Sunday, August 28, 2011

One fake shot a day

Joey, my 17-year-old man furbaby, had an appointment at the vet on Friday. Joey needs a check up every six months because he is an old man. He gets his geriatric profile and diabetic check up.

Joey hates getting into his carrier. And I had to do it by myself Friday morning. It was a struggle getting him into the box. Once in the exam room while we were waiting for Dr. Miller Joey seemed more anxious than normal as he was whining and crying way more than usual. The barking dog outside our room probably contributed to both our angst. Joey wasn’t too excited to be examined by the vet. Once Dr. Miller was listening to Joey with the stethoscope Joey was getting pissy. As Dr. Miller started to feel Joey and check on his newly made bald spots on his body (apparently old man cats pull out their hair) Joey started growling and hissing. I got a little nervous as I did not want to get bit by my super unhappy probably angry cat.

Yesterday Dr. Miller called to give results of the tests and blood work. It is possible that Joey's diabetes is reversing. So we are going to one shot a day and will have Joey's fructosamine checked again in a month. The last time he was at the vet and had tests done they found that he was in very early renal failure. This time around it has advanced. So Joey is now taking potassium to help with his kidney function. The diet he is on right now for his diabetes is low carb, high protein. For kidney issues they usually want them to be on a diet that is low in protein. We will have a better idea of things in a month when we go back for more blood work.

Joey is very used to getting two shots a day. On the weekends he actually wakes me up to tell me it is time for his shot. After a shot he gets treats. So he wants the shot. So yesterday and today we gave him a kitty placebo--we poke him in the back of the neck with a pen. He seems satisfied with that and waits for his treats after his fake shot. We'll see how long the fake shot lasts. Especially if he ends up not needing any insulin shots.

Keep my furbaby in your thoughts. I want him to feel good and not be in any pain ever. I have had my furbaby for almost half my life. I have had him for 17 1/2 years.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Good genes

After the gym on Thursday night I hit BevMo. I got some Spanish beer and wine for a paella party Curt and I attended last night.
I was carded as I was making my purchase. I have a hard time getting my license out of wallet. The cashier told me it was fine and leaned over to look at the date. I pointed out the '74.
Of course that created a conversation with the cashier, the guy bagging my booze and me. The two guys went on and on at how young I looked and that I have good genes, blah, blah, blah.
My grandpa is about to turn 90. He doesn't look 90. He still lives in his house, drives (really slow) and goes to the veteran's bar every afternoon to have a couple of Miller High Life's with his buddies. My mom's grandma died on her 96th birthday. Granita was healthy until about 92 or so when she fell and broke her shoulder. At the time she was still living alone.
Those who know me know I don't want to get old. I haven't figured out how I am going to prevent that.
Last night Curt and I went over to my friend Pam's house for a paella party. Pam's paella is pictured above. It was delicious. This was the third spin party of the year. I have become good friends with a group of women (and a few men) in my Saturday spin class and we have started hanging out. They are a fun group. They all are the main reason I haven't quit the gym yet. Because of my work commute and the fact that I have a gym at work and attend the neighborhood yoga studio and only go to 4-6 classes a month at the gym I have seriously contemplated quitting the gym. But the Saturdays keep me going ...
Anyway, the party was fun. Amazing food, good wine, a little dancing, a lot of eating. Just a good, fun time.
Today I hit the yoga studio. After that I met Curt for brunch. Then home for a nap and have been pretty much lazy since.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My new purse to celebrate 5 years

Wow, three posts in ONE WEEK! Woot-woot!
October of 2010 my 5-year full-time anniversary occurred with my company.
Earlier this year Onyx came up with 5-, 10- and 15-year rewards.
I contemplated over what gift I wanted. I finally decided on a purse. I don't really care about brand-name purses. If I like the purse I like it whether it comes from Target, H&M or somewhere fancy.
There were two purses to pick from in the many gifts I had to choose from. I also contemplated a watch and a couple of other items.
I also received a plague, which you see pictured above. I just got my purse yesterday. I hemmed and hawwed over what to get and I finally decided on my purse. I think it was a good choice.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Shaking hands with one of the greats

Curt and I donate a lot to charity. A charity we have donated to this year and last is called the Jr. Giants Stretch Drive.
If you donate a certain amount you are invited to a little reception before a Giants game. Curt and I went last year and unfortunately Willie was sick so we missed meeting him.
We attended the reception again this year, which was tonight. One of us gets to go out on the field. I think Curt appreciates it more than me. He walked out last year and this year. Though he told me next year I am doing it.
He also got to shake hands with Willie McCovey, which was super cool.
I can't wait to tell my Grandpa.
After the ceremony Curt and I met up for our Crazy Crab sandwiches. We decided to skip the game and eat dinner out by the water. We headed to BART to get on home. BART was (and still is) having delays. We waited more than a half and hour and decided to forget it and cab it home. Good thing we did. We ditched BART a little before 8:30 and the trains are still down and it is 9:20 and they have no idea when the computer will be back up.
OK, 9:20, time for bed.

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Girls' weekend

Curt recently told me that he may remove me from his bookmarks, you know, since I haven't updated in weeks and hardly update.
Sorry 'bout that. I can't imagine that will change anytime soon. My time is limited with my long commute these days. And seriously, there seems to be nothing that exciting going on lately.
And I am about to sign up for a course. So the little bit of time I have will go toward that for the next couple of months.
Curt went up to Tahoe this weekend with some guy friends.
So I had the whole weekend to myself!
Friday I worked from home (as I usually do on Fridays). During the day I took a yoga class. Then for dinner I met my friend Monica at Enoteca Molinari, a new tiny restaurant, which recently opened in the hood. Everything we had was amazing. We both had wine, we shared a Gorgonzola and onion crostini, shared a tomato and mozzarella salad, each had a pasta dish (Monica had pesto pasta and I had carbonara) and, of course, dessert, which was delicious as well. I couldn't believe how good all the food was. The flavors were just popping. Wow.
Saturday morning I went to two yoga classes at the yoga studio. I had a hair appointment in the afternoon for a trim. I ended up getting 5 inches trimmed and I still have a lot of hair. After that I did a little shopping in the hood with some gift certificates I hadn't used yet.
Then I came home for some wine, chick flick watching and take out Pad Thai.
This morning I just lounged around. I tried a different yoga class today. I normally take a 10:45 Vinyasa Flow class. But today I tried an Ashtanga class at 12:30. In a little bit I am heading to the 6 p.m. Restorative class. I am so looking forward to it.
The picture above is the salad Monica and I shared on Friday night. Wow, it was so amazing. The photo to the right is a sampling of my Girl Night In.
OK, it's almost time for me to leave for my Restorative class. Have a good night and week!