Friday, September 28, 2007

Nasty tasting jelly bellys

So there are these nasty tasting Harry Potter jelly bellys. Someone at work bought some and another co-worker walked around asking us to taste them. I poured the box out on a Kleenex and we figured out what was what. Alex tried earwax, Terri tried dirt, I tried pickle and sardine. I thought the sardine one was soap. Nope, it was sardine. Ugh! I had to spit it out, nasty!
Then this morning we were trying them again. I tried soap. And it tasted like it.
Here are the flavors: 10 Individual Flavors: Earwax, Booger, Sausage, Black Pepper, Vomit, Dirt, Soap, Rotten Egg, Pickle and Earthworm.
I think I am gonna get some of these little boxes for Halloween to give out to the kiddies.


What did you think? I thought it was ehhh. And the deer storyline was dumb. I also watched the spin-off show Wednesday night. I am gonna give Private Practice a couple of more tries. But I don't know if I like it. I was never a big Addison fan. Tho. I am less of a Meredith fan. I actually can't stand her.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

ID please

Tonight after work I went to Long's Drug store to buy some Nyquil. I actually got carded. She asked for my ID and I said, for Nyquil? I got no response. Then I paid with credit card (gotta rack up those United miles) and she asked for my ID again!

We have lived in our current place for almost a year and I haven't been to this drugstore. It is honikin' huge! I could not believe it. I didn't wander because I was tired and just wanted my Nyquil--I was surprised to see they had Nyquil just for coughs. So I bought that and some more Ricola.

Curt's buddy Ryan is in town for the ASU / Stanford game. We just came back from Barclay's. Decent dinner and good beer.

Now I am just waiting for Grey's to start. 9 minutes!

The Albino Carrot

I can't take any credit for this carrot--didn't come from our garden. But I did buy the bag of carrots.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Cwazy day!

So my day has been filled mostly with meetings.

I am working a little late tonight because I have a dentist appt. at 7 p.m. Ugh!!! I originally had a dentist appt. 2 weeks ago when I was sick. I canceled 2 hours before. My dentist actually called me later that evening to resked. Since he was so nice and understanding I took whatever appt. he wanted to give me.

And today I have had this throat thing. I kinda got the sexy voice going on. I just have a cough and slight irritation in my throat. But I feel fine. We will see how I feel when I wake up tomorrow. I can't be sick again already. All my boss cares about is whether I am contagious or not. There have been a lot of sickies around here.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Breaking (garden) news

Our jalapeno plants FINALLY have little chilis growing from them. This is very exciting. We grew these plants from seed. (And I think we planted our garden in April.)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Too Cute!!!

It feels like Autumn outside. I ran some errands a bit ago and you could just feel Fall coming. Supposedly our Indian Summer is coming. It better!

Weekend Update

Saturday afternoon Curt and I headed out to pick up Don and Annie. We left 45 mins before we had to actually pick them up. And it took us only 15 mins to get to the city. You just never know what the traffic is going to be like. So we found a meter by their hotel. We put a quarter in and we get a whoppin 5 minutes! Can you believe that??!!
Anyway, so we meet up with Don and Annie. We all hop in the car (and as Annie says, girls in the back, boys in the front) and head down to Palo Alto. The drive went smoothly. We get to Stanford where there is tons of free parking. (You usually don't hear about either of those options in the Bay Area.) We head to the Oregon tailgater. Yummy food and the beer was flowing. We had fun, hung out, saw some cheerleaders and the Duck! Then we headed to the stadium for the game. I am not a football fan--but it actually was an exciting game. We left a little early--Annie was zonked out. We left when Oregon was up by 17. I believe the final score was 51-31.

Sunday I hung out in the city with Alex. Unfortunately Mia couldn't join us because she wasn't feeling well. So I met Alex. She picked me up in front of Macy's and we headed to her place. Her little apartment is super cute. She has done such a nice job decorating it. So we hung out at her place a bit. Then we walked to a brunchy place called Le Petit Robert. I had an omelet and and a mimosa. We sat outside and just chatted away. Then we walked back to her place. Hung out there a little longer and then headed home. She gave me a ride home since she was heading to her mom's in the East Bay.

Then I did my regular Sunday routine. Got ready for the week to come or at least Monday. I can't think that far ahead.

