Tuesday, November 30, 2010

'Tis the season

This is my Christmas set up in my cube at work. There is a stocking for each member of the Legal team.
I am excited to get our tree this coming weekend and decorate the house. I was going to put the lights up outside last weekend, but I got lazy. And I didn't want to pull the Christmas boxes out more than once--because they are a pain to get to.

Monday, November 29, 2010


I just realized the other day that I am no longer in the target age group for newspapers.
When I worked in newspapers our target age was 18-34. These were the readers we were losing (or really never even having) and we focused a lot on how to cater to them while also keeping the the regular "older" readers happy.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Much needed long, lazy, loungy weekend

This long weekend was just what I needed--especially as I gear up for the busiest month of the year at work.
Thursday morning I attended a 2-hour yoga. It was a wonderful way to start Thanksgiving. We had a small and casual dinner with a few friends. Over the past few years Curt and I have started our own Thanksgiving traditions--one of them being a ham from Burger's Smokehouse. Man, is it good!
Friday my goal was to get all of my errands, things done around the house. Instead I was lazy and watched TV, movies and just enjoyed being lazy. At some point that day Curt texted me and said John, our favorite bartender, was asking about me. So I headed to McNally's for a couple of Bailey's and coffee.
Saturday I hit the gym for my usual two hours. Then I came home and got stuff done around the house: organized and sorted my clothing drawers, did a little closet cleaning, more knitting, watched a few episodes of Parenthood on the Mac Mini. Curt and our friend Michael went to the Stanford/Oregon State football game. When they got back the three of us headed to McNally's.
This morning Joey and I headed to the vet. He was not happy about it. But he had to have a blood sugar test. And his sugar is slowly lowering, which is great. Dr. Miller is happy with Joey's progress in health. You can read about his experience on his blog.
After the vet, I headed to what now is becoming my regular Sunday yoga class. That Vinyasa class is intense and an hour and a half. Though Sean, the instructor, lost track of time and class was an hour and 45 minutes.
Soon after class, Curt and I headed out for brunch. After that I got a much needed mani/pedi.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


What does the word family mean to you?
Most seem to think children make a family. That is just one type of family.
When I was much younger I was part of what some would call a traditional family: Mom, Dad, me and my brother. Then my parents divorced and my mom became a single mom and our family was: Mom, me and my brother.
Family for me means: Curt and me; Curt, me and Joey (furbaby); my Tucson family; my Missouri family; my Philly family; a single parent and children; two parents and children; two adults and no children; adult(s) and animals; friends, etc.
If you want to read more about child free couples who are families, too: click here.

I am spending Thanksgiving with my family: Curt and Joey and also a few friends.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Get over it ... What? Already?

I haven't traveled since that new scanner thing came in at airport security. I guess it wasn't ready when Curt and I traveled to Missouri a couple of weeks ago.
I understand if someone doesn't want to go through the scanner. That is their choice. But then the other option is a pat down. This is for all of our safety. So ya' gotta do one or the other. I don't know enough about the scanners to have an opinion. (I guess I better do a little reading before we travel for Christmas.) But people complaining about the pat downs? Have you people never been to a club before? And you have the same sex "groping" you. And really, you think that TSA worker is getting their jollies while rubbing against your fat and rolls? I doubt it. It's about safety. And we want to travel safely and avoid any crazy terrorists. So these are the sacrifices we make to travel safely in America and around the world. I love to have the freedom to travel.

Uh, Christmas music. For many years I could not listen to Christmas music without feeling anger. No, I am not a scrooge. I just worked retail way too long while in high school and college.
I noticed yesterday Michaels was playing Christmas music already. There is a radio station in the Bay Area that plays constant Christmas music, which I thought started after Thanksgiving. I discovered the other day that that was not the case.
I enjoy Christmas music now (to a minimum). But when it is Christmas season.
We still need to eat our ham (and turkey--if that is what you have for Thanksgiving) before we start rocking around the Christmas tree.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I have a new favorite adult beverage

Friday evening about 6:45 Curt texted me saying he was heading to McNally's. After almost 12 hours at work I left about 7:15, headed home and then to McNally's. It was cold and rainy. I didn't want a cold drink. I asked for a hot one. Tobias suggested and Irish Coffee. But I am not a whiskey fan. He suggested A Baileys and coffee. YUMMY! After drinks at the bar, Curt and I had a late dinner, which was delicious.
Saturday I did my norm two hours at the gym. Then I hurried home to take Joey to the groomer, run a few errands and then head to my massage.
The rest of my day/evening included lounging and cuddling with the furbaby. He has been quite cuddly lately--even more than normal. Curt and I watched Get Him to the Greek. So disappointing. Not funny.
Today I felt quite productive. Started some laundry this morning, grocery for the week and the Thanksgiving feast we are hosting, dishes ... Then I headed to the yoga studio for a pretty intense class. After class I got some more laundry done and a few things around the house.
I am looking forward to my short week and long weekend. Hopefully this week won't be too nuts. Tomorrow we have a new person starting on the Legal team. She will be working with me. I am looking forward to the help.
Have a good week.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

So freakin' funny

My British twin, Karen, shared a link on Facebook today called Damn You, Auto Correct!
Some of the entries are dumb. But some are so freakin' hilarious. I was laughing and crying and at times I could barely breathe. Oh man, talk about cheap entertainment.
The auto correct function on the iPhone is great and sometimes it really sucks! I once texted Curt to tell him I was going to Zumba and it auto corrected to Zimbabwe. None of my auto corrects have been as funny as some of the stuff on the Web site above.

