonight or leave it all for the morning. You know when you are returning home your stuff just doesn't fit as well as when you first pack it. Why is that? And we only bought a few things, so everything should fit just fine.
My goal is to have the Hawaii pics up by Sunday.
Oh, and I highly recommend Maui as a vacation. Not sure if I mentioned before. But this trip was a graduation gift from my dad. (Yes, 10 years later.) When I graduated the UA my dad told me as a gift, myself and a friend could come to Hawaii. I never cashed it in. I started working right away and for the past 10 years it just hadn't fit in. So last year I asked my dad if I could cash it in for Feb. 2007 and he said yes. I asked, so I can bring ANY friend? Curt is pretty lucky, eh?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Curt likes the flip flops

Curt has never been a fan of the flip flop. Not sure why. He does like the casual look. Anyway, before we came to Hawaii I got him some cheap flippy flops from Old Navy for about 4 bucks. He loves them. I think he is seriously thinking about buying a fancy pair from REI.
Anyway, time for a Hawaii update:

Monday: Had late breakfast at the Castaway Cafe. I had a fruit bowl in a pineapple. That is the closest I have gotten to having a drink in a pineapple--at the request of my friend Alex from work. After breakfast some lounging on the beach. I actually got in the water the whole way. That water makes your hair nasty super fast. After lounging on the beach we had a drink at the Castaway Cafe (check on the Chi Chi drink). Then back to the room to clean up. Then out to dinner for some amazing sushi at a place called Sansei. We couldn't get a reservation and we were told over the phone the wait could be 0-60 minutes. We got there and there was a line out the door. We waited in line for about 15 minutes. It was a first-come first-served kinda thing. Once we got to the front desk we put our names in and got a drink at the bar. We only had to wait about 10 more minutes and were seated at the Sushi Bar. The sushi we had was amazing. And the prices were reasonable.

Tuesday: Day of snorkeling with Trilogy. Our catamaran with Captain Kevin and crew members Shane and Dominic (who was a cute tan Australian boy) picked us up on the beach. We motored out to our snorkeling spot. On the way out there we saw whales and tons of dolphins. The dolphins were swimming right in front of the boat. Apparently they swim in packs of 200-300. The ride out to our spot was pretty bumpy and wet--but still fun. We were served breakfast by the crew. Once we got to the snorkel spot the sun came out and all was calm. The water was so pretty. We saw lots of beautiful fish, coral reef and a sea turtle. Curt also saw a shark. It took me a little while to get used to the mask and breathe through the snorkel--but once I got the hang out it it was super easy. The water was a little chilly--but still manageable. After a swim we were served lunch--barbecue chicken, corn, rolls and salad. The chicken was really good. After lunch there was still time to snorkel if anyone wanted. Curt went out again. But I had warmed up--so I decided to stay on the boat. We met a nice couple, Abby and Ryan, on the excursion who were on their honeymoon from Wisconsin. We kinda hung out with them for the day. Once snorkeling was done we headed back to the beach. We were able to sail back (it was pretty windy). The sailing was pretty cool. Normally to sail back it takes an hour to an hour and a half. Because the wind was so strong we got back in 45 minutes. We decided to meet Abby and Ryan for dinner later. We met up and headed to Lahaina for dinner. We ended up eating at the place where Curt had the honkin' crab leg. Three of us ordered the crab leg (I shared some of mine with Curt). The crab was still good and amazing--just not as big as the one Curt had eaten Sunday. I ended up buying this beautiful shell purse from the little old cute guy I had gotten the mirror from the other day. Then we ended up at Jonny's Burger Joint for a drink. (Did I mention Curt and I were there Sunday night and there was a woman at the bar holding a baby while doing a shot. Very classy.)

Wednesday (today): A very relaxing and lazy day. I didn't get up and workout like I did Monday morning. I was a bum! Another late breakfast at the Castaway Cafe. Afterward we came back to the room to relax. I did some reading and knitting. Then I headed to the beach for some sun. I called Leah and chatted with her until Ollie woke up and started crying. We got a good 15-20 minutes of chat time. I only lasted about an hour on the beach. I got bored and hot. I had postcards to fill out, an iPod to listen to and a book to read--but I just couldn't do it. (I haven't taken my knitting to the beach--it would be too messy with all that sand.) So I came back to the room and hung out with Curt on the lanai--more reading and knitting. For my birthday Gail gave me "Knitting Under the Influence." I can't get enough of it. Fun chick lit. I started reading it on this trip and I love it. I want to finish blogging so I can get some more reading in. Eventually I went to the pool for a little more sun. At first I thought, how silly. Why would anyone go to the pool when you have the ocean right there??!! But now I get it. After the pool I cleaned up (Curt did, too) and we headed out to dinner. Italian food. It was so good! And I finally got a drink with an umbrella in it. This whole time I haven't had a drink with an umbrella--almost always a pineapple. The drink I had tonight, Polynesian Bellini, was really good--didn't really go with Italian, but that's OK. So today was a very relaxing day.