Oh and I tried to watch the second Pirates movie and I just couldn't get into it. The first one I watched on a plane. On my own I wouldn't have watched it. But it was really good. But this Dead Man's Chest--is that what it was called?--just didn't keep my attention.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A horned tomato

Curt has been obsessed with this horned tomato in our garden.
He picked it today.

Dinner in the city with Annie and Don

Curt and I met Annie and Don last night. While Curt was waiting for me at our regular meeting spot (corner of the Men's Warehouse) Don and Annie came running by. I met Curt soon after and we met them at their hotel. We took a very scary cab ride to dinner. (The cabbie hit some cone things in the street. Not the short ones--those tall things. OK, I looked these things up and they are called Looper Tubes.) Anyway, we survived and had dinner in Chinatown. (Annie is obsessed with China and was super excited--esp. for the great shopping.) So we had dinner at Brandy Ho's (which was quite yummy) and then we headed out to look at and buy cheap crap! Annie found a very pretty pink Oriental dress. It fit her. So dad bought it for her. She was so excited. It was really cute. She even brought a little Oriental purse with her to fill up! We all got a little treat at a Chinese bakery. It was a nice walk.
In a little bit Curt and I are heading to the city to pick up Don and Annie and head to Palo Alto for the football game. Tailgate party first.

Friday, September 21, 2007

More movie reviews

Wednesday night I started watching the documentary Maxed Out. I got tired and finished it last night. I think everyone should watch this. It is about people and their debt--mostly credit cards. And it is scary that Dubya is in cahoots with some of the largest credit card companies. There is some really sad stuff in the movie. But I learned a lot of chilling facts. There was some talk about going onto college campuses. That is how I was able to first establish credit. But at one point I had 15 credit cards. Now they weren't all maxed out or anything like that. I would get one at a department store for the extra whatever percentage off my purchase, pay that off and never use it again. I have always at least paid the minimum amount due.
And yes, my credit cards have helped me in tough times. They are great for big purchases, such as a TV or plane tickets. Curt and I pay ours off every month. But I know not many people do. And the interest is what is killing them.
Anyway, whether you are in debt or not: Watch IT!

After Maxed Out I watched Mozart and the Whale. It is about a couple who both have Asperger's Syndrome--a mild form of autism--and how their relationship works and doesn't work. I really enjoyed it. There were some great and funny moments and other times that were kinda sad. I highly recommend this movie.

So half the Klotter clan is coming to San Francisco today: Don and Annie. Mom, Kristin, and brother, Chase, have to stay home this weekend as Chase has some prior committments he must keep. So Curt and I will meet Don and Annie for dinner tonight. Tomorrow we will head down to Palo Alto for the Stanford/UO game. There is an Oregon tailgater before the game.

Then Sunday I am hanging out with my girlfriends Alex and Mia. Mia and I are heading to the city to see Alex's not really "new" place and hang out. Should be fun!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Movie review time

When I was sick last Thursday I watched a lot of TV. Mostly LMN (for those of you not in the know, that is Lifetime Movie Network). But I also watched Bobby. I knew very little about Bobby Kennedy's assassination. It was an interesting take on the other people surrounding the shooting. It was kinda a day in the life of these pretty regular people and how they came to be part of this horrible tragedy. So good movie. I recommend it.

Over the weekend I watched Blades of Glory and The Prestige. On Blades, I think I shoulda had a couple of drinks and then it would have been funnier. Don't get me wrong, there were some funny moments. It just wasn't as funny as I thought it would be. (I still think my favorite Will Ferrel movie is Old School. Hilarious!) So have a few drinks and watch it!

The Prestige. Now I made the mistake of watching this while cleaning out my closet. And this is the kind of movie you really need to pay attention to. So I was kinda confused at times. (The closet cleaning movie should have been Blades.) But the whole knowing the tricks of magic fascinates me. I want to know how the tricks are done! So I guess watch this if you are really gonna watch the movie.

Ugh! Snakes on a Plane. That was on HBO the other night. I decided to watch it. I already knew it was gonna be bad. But I still watched it and I watched the whole, entire movie. What I wonder is, did the actors, esp. Samuel L. Jackson, know that they were doing a really bad and cheesy movie. Or were they taking themselves seriously? And the snakes looked fake. They of course still freaked me out--I hate snakes. And some of the deaths by snake I coulda done without seeing. There were 2 bathroom scenes that were um, just icky. So watch this movie if you are bored and have absolutely nothing else to do. Alcohol may actually help you enjoy this movie more.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

New blogs on the block

Curt now has a blog.
And guess who else has one? Joey! Not really sure how often he will be blogging--esp. since he doesn't do a whole lot during the day. So what could he possibly write about?

