Friday, July 31, 2009

I think the saying TGIF is dumb ...

but in this case I feel it is warranted.
I slept really well last night, but I still woke up tired.
I am so happy to have a fairly lazy weekend planned. Have a few things here and there, gym, groomer for Joey, ewaste run, possible some friends and family shopping, coffee with a friend, and, of course, the dreaded office/spareroom project. But man, my new shredder is a rock star.
Have a good weekend everyone.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

It's a long way to Friday

I overheard someone at work say that on Monday. Ha!
At least today is Wednesday.
But, man, the past couple of days at work have been tough. We'll see how today goes.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Guest Post Tuesday

Alicia has written a second guest post for Go Fit Girl! Thanks Alicia.

Weekend was nice and relaxing. Didn't do a whole lot. Spent way too much money at REI. Had some nice lunches with the husband. Picked up a dresser from my dad in the city. Saw a naked old guy riding a bike in San Francisco. I mean, that can't be comfortable, right?
And another crazy and busy week at work. I should finish getting ready and head back to the grind.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's things like this ...

As you all know the company I work for, Onyx Pharmaceuticals, is a pharmceutical company involved in clinical trials for cancer drugs.
Well, we received some very good news today. Nexavar (the drug) met its goal in breast cancer study. This is very exciting for the patients (not to mention my stock portfolio). Nexavar is already approved in liver and kidney cancer. Let's keep our fingers crossed that it continues to help breast cancer patients, too.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's Guest Post Tuesday

Karen wrote a guest post for Go Fit Girl! Check it out.
I like to post guest posts on Tuesdays and have done so for I believe four straight Tuesdays. But I have run out of guest posts. So this is a plea for anyone who would like to write me a guest post. Anything health and fitness related will work. Everyone who has written for me has written very different topics and I really think they are all great and informative.
Please let me know if you are interested. I would appreciate it.



Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ugh, do I really have to go to work tomorrow?

Saturday morning had a leisurely a.m. Had "breakfast in bed" again. I have to say that Quiche du jour was so good both days.
After we ate and were packed up we checked in with Dad and Hilda about 9:45 to see how they were doing. They were still lounging and sipping coffee.
So Curt and I gathered our stuff and packed the car up and then had a couple of lattes.
Soon after that we met up with Dad and Hilda and we walked to the Napa Farmer's Market. It was a lot smaller than the St. Helena one we were at Friday morning.
But we did see Annie the Baker. She was sold out of her PB cookies, which was a bummer, because I really wanted some more. While we were still at the market Annie ran out of the rest of her cookies. She is the fun and spirited crazy baker lady. I am all about supporting her and plan to do so in the future.
There was a massage booth set up. So I got a 15-minute chair massage. Man, I haven't had a massage in a long time. It felt good and I really needed it. I need to get a full-body massage very soon. She really worked on my kinks--so much so I was in a little pain afterward. She really worked those muscles.
Oh, we also ran into Julie, our cooking instructor from the day before. HA!
After that we walked around and found a cute little Italian place to have lunch. And we sat outside. It was so nice! Lunch was delicious and it was warm and enjoyable.
After lunch Curt and I took off for a couple of wineries before heading home. Dad and Hilda went for a drive and then to dinner before heading home.
We hit ZD Wines for some yummy tastings. I bought a bottle. Then Andretti for some yummy free tastings. I bought two bottles there.
After that we came on home. I was "tired," so I took a nap when we got home.
Once up I watched the first disc of Season 2 of Mad Men.

This morning I headed to the grocery to get ... food and supplies for today.
After the grocery I had some coffee, eggs and the seems to be getting smaller and smaller Chronicle.
About noon we headed to Phil and Lisa's and then down to Palo Alto for tailgating before the Club America / Inter Milan football match. We sat around enjoying wine and beer, cheese, crackers, venison sausage, chips and veggies.
We watched an exciting match. Afterward we had a little more tailgating--more like waiting for the traffic to clear out.
And now I am just getting ready for another workweek.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I can cook!