Oh, I booked a luau for Friday night (our last night here). I wanted to book the Old Lahaina Luau. But they are booked until March. Through our hotel we had an option to book 4 others at buy one get one free. So we are booked for Drums of the Pacific. The Guest Services woman was telling me that hotel has all these exotic birds in the hotel. So we will likely go a little early to see the birds.

OK, onto my book!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Check check for Mai Tai

Curt and I went to Lahaina for the afternoon. We walked around, bought some art and other crap. Then had a late lunch at a restaurant. We sat at the window and had an amazing view of the ocean. Each window table had a pair of binoculars. They also had happy hour--where I had my $3 Mai Tais. The food was great. Curt had this huge crab leg.
Curt bought me a little mirror from a cute little old guy. We hit Safeway for some food.
Now we are back on the lanai.
I forgot to mention earlier when we were on the beach today we saw whales jumping and swimming. It was really cool. Hopefully we will see them closer up when we go on our snorkeling boats.
Also wanted to mention that at our resort each building has a name. Our is the coolest: Coconut. The others are kinda lame: Banyu, Emerald, Dolphin and Aloha Tower. No where as cool as Coconut!

Out on the lanai

We got into Maui last night. The flight was almost 5 hours--and it actually wasn't too bad. I watched "Marie Antoinette." It was OK, not a movie I was planning on seeing anyway. But at least it entertained me during the flight. It was pretty bumpy coming in--between the clouds and wind.
It was rainy and windy last night. We got to our hotel--which is more like a condo--studio. We have a little kitchen, a good-sized room and a nice bathroom. We were tired last night and just hit a burger joint for dinner. But the burger and fries were really good.
Got up this morning and walked to the beach, which is less than 5 minutes from our hotel. Sat in the sand and watched the amazing deep blue ocean. Called the parents from the beach. Then we hit the Castaway Cafe for a late breakfast. I can check one drink off my list. I had a Lava Flow. Yes, I had that with my breakfast burrito. It was pretty good. I am not a huge pina colada fan--but it was still pretty good.
After breakfast we gathered our things and headed to the beach. Now we are back at our room sitting on the lanai (porch) having a snack and drinks.
It is starting to get cloudy and more windy. It will likely rain at times this week. (It was last night.) Now that I look out into the "garden view" I realize it is raining.
While out on the lanai we have had visits from some beautiful birds with red heds. We took pics of them--so maybe my dad can identify them.
Anyway, so far very relaxing.
Will update soon. (Won't be posting pics until we get back.)

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Curt and I are off to Hawaii (Maui) today. We will be gone a week.
We are looking forward to relaxing, doing a little snorkeling and having some good food.
A few friends told me to have a drink on them: Mai Tai; Lava Flow; Chi Chi (which I had to inform means boobies!); anything out of a pineapple. I think I can follow through on those requests.
I may OR may not update while we are there.
OK, I got a few things to get done before we take off.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

Curt sent me some pretty flowers to work today. I am really liking the vase. (You may notice a pic of Oliver in the background on my desk.)
The second pic the cupcakes I made for today. I got the recipe from Holli. You can search on her blog for "frosting" and the post with the recipe will come up. Lots of butter and marshmallows. But it tastes so good and looks so pretty.
Tonight we are having a dinner at Vanessa's Bistro. My boss gave me a gift certificate there for Christmas. So we thought we would try the restaurant.
Have a good day!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Onyx making news and friends visiting

Onyx appeared as the top story on the Business front of the Oakland Tribune. Click here for the story.
Also, our CEO, Holling C. Renton, appeared on CNBC yesterday. Click here to watch the video.


We had a great visit with Angela and Michael. They came in Thursday and left Sunday evening. (I have a few pics that I will share whenever I get around to it.) Thursday we had dinner at one of Curt and my favorite restaurants--Trattoria La Siciliana. The food there is so great. And they have this amazing olive oil. Now being on WW I don't eat the bread before dinner--but here I make the exception. After dinner hit McNally's for some drinks and then the Conga Lounge. I had an amazing Mojito there. Good stuff!
Friday, Angela and Michael spent the day in the city. They pretty much got soaked--but saw a lot. (This was Angela's first visit to the Bay Area.) Friday night we saw Neko Case and Merle Haggard at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland. This theatre was so beautiful and so amazing. The carvings on the walls were spectacular. The theatre alone was a vision--coulda just gone to see that and no music. Anyway, Neko was good. And Merle wasn't bad. Tho. I took a little nap during his show. I was so exhausted from "partying" the night before and then getting up early for work. (I am too old for stuff like that.) Afterward, drinks with Michael's friends.
Saturday hung out in Rockridge in the morning--had breakfast at the Rockridge Cafe. Then in the afternoon we headed to Berkeley. Walked around Telegraph. There were only a few vendors out since it was raining. (And unfortunately the guy with the liberal bumper stickers wasn't out.) We walked around the campus, which I hadn't really done before. Beautiful campus. Then we got Michael a Cal shirt. Time for food again: Triple Rock Brewery for the best garlic fries. The home. We were all pooped. So we hung out and watched movies and vegged. Eventually it was time for food again. We ordered pizza from Zachary's. They make a pretty amazing deep-dish pizza. One slice is a meal.
Sunday we had lunch at Pyramid Alehouse on the way up to Sausalito. We lucked out that Sunday turned out to be a nice day. We walked around the marina, did a little shopping, bought salt water taffy and just hung out. Then we drove up to the Golden Gate to admire and take some pics.
It was a great visit and we look forward to them coming back. Now we owe Angela and Michael a visit to Denver.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Great news for Onyx and Liver Cancer Patients