Today has been an exhausting day. Getting only 6 hours of sleep is not good for me. So tonight I will be vegging. That is of course AFTER I go to the gym. I haven't been in almost 2 weeks! We went to CT 2 weekends ago. And remember how I bought that annoying Denise Austin yoga DVD? Well, I never used it. And luckily I didn't take it out of the wrapper. So I am returning that thing and getting my 13 bucks back! (Now I just have to do a little research and buy one that is better for the next trip I take where I WILL use it.)
Then we return from CT where I am completely wiped out. And then what happens? I get sick. So I decided to completely recoop before attempting any workout of any kind. I was gonna go yesterday to yoga before work. But I was already stressed out with the little time I had to get things done before my all day training--so I ditched that idea. And I couldn't go after work because we went to the show last night. So today I am getting back on track!

I have given out a bunch of tomatoes today at work. This fresh batch had some good sized tomatoes. Someone is going to give me a spaghetti sauce recipe. Yum!

My ears are ringing

Just got back from the New Pornographers. Great show. We had good seats in the balcony. But it was a tad loud. I couldn't understand what they were singing.
There were 2 opening acts--which we didn't see. NP didn't go on until 10 p.m.--around my bedtime. So I am pooped.
Oh, and our upstairs neighbors are making lots of noise on their hardwood floors. Yes, at 12:20 in the freakin morning. The scrape chairs on the floor, they walk hard and loudly across the floor. Drives me nuts. And supposedly their jobs keep them super busy where they are rarely ever supposed to be home ...
Good night!

Monday, September 17, 2007


Today was a whirlwind of a day. I woke up tired--not unusual for a Monday morning.
I had all-day training today at work. When I got to work at 8 (skipped my yoga class this morning--figured it would stress me out to come into work at 8:30 since training started at 9) I was running around like a crazy person trying to get the few things done I had to get done before I was away from my desk until about 4:30. And while running around I was saying to myself, What was I thinking booking a training on a Monday??!!
But the training was excellent. It was through Franklin Covey. Man, the things I learned today ... blew my socks off. We learned a lot about time management and linked that up to Outlook. Outlook does so much more than I ever realized!
Our trainer, Dave, was really good. He was a great teacher and funny! We needed that for a 7 1/2 hour training.

Tonight Curt and I are going to see the New Pornographers play at the Warfield in the city. We are driving over with some other friends. I have a feeling I will be sleeping on the way home.
Gonna go eat some dinner now. I think we are stopping for tacos before the show--but I need to have something healthier.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Good and quite productive weekend

I worked late Friday night. Curt asked me if I wanted to pick up dinner on the way home. Sure. He said, how about sushi? Oh, I had that for lunch ... but I will eat it again. So Friday I had sushi for lunch and dinner. Man, I love sushi!


I am so proud of myself. I was very productive. I sorted and cleaned our linen closet, pantry and my closet. Everything is so nice and organized ... for now. And I did a few other things that needed to be done.
Curt decided he wanted to take a drive. So he went to Tahoe for the day.


I slept in until 7--woooooo! I went to the grocery this morning. Man, that is the time to go. Barely anyone there. No one really in your way.
When I was loading the car with groceries there was a guy wandering around asking for money. He told me he wasn't hungry and then I didn't understand what he said he needed money for. I feel bad--but usually I don't just hand out money. First of all, I have no money in my pockets--if I do then I will give that to whoever is asking. I don't want to make myself vulnerable by opening up my purse and taking out my wallet. I realize most people begging for money wouldn't take advantage. But I have to protect myself.
Anyway, so I just told him I didn't have any cash on me. (My usual response.) He asked for 50 cents 75 cents. I told him sorry. Then he asked me about a debit card or credit card. Did he think I was just going to hand him over a credit card? After that he left.
After I got back from the grocery I made Curt and myself coffee. Then a homemade breakfast burrito with my homemade salsa with tomatoes from our garden. Yum!

Then off to Galaxy Nails for mani/pedi. I got Electric Blue on my toes. And I asked if they had a bottle I could buy and they did. And it was only 3 bucks!