We started our day off with "breakfast in bed." After breakfast we planned to meet Dad and Hilda in the lobby, but as soon as we walked out of our room they were walking by.
We headed to the St. Helena Farmer's Market to meet Julie, our cooking instructor. One other woman was in our class.
We sat down and talked about our first cooking experience. I talked about how I burned rice krispie treats the first time I made them. I also mentioned how I pretty much have to follow a recipe and can't really improvise. What I didn't mentioned was when I was a kid and my brother and I were old enough my mom started having us cook dinner once a week to help her out (being a single mom and all). I absolutely hated and begged for a different chore. So I had to vacuum the house. And I still kinda enjoy it--or at least the end result.
We walked through the farmer's market getting ingredients for our lunch. There was so amazing stuff. Curt and I bought some cheese. And I bought some cookies from Annie the Baker. (Oh my! Just tried one of her cookies--so good!)
After the market we hit Dean & Deluca for bread and a few other ingredients. Then off to Groth for wine tasting. Dad doesn't drink and Curt is not a wine drinker so Hilda and I got some extra tastings.
After some yummy wine we headed to Julie's house to cook. Curt made our appetizer and a basil paste, Dad and Hilda made the gazpacho, rub for the meat and prepared veggies for the grill, Susan and I made the dessert: ice cream and edible bowls. I was a little nervous about making the dessert. It sounded a little complicated. But the directions kept me feeling pretty confident.
Everything was really good. Oh man, good eats.
We probably got back to the hotel close to 5 p.m.--long day and we all needed a rest. I had a headache and needed a nap.
Since we ate late we weren't into having a full dinner. So at one point Curt and I headed to Dad and Hilda's room with a little basket of goodies for Dad (mostly from our garden) and some mini bundt cakes I ordered from Faye (Sweet Citrus). We ate our yummy little cakes and hung out a bit.
Dad and I decided to head to a grocery to get something light to eat. We got our goodies and headed back to the hotel.
Curt and I are just watching TV and relaxing. I am beat. Today was a long day--but a good day. I did have fun. And I think Dad really enjoyed himself.
Dad and Hilda hadn't been to Napa before. I think they really like it. I feel like when I am in Napa my stress level goes way down. It is so relaxing here.
Night night.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

No wine in a cube tonight

Curt and I headed to Napa tonight. Traffic was light and we arrived in less than an hour.
We checked into the Napa River Inn and joined Dad and Hilda for dinner. My polenta veggie dinner was delicious. I had a light and yummy sauvignon blanc with my dinner. After that some sparkling wine and some apricot crisp with vanilla gelato.
Dinner was so good. The weather was perfect. It was so relaxing and a nice start to our weekend. We are relaxing in our room right now. I just took a shower in our honker bathroom. I feel nice and ready for bed.
In case you are wondering why we are up here (besides the obvious) ... we are celebrating my dad's birthday. Tomorrow cooking school to make a yummy lunch, then I am sure another nice dinner. Saturday TBD--but there will be breakfast in bed (we are staying in a kinda B&B) some sort of yummy lunch in Napa--maybe Dean & Deluca, maybe our regular Italian joint. And, of course, there will be some wine tasting and drinking.
As we were driving up tonight and entering the Napa area I kept thinking, I really love my life. I feel really lucky to be able to travel and enjoy the things I do. And, hopefully without getting too cheesy, I feel lucky to share this with my life partner. In case you don't know who that is, it's Curt!
Good night.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I can save your life ...

Well, maybe.
Today at work I attended a CPR certification class. It was really informative and it was fun.
I really liked the instructor and my co-workers made it entertaining, too.
I learned how to help someone in shock, someone having a heart attack, someone choking (no longer called the Heimlich Maneuver, now called abdominal thrusts--which I think sounds a little nasty), someone who needs CPR, etc.
That was my excitement for the day.
Tomorrow is my last day for the workweek. Curt and I are taking Dad and Hilda to Napa this weekend for cooking school, relaxing and wine tasting (for Hilda and me). I am looking forward to my weekend, especially after this week. Though today wasn't so hard. I wasn't sure how I was gonna cram in my work day into half a day. But there weren't any emergencies, so that helped.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's a scorcher

I've fallen and I can't get up! It's so hot in Salina, Kan., even the squirrels are melting.
Isn't he cute? Poor little guy! That's probably what Joey looked like today. It has been warm here the past few days.
This is your post since I have been kinda slacking lately. And work for the next two days will have me busy.
And then off to Napa on Thursday night. I am so looking forward to a relaxing weekend, especially one that involves drinking wine.

Do you know what day it is? ... Tuesday

Monday, July 13, 2009

Judging by today ... it is gonna be a long week

Good thing I had a fairly good and relaxing weekend.
Friday night Curt and I had dinner with Cyrus and Becky and Monica and Malcolm. Dinner was yummy and fun. We always have a good time with that gang. Afterward, we headed to M&M's for board game, which I found complicated and frustrating. But it was still fun even if only two out of the six of us knew how to play.
Saturday morning my norm of two hours at the gym.
Then Saturday afternoon we headed to an El Cerrito park in celebration of Todd's 40th. Mia had that thing catered, honker jumpy castle for the kids, lots of sodas and beer and gorgeous weather. It was a lot of fun. Got to hang out with some work friends and catch up. It was a good time.
Saturday evening took a nap and relaxed. Then Curt and I watched Broken Flowers. Pretty good movie. Though the ending was so lame!
Sunday morning was slightly lazy with some coffee and then an expensive trip to Target. After Target did some house cleaning, going through mail, doing laundry, cleaning my closet, filing some home paperwork, washing the car ... and then Curt and I headed to Barclay's for a drink and something to eat.

This morning I logged into my computer at work and had some scary virus thing. I called IT and they sent someone to my desk. They had my computer for hours. It is kinda difficult to work without a computer. I did what I could. I had a lunch date with my friend Alex. When I got back from lunch my computer was back and working.
But I had a lot of catch up to do. And I just have a ton of stuff to do this week and some meetings that will take up a lot of time this week. And I am taking Friday off--so short week!

