Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Guest Post Tuesday

It is a little late, but it is still Tuesday and ... Guest Post Tuesday on Go Fit Girl!
We have a third-timer today!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

6 years ago today ...

... Curt and I got married. I used to be the girl who never thought she would get married. :) Actually, I thought I would have kids but not get married. Well, have things changed.
We had a low-key day. I spent way too long creating an album on Facebook of our memories from six years ago.

One of my favorite pics from the wedding.
Photography by Chris Richards.

We just came back from dinner. We went to a new place in the neighborhood called I2. It is Italian and Iranian. We both opted for Iranian dishes. So good! And the mushroom appetizer was amazing.
Before our anniversary we decided not to do gifts. And as we were getting ready to go out to dinner Curt asked me, You didn't get me a card did you? I said, no. Did you get me one? Nope. Glad we got that covered.
Thanks for all the wonderful wishes.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I came home from work tonight ...

with Curt saying shhhh as I walked in. I thought maybe Joey had finally made it into the Snuggie box he has been trying to cram himself into the past few days. But I peered around the corner and didn't see Joey. Then I heard a weird noise and noticed this honker stroller in our living room.
I looked around and whispered to Curt, who's here?

It was baby Nate, Jason and Bernadette's 10-week-old. I was still confused since Nate was at our house alone sans parents. Jason and Bernadette were in our hood for dinner and Nate was getting fussy so Jason took him out for a stroll and then called Curt asking if he would watch the baby for a bit. Nate slept the whole time. He is so cute and makes funny noises while sleeping.
I was only home 10-15 minutes before Jason and Bernadette showed up. We visited for a bit.
Nate finally woke up but wasn't too happy. Nate's schedule is off after a weekend visit with Bernadette's grandparents. So off they went.
But I have to say Nate was so good I wouldn't mind watching him again.

Hee hee

Photo from curiousanimals.com

Awww, aren't they cute!!!??? I want one.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Guest Post Tuesday is back ...

this week anyway.
Our second Go Fit Boy! is featured on Go Fit Girl! this week.
Check it out.

And I am not ashamed to beg. But I need more posts for Guest Post Tuesday. Puh-leaze!!!! I know the pay sucks. But if you enjoy writing or want to write something or don't have a blog and want to get some experience doing that or you have something great to share with my readers regarding health and fitness.
I will be grateful to you forever!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fernando and Greg are back!!!!

Fernando and Greg are on Stitcher.
I am listening to them online right now. They are podcasting. Go to the site and then search for Fernando and Greg. I am listening to them talking about what happened when they were fired from 92.7 Energy.
Awww, I missed you guys (and Jason, too) so much!!!!
You can listen to Stitcher online or even on your iPhone or whatever other kind of phone you have.

I'm sorry ...

if anyone was offended by ... nah, just kidding. I hate when people apologize like that.
I am sorry for being a bad friend, wife, mama (to Joey), sister, daughter, etc. lately.
Work is seriously taking over. My hours at work are getting longer and longer and busier and busier. And it will likely be that way until at least the end of the year.
So if I don't e-mail you back right away, or don't return your call, possibly forget your birthday, ignore your IM or friend request (if I actually know you) don't be offended.
My company recently acquired another company. So that has kinda already thrown things into a spiral mess. There are lots of projects going on, too, some need to be done by the end of the year. Others will go into next year.
I feel so very grateful that I have a job. And even though I am working long hours and giving up a lot of free time I love my co-workers, I like my boss, I enjoy what I do, I am learning new things all the time and feel challenged.
So really, it's not you ... it's me.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The things I miss about Fernando and Greg

Right before Curt and I went on vacation my favorite radio station 92.7 Energy went off the air and became 92.7 The Revolution. The Revolution is just any other radio station. And recently they got some morning DJs and they are horrible. They were playing farting noises during a song. Good Lord.
I found out today that Fernando and Greg are coming back to the airwaves next week. No details.
I hope those two are exactly the same and play the same kind of great dance music I need to hear while driving to work in the mornings. (I used to time my drive to work so I could hear Sassy Sports between 8:10 and 8:20.)
But since those two have been off the air the drive to work in the mornings kinda sucks. I rarely laugh and the music is just OK.
Here is what I miss from Fernando and Greg and hope it all returns next week:
  • Sassy Sports with Greg the Gay Sportscaster
  • Updates on those annoying Jon & Kate ...
  • What's happening on the Tyra Banks show
  • Homo vs. Hetero
  • Fernando and Greg picking on Jason, the producer
  • Jason saying, Jerk!
  • Their interview with Heidi Montag
  • The Uroclub
  • Real Housewives updates
  • Interviews with Gavin Newsom
  • Whitney Houston's "Crack is whack" audio
  • Whitney Houston's "Kiss my ass" audio
  • Joan Rivers interviews
  • Angelah Johnson visits
  • Talking with comedian John Heffron about guys hanging out naked way too long at the gym
  • Ed Hardy lameness displayed by Jon from Jon & Kate ...
  • Talk about Jason's sweater
  • Greg's family in Texas
  • Reminiscing about the Golden Girls and Designing Women