Then from 2-4 p.m. today was Cooper's 5th birthday party. And there was a jumping castle and yes, I jumped! The party was crazy and fun. It was Star Wars theme--Darth Vader pinata and cake (with black icing). Lexie, Coop's sister, along with a friend made balloon animals.
I took lots and lots of pics. Sorry, no captions. I think you can figure out what is going on.
Two highlight pics from the party:

Self-portrait in the jumping castle.

Curt is the bubble master.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Baby Marvin is here!

Alex Christopher Marvin was born super early this morning.
Here is a link to his Web site.
More pics on the Web site. And man, Stefanie looks really great during labor and after Alex was born.
Congrats to Stefanie, Aaron and big brother Andrew. Andrew, I remember when you were a wild little guy!!!!
I used to work with Stefanie and Aaron back in Salem. That was before they were even an item. :) Aaron and I were also neighbors for about a year. Ahhh, the cottages we lived in were so cute and cheap rent: $375. Man, those were the days.

Secret Pals revealed

We had our Secret Pal revealing lunch yesterday at Miyozen--sushi restaurant. The food is always good--but service is lacking. We all went around the table and talked about some of the cool stuff we received from our Secret Pal. Graciela--who I was S.P. to--mentoined that her S.P. seemed to really know her. After I got Graciela's questionaire and read through it I realized we had a lot more in common than I had known. After that we all took turns guessing. I went first. I said how I first thought it was Sheri, then Graciela, then Viengna, then back to Sheri. But my actual guess was Mary. And I was right. She gave me some beautiful yarn to make a scarf. YEA!!!!
When it was Graciela's turn she said she wasn't really sure. But she thought that her S.P. might be Gina. Then I said, nope, it's me! I made her a deep, dark red scarf and a black scoa. I thought for sure I may have blown it a couple of times--but I guess not.
We picked names for the next round, which will start Oct. 1. This time we will do it just for a month--sted of 9 weeks.
I have to fill out my new questionaire. It will pretty much be the same. But I have stuff to add.

Ann and her Secret Pal, Mary.

Graciela and her Secret Pal, Ann.


So Kate and Jason are honeymooning. But she sent an e-mail update the other day from an Internet cafe in Crete. And she gave us one photo as a sneak peak. Yes, I still need to write about our weekend last weekend and show you all the photos we took. Will do that soon.

Photo by Chris Richards.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Almost back to normal

I am feeling much better today. Still a little congested and tired. But other than that back to my old self.

Funny story about our tomatoes

Curt meets a co-worker and his wife at the corner of Eddie's Liquor in the mornings to carpool to work. In the Bay Area carpool is considered 3 people. Anyway, he is at the corner waiting for his ride holding an Ikea bag filled with tomatoes to take to work. One of the guy's doing recycling asked Curt if they were homegrown tomatoes. Curt said yes and asked if he wanted some. Heck yea! Then two women passed by and also asked for some. So next time we are overrun with tomatoes we can leave them outside our house and they will be gone.
I should be bringing a bunch in next week for my co-workers.

Today is Secret Pal revealing day!!!! I can't wait!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ann out sick

I am staying home today--hoping to attack my cold now and not get any sicker. I am mostly just tired. Luckily I have Lifetime Movie Network to entertain me all day.
Later I will probably head to the grocery to get some cold medicine. It seems whenever I am actually sick we are out of Nyquil.
I have to be better for tomorrow ... it is the Secret Pal revealing lunch. I will drag myself to lunch if I have to!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Health & Wellness

Yesterday Onyx hosted a Health & Wellness Expo. I was a volunteer. I made a board giving info on WW and printed out information for people to read and take.
I also greeted vendors in the lobby and had them escorted to the third floor. We had a really good variety of vendors come in, including: YMCA; Delta Dental; Maverick's Gym (the gym I workout at); REI; Emeryville firefighter to check blood pressure--mine was pretty good; Breathe California to check lung capacity--I was at 88%--very good; free chair massages; MHN, TLC, Blue Cross, etc. We had a healthy and really yummy lunch catered by Whole Foods. I attended a couple of really good breakout sessions. At the end of the expo there was a raffle. Unfortunately I didn't win anything. But there were some pretty cool prizes.
Yesterday was a long day. I was so tired from our trip.
Then last night we met friends for our ...

