Monday, May 30, 2011

Love my lazy weekends

Wow, well, I haven't blogged here lately. I have been concentrating on Go Fit Girl! these days. So sorry to my three readers of this blog. If you want to know what I am up to in the health/fitness related area visit me here.
This felt like a really long and super lazy weekend. I took Thursday off to go to a Giants game with friends. It was a beautiful day. When you attend a Giants day game you never know, do I bring my fleece or my sunscreen. I took both and only needed the sunscreen. We had fun even if the Giants lost.
Friday I worked from home. So that was Day 2 of sleeping in.
Saturday hit the gym for spin and abs class. I then hurried home to take a quick shower and get ready for our crowd to watch the Champion's League Final. We had about 15 people total in our house. We had goodies, lots of beer and pizza. We had a lot of fun.
Pretty much after that my weekend has been lazy, napping and watching movies. Sunday I did hit yoga and afterward Curt and I had brunch at Barclay's and then a visit to John at McNally's.
Today was all lazy all the time. Just the way I like it.
The picture above is from last weekend. Mini Tucson High Badger reunion in San Francisco. Me, Edwin (who I have known since 5th grade), Emily and Ilysha. Ilysha was in town for work and asked if we were available for dinner. We all were. We had a great time.
A real reunion was discussed. Ilysha brought up what a great job I did for our 10-year. I can't believe our 20-year reunion is next year. Planning the reunion last time was stressful and many were so ungrateful. Though many were very grateful and kind and were so thankful. But I seriously don't want to plan the next one. I don't even live in my homestate. There needs to be a committee for the next one. And I nominate all the jerks who complained last time to head it. :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

GREAT NEWS: Dorothy has been released!

Read the story here.
Thanks for everyone who sent their prayers and good thoughts. And for those who e-mailed, called, retweeted, Facebooked, etc.
Today is a good day!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dorothy, we are still waiting for you to come home

Yesterday marked two weeks that my friend Dorothy has been missing.
Syrian officials have said they deported Dorothy to Iran on May 1. But her family still has not heard from her. And there is no confirmation from Iran on this.
You can keep up with any and all updates on Facebook, Twitter or even the Al Jazeera web site, where Dorothy works.
When Dorothy worked at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer she wrote an article titled, The Cloth of Islam.
Dorothy wore an Islamic hijaab--a full-body outer cloak for three days in Seattle and on a train to and in Vancouver, B.C. and on a flight back.
Reading this article by Dorothy and her experiences is a great and amazing representation of the kind of journalist she is and the kind of person she is.
How many of us would have the guts to do something like that? Yea, I know I wouldn't.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I was fortunate to be able to talk to my mom, grandma, Curt's mom and grandma (and mybrother, as well) and wish them all a Happy Mother's Day.When I said Happy Mother's Day to my grandma she responded, I can't say the same to you. I think she said that last year, too.
I had a few people wish me a Happy Mother's Day since I am mama to furbaby Joey. I think this is sweet. But I can't compare raising a child to loving and caring for a cat for 17 years.
And I am OK with my decision to not have children. It has been a choice to be child free.
I love being an aunt, and a Savvy Auntie at that. I have a niece and two nephews (Curt's brother and sister-in-law have three) and I am an aunt to so many children ... by choice. There are too many to name. I love being an aunt.

We had a pretty lazy weekend. I like that, especially since my evenings are so short during the week these days.
Yesterday we hung out with Phil, Lisa and Baby Bea for Derby. We had fried chicken and Mint Juleps. Oh, and I can't forget about the Derby pie. It was fun. And we hadn't seen Trixie in some time. Man, she is a cutie. So smiley and happy. She has these big blue eyes.
Today I did the norm, went to yoga at Namaste for my Vinyasa Yoga class, which is always an amazing workout and practice. In class today there was a young man (probably college age) there with his mom. I am not sure if his gift to his mom was the actual class or attending class with her. Either way, it was sweet. And he survived a rather aggressive class.
After class and my phones calls to Tucson Curt and I headed to Ben 'n' Nick's for lunch. Right after I got my beer I noticed a drink on the chalkboard called a Bloody Piggy (Bloody Mary with bacon). I had to try it. It was a good Bloody Mary and I mean, who doesn't love bacon?
Then, of course, a nap was in order.
I am asking moms to help me answer some questions to help another mom figure out how moms fit in everything they have to do in their lives plus eat healthy and exercise. Check out Go Fit Girl!
And a Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing mother's out there, especially mine.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Free my friend Dorothy

My friend Dorothy Parvaz is still missing. Yesterday Syrian officials did confirm that they are holding her. Which I suppose is better than some other alternatives. But I am still worried for her. And I want her to come home and come home safe.
Dorothy is one of the toughest chicks I know. I have always admired her. She is a great journalist and a good person. She is a straight shooter and you definitely won't get any bullshit from her. She is who she is.
With Dorothy's disappearance I have seen and understood the power of Social Media (blogs, Facebook, Twitter). It is truly amazing.
I am able to keep up on the latest with the Free Dorothy Facebook page.
Please keep Dorothy in your thoughts. Repost, tweet, Facebook, call the Syrian Embassy in D.C. (I have heard they are less than pleased to be getting so many calls on Dorothy's behalf), e-mail the embassy and keep this story alive and going. The more attention it gets the better chance we can get Dorothy home.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Come home safe, Dorothy

I wanted to mention my friend Dorothy today. Dorothy and I worked at the Wildcat together at the UA. We also were interns at The Republic in the summer of '97. We became pretty good friends that summer. Dorothy now works for Al Jazeera and is missing. Here is a link to a story about her and what happened. Keep Dorothy and her family in your thoughts. And let's keep hoping she comes home safely.

Sorry for the lack of posts. Joey's blog and Go Fit Girl! get updated regularly, especially Go Fit Girl!
There hasn't been much exciting going on. Just working, working out, getting home and going to bed about 9:30. Then at it again at 5 a.m.