Monday, November 15, 2010

10 points!

Curt and I are back from Missouri. We had a good weekend and visit.
We arrived Friday evening. Ed and Marilyn picked us up at the airport. We headed into a major rainstorm to get back to Albany. We stopped in St. Joe for dinner. I had an amazing bacon cheeseburger with some delicious barbecue sauce.
Saturday morning Curt and Ed headed out for deer hunting. Marilyn and I stayed in the house and were nice and toasty.
We all had a delicious lunch (pork tenderloin) and a visit with Grandma Phyllis.
Saturday evening we had a visit from Howard and Myrna--Ed and Marilyn's best friends. We also received a singing telegram from H&M. There are certain things you can only get in a small town. The singing telegram arrived and they waited for Curt to get out of the shower so we could all enjoy.
Sunday morning Curt and Ed headed out to the farm again. They were back a little after 8 to show off the 10-point buck Curt got. If you want to see a pic, click here. It isn't too gruesome.
Whoever thought I would be the girl to go back to Missouri year after year for deer season? It seems to now be a tradition. And we celebrate early Thanksgiving. I like my venison jerky.
We had Thanksgiving dinner with the Humphrey family, followed by another visit with Grandma Phyllis.
The rest of the day was just lounging, relaxing, knitting, napping, TV watching, etc.
It was a good weekend.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hangin' in Albany, Mo.

Curt and I are in Missouri this weekend visiting Ed and Marilyn and Grandma Phyllis. We are also here for deer season.
Curt and Ed went out this morning. They saw a few deer.
I love coming to Albany to relax and visit.

And I know some people are wondering if we are ever home. And yes, we are. We spent a whole four weekends home since our trip to Honolulu last month.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sleepy time

Being from Arizona I never had to change my clock until I moved to Oregon after college. It never really bothered me until we moved to California. I have to say whenever we fall back or spring forward I feel like a complete mess.
For the past week I have not been sleeping well. I usually go a week or two with decent sleep and then a week or two with crappy sleep. This past week has been crappy sleep. The worst sleep was Friday night to Saturday--so let's just say spin and the other classes were tougher than normal. I figured a good nap was in order when I got home. Didn't happen.
Slept a little better last night. But, of course, woke up early because of the fall back. I went to the grocery and felt really out of it. I hate that zombie feeling.
We had brunch with friends and their adorable baby this morning. After we came home I took a nice, long nap. Normally I try to take yoga Sunday mornings. But brunch was a better deal.
Today was pretty much a day of lounging, knitting and Lifetime watching.
It was pouring rain all last night and a big part of today. It was one of those days where you just want to stay home and cuddle with your furbaby under a warm blanket and drink some hot tea while watching TV and movies and napping.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Here comes a grown up!

I don't know if I have ever been called a grown up before. I don't really feel like a grown up most of the time. I was walking down our street on Saturday (on my way to meet Curt at McNally's) when a little girl yelled out: Here's comes a grown up! I approached the house and she was ready to scare me with her scary decorations in front of her house for Halloween.
At work on Thursday we had a lunch party for Halloween. Myself and maybe 6 or so other people dressed up. I was a crazy cat lady. My initial inspiration for my costume was: How can I wear my bathrobe to work? Then, of course, I love cats ... or at least one--my awesome old man furbaby, Joey. And it just went from there. I have to say it is rather hot with a 100% polyester muu muu, cheap wig and bathrobe. (My glasses steamed up last night while wearing it. That's when I took it off and wore normal clothes.)
After my visit with the neighbors kids (continuing story from above) I met Curt at McNally's. I had planned to have one beer and then come home to get some stuff done. That didn't happen. I stayed for more than one beer and the Giants game. It was fun to watch it in the bar ... even if they did lose.
Sunday grocery, Skyping with our German friends (got to see two little CUTE witches transform), then to yoga, then massage. And in between all that I did laundry, got the house in order, vacuumed and got a few other things done.
We invited friends over for pizza and beer and trick or treaters. Everyone also came over to watch the game--which ended up being awesome. We had between 90-100 kids last night. That was pretty good.
Curt and I are watching the game right now. I had to stick my pumpkin beer in the freezer--it should be ready soon. So I better sign off.