Tuesday Night Social Club

This time we met at Triple Rock Brewery. I love that place. And yes, I had garlic fries for dinner and washed them down with a pomegranite hard cider. I figured I had eaten badly over the weekend, what the hell. I will start back on my eating lifestyle again tomorrow.

And I promise pics and details of our wonderful weekend. If I am not too tired when I get home tonight I will upload some pics and write about the weekend. It was really a great time. The beach wedding was gorgeous. The reception was a blast. The food was delicious. It was a great wedding!

Secret Pal Update

I forgot to mention that last week I got some cool scrapbooking stickers from my pal. All Mrs. Grossman stickers--which are nice stickers--and locally made! Today I received this cute little plant--Mikado.
Friday is our revealing lunch. I have a guess who my S.P. is. I wonder if my person has figured out who I am.

Monday, September 10, 2007

3rd post of the day

Another long travel day. But we are home. I am exhausted. I am already in my jammies ready for bed. It is calling my name. I feel delirious again.
Good night.

At the airport

Yes, yet another post. Curt and I are at the Hartford airport waiting for our flight. We dropped Kate and Jason off in New Haven to take a shuttle to JFK for their flight to Greece.
Curt and I walked around Yale, had a little breakfast and just relaxed before we headed to Bradley International. The buildings at Yale are absolutely gorgeous. It is so weird to be in a part of the country where the buildings are so much older than in Arizona and California. Arizona isn't even 100 years old yet.
We are switching planes in D.C. We decided to go "fancy" for the flight from Dulles to SFO and we upgraded to Economy Plus for a little extra room for the longer flight.
This was a great weekend--but kinda exhausting. I will be glad to sleep in my own bed tonight. Tomorrow will definitely call for a Go Girl energy drink. You can't go wrong with a drink that is pink.

Packing up

So our stuff is pretty much packed up. Curt and Jason are returning Jason's rental. Kate is dropping her car off at her friends where it will stay while they are honeymooning in Greece. So I am just waiting for them all to come back to the Stannard Inn. Then Curt and I are taking Kate and Jason to the train station in New Haven.
Yesterday was a really great day. There was a nice brunch. Then we got to see a quickie slideshow of some of the pics from the wedding. Beautiful! Kate looked absolutely gorgeous. After that there was some work to do. Everyone pitched in taking down stuff. Then Curt and Jason took Chris, photographer, to the train station and then those 2 went to a bar to watch football and drink beer (Curt) and hard liquor (Jason). Us girls had lunch with the Reuterman gang. Then they took off and Kate and I hung out at the beach. Afterward we got cleaned up and met the guys for dinner. Then to the second largest casino in all of America? I think that is what Kate and Jason said.
When I get home and am rested and have put my pics up I will blog in more details about our weekend.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Great Wedding!

The ceremony was beautiful. The reception was a blast. We had a really great time.
The beach wedding went off without a hitch. Kate looked absolutely beautiful. The ceremony was so pretty out on the beach. More details to come.
Chris Richards did the photography. An old college friend who also shot our wedding. You can find him at
Just wanted to do a quick update. Will put up pics when we get home.
There is a brunch tomorrow and then who knows what we will do. Whatever we want!
And it is midnight here. So I am ready for bed.

Friday, September 07, 2007

We made it!

Long day of travel--flight left SFO at 8:45 a.m.--woke up at 5:15. Had a 3-hour layover in Chicago. Then it was more than a 4-hour layover when our flight to Hartford was delayed.
It is almost 1 a.m. here. The inn is super cute.

Some quick observations: At SFO a guy was eating a burger and fries at 8 a.m. A woman had a pool noddle with her and took it on the plane. Chicago airport didn't have much to offer for "bar and grill." We ate at Chii's! And when we were ready to leave there was a line waiting to get in. Once we found out our flight was delayed we went to this little bar Curt had scoped out earlier and had a drink. I sat on the floor. The bartender looked a lot like my Uncle Mike.

OK, I am tired and almost delerious.
More CT posts to come.

We're off ...

for 4 days to Connecticut for Kate and Jason's beach wedding. I can't wait.
Today is a long travel day! Bleh.
Will likely update while we are there.
See ya!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

CRAZY day!

Oh my gawd! Today has been nuts at work. I feel like a crazy woman.
I just got back from taking a yoga class--which has helped calm me. The teacher was different than my regular Sarah. I am so used to doing things the way Sarah does. So it was a little different for me. But still good.

Speaking of Yoga ...

