Monday, August 08, 2011

Shaking hands with one of the greats

Curt and I donate a lot to charity. A charity we have donated to this year and last is called the Jr. Giants Stretch Drive.
If you donate a certain amount you are invited to a little reception before a Giants game. Curt and I went last year and unfortunately Willie was sick so we missed meeting him.
We attended the reception again this year, which was tonight. One of us gets to go out on the field. I think Curt appreciates it more than me. He walked out last year and this year. Though he told me next year I am doing it.
He also got to shake hands with Willie McCovey, which was super cool.
I can't wait to tell my Grandpa.
After the ceremony Curt and I met up for our Crazy Crab sandwiches. We decided to skip the game and eat dinner out by the water. We headed to BART to get on home. BART was (and still is) having delays. We waited more than a half and hour and decided to forget it and cab it home. Good thing we did. We ditched BART a little before 8:30 and the trains are still down and it is 9:20 and they have no idea when the computer will be back up.
OK, 9:20, time for bed.