Sunday, September 25, 2011

Really fun weekend

We had a really fun weekend. Wow, and now I feel exhausted. I have been tired and lazy all day.
Friday night we had drinks with our friends Eric, Loesje and Esteban at The Trappist. After a few drinks we headed to Tamarindo for dinner. Everything we ate was amazing. And I had a really good white sangria.
Saturday night we hung with the same crowd and headed to Dolores Park in the city for movie night in the park and watched the cheesy Top Gun. Eric brought some awesome sandwiches and we all had a great time eating, drinking and watching that movie. Man, who knew how dumb it was. The lines are so lame. And those guys sure liked to hang around in their towels. Hmm.
Anyway, it was a fun time. And I am definitely not ready for that 5 a.m. alarm clock tomorrow morning. Bleh.


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