I went to Best Buy last night after spin class to look for a Yoga DVD to take with me to Connecticut. Anyway, I have to say their exercise selection was pretty damn lame. I really didn't want a Denise Austin DVD. But the only yoga DVDs involved the ball or was that stupid Yoga Booty Ballet. Anyway, I plan on looking into a better DVD at some point. But I just wanted SOMETHING so I had to settle for Denise Austin.

Another batch of tomatoes

Curt plucked a bunch more tomates off the vines last night. I made salsa with a bunch and sauteed some in olive oil and garlic to put over my pasta. The salsa came out pretty good. The texture is a little different than when I use the canned stewed tomatoes.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Nothing exciting to talk about.
Work has been crazy at moments and other moments super quiet and I have tackled stuff.
All the higher-ups are at an off-site this week. So no contracts can be worked on (there is no one here to sign them). Plus, our paralegal is on vacation.
I thought this wouldn't be an issue. But people are still trying to push some stuff. And there is nothing I can do. So in some cases I am scrambling to get things figured out.
Oh well. Only one more day of work and then off for 4 days to head to Connecticut for Kate and Jason's wedding. The B&B we are staying at has Wi-Fi so I will likely be updating.
Taking spin tonight after work. My workout sked is gonna be kinda screwy for the next week. If I am up for it I may hit Best Buy after spin to see if they have any decent Yoga DVDs (then I could take those on vacation with me in the future, too).

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


As promised, pictures of our "prize-winning" tomatoes. For first-timers I think we did pretty good. And we still have a bunch more to ripen and pluck. We have already given a bunch away. Next week I will likely make salsa with them.

Lazy day

Yesterday was a nice and lazy day. Curt and I headed to the city to meet my dad and Hilda for lunch. We met in North Beach. So Curt and I did a bit of walking before meeting them. We stopped at a pastry shop in Chinatown and each got a little goodie.
We had a nice lunch. Service was a little lacking. Afterward we walked around and then found a park and parked it on a bench and soaked up the sun. It felt so good.
After that Curt and I headed home. I took a nice nap. Then I watched Motorcycle Diaries. That was a really good movie. What a great and amazing adventure those two went on around South America.
I have updated pics of our tomatoes. But I haven't uploaded them yet. Will do that soon.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

My visit with Ollie ...

Aunt Ann and Ollie having a moment.

oh, and Robert and Leah and Curt, too. :)


After I got off work on Friday I met Oliver, Robert and Leah at Cato's Alehouse. We had some drinks and munchies. It was a perfect day to hang out.
Afterward we headed home to meet Curt. Curt and Phil had their fantasy football draft to do. So we all hung out for a bit along with Lisa. Eventually Robert, Leah, Oliver and I headed to Crepevine to meet Katie and Mary Flo for dinner. Curt eventually met us after the draft was over. We had a nice dinner and then headed to Pendragon to look at books. I headed to the children's section--I love looking at the kids' books--books I used to read and new books, such as That's Disgusting, which I read to Oliver. I was totally cracking up and falling over laughing and crying. Oliver found that rather funny and shared in the laugher. Once I read the book I had to buy it. (Curt took some pics.)


Oliver, Robert, Leah and I headed to Solano (Curt has a throat thing and stayed home to recuperate.) to meet Katie, Mary Flo, Birdie (real name, Anna) and Finn. We did some shopping at Stash, a fuu-fuu yarn store. Then we went to this Cactus place to get lunch. It was insane in there and kinda stressed us out. We met at the Albany Waterfront Trail. This area I had no idea existed. We went on a little hike, saw crazy art, had lunch at the waterfront and then picked wild blackberries. Yum, they are so good!
Afterward we came home to relax and just hang out. Ollie eventually went to bed. So the adults had sushi for dinner (from our favorite Sushiya), beer and watched Zodiac.


The 5 of us had a light breakfast at Hudson Street Cafe. Then we walked around the hood a little bit more. Stopped at Bittersweet. Then hit Diesel bookstore. I was happy to find out they have a bookclub. Unfortunately Pendragon doesn't. So I may attend an October book club meeting.
After that we headed back to the house and the Beckidads took off for the airport. Curt took the gang. Oh, before they left we showed Oliver the garden. Leah took video of it. Check out Oliver's blog for more pictures and some videos.

My pictures are here.

Here is a pic of some fresh blackberries in some yogurt I had for a snack while I typed this up.