If you are a regular reader of my blog and a fan of Fernando and Greg let me know what you miss and what you hope returns when they return to the airwaves next week.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wonderful weekend wrapup

My birthday was a good day. Funny thing is most years I expect the day to feel like it did when I was a kid. And it never does. This year that thought crossed my mind. But I knew it wouldn't feel that way. And, of course, it didn't. And a few times I forgot it was my birthday. I am not complaining because it was a good day. I feel very lucky to have the family and friends that I do.
Friday morning was a loungy one. Curt went to work. Mom, Fred and I headed to breakfast. Then after breakfast Fred did his own thing and Mom and I took off for our girls' day. We did some shopping. (Great sales at Old Navy.) Then before our mani/pedis had cocktails and appetizers. After that we had our mani/pedis, then a little more shopping and then home. After Curt got home we headed to Sushiya for dinner. Then once home we watched videos from our recent trip and then I opened my gifts. Also we watched The Office--which was great!
Saturday was another lazy day. Mom did some cooking to prepare for our party. We had close friends come over for good greasy, Mexican eats prepared by Mom! (Chicken flautas, rice and beans. YUM!!!) It was a good time. I also had a chili pinata, which I filled with candy, skull and spider rings and little bottles of booze. That was a hit.
Today we were pretty lazy. Lots of lounging; watching TV and movies; eating cheese and salami and drinking wine; heading to McNally's for drinks, then home for home-cooked tacos by Mom, again.
I am now trying to recover from all the grease I have consumed. It is always kinda sad on Sunday nights ... cuz tomorrow is Monday and back to work.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

I am 34 today ...

and 35 tomorrow.
So far for me "getting older" doesn't bother me, even when the gray hairs starting coming in. At least now I feel like I am taking it all on gracefully. I am not saying it will stay that way.
I don't consider 30s or 40s or even 50s as old. (And really 60s isn't either.) So those of you who think you are "old" and still in your 20s, guess what? You aren't old!
I have to say the 30s have been the best years of my life. Yea, of course, I would like to be further along in my career and have more money and own a house, etc. But I feel pretty satisfied to how life is for me right now.
And hey, I still get carded once in awhile.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Guest Post Tuesday is back!

Woot-woot! It is the first Tuesday of October and Guest Post Tuesday is back on Go Fit Girl!
Today's guest post is written by our very first Go Fit Boy!

Monday, October 05, 2009

I am no longer a zombie!

So I think I am finally back to normal.
Weekend was very relaxing.
Went to an Oktoberfest birthday party Friday night. I didn't wear my dirndl for two reasons: I was exhausted and not really in the mood. And I left straight from work, so I would have had to change at work--eh, no thanks. (Dirndl will be revealed at the costume party for work.) But the party was fun and a great time. Gabi did an amazing job putting on this suprise party in like 5 days. The food was excellent. There was lots of beer and decorations. It was a good time.
Saturday I decided to stay away from the gym and just sleep in. I didn't sleep in too late. But I lounged in the morning, watching TV, having coffee, etc. Then I ran a few errands and then back home for lounging.
Most of Saturday Curt was at a conference. So I spent part of the day drinking wine and watching Sex and the City.
Sunday I actually slept in. Then hit the grocery and starting cleaning the house for the anticipated visit from my mom and Fred.
Soon after Curt and I left the house at 12:30 to meet Dad and Hilda for lunch. We didn't get there until 2 p.m. The traffic was insane. (The drive shoulda taken us 30 mins.--the most 45 mins.) We had a nice and yummy lunch and a good visit.
More lounging and some knitting (yup, I am slowly starting to knit again) in the evening.
And I have to say the workday hasn't been too tough. Mostly worked on my department budget.
This morning when my alarm went off at 6 I wasn't ready to kill it or anything else like last week. I am no longer a zombie! And am now all rested up. (Supposedly for every hour you were ahead in your timezone it takes that many days to get back to normal. S0 it was 9 hours and about 8 days.)

Thursday, October 01, 2009

What happened to summer?

It already feels like fall. That is my favorite time of year--here and in Arizona and Oregon, too. But usually September/October is summer in the Bay Area. I guess I was gone for part of summer. That's what I get.
You may be wondering what I have been up to the past few days. I am having a hell of a time transitioning back into my "normal life." I am pretty much tired all the time. Normally coming back from Europe isn't so hard on me. But this time it was easier going than coming back.
Last night was the first decent night of sleep I have gotten since I have been back. And I think the only reason was because it was aided by half a sleeping pill--prescribed by a doctor. I have been ready for bed the past few nights at like 8. That means I've got to shower, eat dinner and watch TV in the next hour before bed. HA!
Work has been so busy, too. I am working some long hours these days. Trying to catch up on what I missed and preparing for the new stuff and, for some reason, attending A LOT of meetings--a lot for me anyway. October means budget at work--ugh! And I have a few other projects I gotta get done this month.
Good night!