Nexavar Shown to Significantly Extend Survival for Patients with Advanced Liver Cancer

Trial to be Stopped Early Based on Positive Outcome

WEST HAVEN, Conn., and EMERYVILLE, Calif. — Feb. 12, 2007
Bayer Pharmaceuticals Corporation (NYSE: BAY) and Onyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Nasdaq: ONXX) today announced that an independent data monitoring committee (DMC) has reviewed the safety and efficacy data from the companies' pivotal Phase 3 trial in patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), or primary liver cancer. Based on this planned interim analysis, the DMC has concluded that the trial met its primary endpoint resulting in superior overall survival (OS) in those patients receiving Nexavar® (sorafenib) tablets versus those patients receiving placebo. The DMC also noted that there was no demonstrated difference in serious adverse event rates between the two treatment arms (Nexavar and placebo). Based on these conclusions, the DMC recommended that the trial be stopped early.

To read the whole story click right here.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Cute and cute

So for some reason I didn't realize my friend Jay has a blog. Our friends Angela and Michael are in town and Angela mentioned Jay's blog. Jay and his wife, Martha, were my first friends in Salem. Martha was my mentor. They were good friends, good people and great at their jobs. I learned a lot from them.
Anyway, the pic above is their beautiful and adorable daughter, Mia. It snowed in El Paso recently (I am guessing around the time it snowed in Tucson and Phx.) and Jay and Mia built this little snowman. I stole this pic from Jay's blog. Thanks Jay!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith is dead

It just gets weirder and weirder, people! My guess is some sort of OD.
Here is a link.

It feels good to be a gangsta

Curt forwarded me this link to all these pics of cats doing crazy things. Some of them are just downright HIL-AR-I-OUS!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

9 pounds to go

I think these last 9 pounds are gonna be a little harder to lose. But I know I can do it.
Curt and I are going to Hawaii in about 10 days and I AM gonna have as many drinks with little umbrellas in them as I want. I still will eat whatever I want--but I won't stuff myself. So no points in Hawaii--just some wise choices when it comes to some of the things I eat.
I recently started working out, too. I was determined to be toned for Hawaii--ain't gonna happen. But hey, I am 20 pounds lighter than I was 3 1/2 months ago.
I have been better about my water intake. WW has a honkin mug with a straw and one mug is 4 servings of water. WW recommends 6 servings a day. So I try to have at least 6, but usually go with 8 a day. Problem is I have to go to the bathroom like every 10 minutes it seems! (The link of the mug I found is on eBay. The prices for the mugs on eBay are a total rip-off!)
I have included my updated weight ticker. I know it is a little hard to read with my blue background. Oh well.

Off to the bathroom again ... (TMI, huh?)

Monday, February 05, 2007

Dud commercials

I am not a football fan. But at least the Super Bowl commercials are supposed to be good, right? I missed probably the first quarter because I was busy in the kitchen making snacks: "healthier" jalapeno poppers (and they were good), portabella skins (like potato skins) and chicken breast to mix with wing sauce (it wasn't bad, just not as good as really bad for you wings). So I missed this commercial that Curt told me about. (Oh, and the portabella skins were good, too. Thanks for the suggestions Hungry Girl!)
But I was pretty much unimpressed with the commercials. And I was supposed to be doing stuff around the house while the game was on. But I was so tired and lazy that I sat there and watched the game with Curt. (And I got lots to do--Angela and Michael will be here Thursday. Yay!)
And now I am tired today. Bleh to Mondays!

Saturday night we had some friends over for enchiladas and Taboo. We had a great time. We did girls vs. boys. And man, talk about being competitive. But it was fun. We had some great laughs and a good time. And we found someone nutier and crazier about Taboo than me--Sasha. Can't wait until the next game night.

Friday, February 02, 2007

In case you didn't know ... has many of their shows online--so in case you missed a show, you forgot to set up your season pass on TiVo, you started into a season late ...
Click right here for a bunch of their shows.
I have missed a few episodes of Ugly Betty and Brothers and Sisters. So now I can catch up. I think there are about 8 shows on there (of course Grey's and Housewives, too). Each show is up to date with the current season.
(Also Lifetime is showing Grey's Anatomy on Sunday nights.)
Have a good weekend!