Good thing I have my wine cube to keep me happy tonight.

Curt and I just watched the season premiere of Entourage. Even though that show can be gross and raunchy it is pretty damn funny. The show tonight was pretty good.

I gotta make some dinner and finish my wine while watching Army Wives. Love that show!

Friday, July 10, 2009

My Missouri weekend

I guess I better write about last weekend before this weekend begins. So glad it is Friday.
Before I write about last weekend ... Curt and I ordered sushi from Sushiya. They just started delivery service. Now this is what I call service:

And we didn't order the beer.

I spent my three-day weekend in Missouri, without Curt. He headed to Tahoe with the new Subaru and his bike.
Ed and Marilyn (oh, and Katie, too) picked me up at the airport. (My flight was 15 minutes early. Luv Southwest!)
We headed to St. Joe for dinner. Ate at a place called Boudreaux's. It was really yummy.
After that we headed back to their house in Albany. Man, it really stormed driving home. When the lightning would hit the while sky would light up. It was pretty cool.

Saturday morning Grandma Phyllis came to the house to hang out. We visted. Played Dominoes--game called Mexican Train. I still wanna know why it is called that. After that we drove out to the farm just to drive around and look at the wildflowers, some berry bushes and the grandkids' trees. The on to lunch. Had a yummy burger and onion rings. Hey, when you are in the Midwest you gotta take advantage of good beef.
After lunch we took Grandma Phyllis back to her room and visited a little bit more. Then left her to rest.
We headed back to the house to hang out and relax ourselves.
Ed and I got him and Marilyn booked for a trip out to visit us in September. Then I checked in for my flight the next day. And since we were on the computer we looked at some pictures. That was fun.
We had cheeseball and wine a little later. Mmmmm. Then Ed fired up the grill for the chicken, steak and veggies. We ate outside. The weather was pleasant and cool. We were eating and chatting away. The Marilyn wondered where Katie was. She walks into the house and Katie comes running to the door looking all innocent with cheeseball on her whiskers and eyebrow. Marilyn said she slurped a hole into the cheeseball. Nice!
Family friends and neighbors Jim and Donna came by for a visit. I really like them.
A little later we headed to the golf course to watch firework
s. It was almost like being in the Bay Area having to wear long pants and fleece.
Sunday morning had a yummy homemade breakfast (just like the morning before). Ed grilled bacon out on the grill. Yum! Man, I love bacon. Then I started to shower and get my stuff together. Donna and Heather and Ben came by for a visit. Heather just graduated high school. Both are great kids. That was a fun visit.
Then I finished getting my stuff together and we headed to St. Joe for lunch and then on to the airport. At lunch we sat outside and soaked up the sun. It was so nice.
In case you are wondering who Katie is:

Isn't she adorable?

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


So the company I used to work for, Gannett, is having another round of layoffs. If I remember correctly they had layoffs about six months or so ago.
A lot of good people I worked with were given the boot.
And it is happening again. Today two former bosses were laid off. And third was laid off the first round.
The desk I used to work on--news copy desk--was spared. Only one part timer was laid off. They were hit a little harder last round.
But, good people I worked with, good people I didn't work with and people I didn't like were all laid off.
It's a sad day.
Times like this make me very thankful for where I am in my career. My company is still hiring people. I feel much safer at Onyx--though nothing is 100%. And patent administrators are always in high demand. Yet, so was the copy editor at one point ...
I wish luck to all of my former co-workers who are starting a new chapter in their lives. I do believe everything happens for a reason.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Finn Kern O'Neill is here!!!!

Update from Casey said: Finn Kern O'Neill is 9.1lb, 21 inch baby boy. Erica is Superwoman.

I love his name. Congrats Erica, Casey and Finn. Finn, I can't wait to meet you! I am already looking at flights on Southwest! :)

Guest Post Tuesday

It's that time again folks!

Monica wrote a guest post for Go Fit Girl! Check it out.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Baby O is on his way ... updated

I received a text from Erica about five minutes ago saying: In labor. On way to hospital. Baby to be here today or tomorrow per midwife. Send good thoughts!

So Baby O wasn't due until July 17--if I remember correctly. So he is a little early.

So soon we will know his name, too.

Good luck Erica!

Baby O isn't quite here yet. But Casey updated his Facebook about a half hour ago (7:15 a.m. July 7) saying: erica's close, next couple hours. she's a trooper
Isn't technology great? I mean, in the olden days you had to wait for a phone call or hang out in a waiting room.

Back from Missouri

I got back yesterday evening from Missouri. It was a really nice visit with Curt's parents and grandma.

I will write about my trip later. Got lots of work to do.

Have a good week everyone.

Friday, July 03, 2009

At the OAK airport

Sorry about the lack of posts. I have been extremely busy at work and I come home pretty much zonked.
Not that there has been much excitement going on lately anyway.
I do love that I am typing on my laptop in a bar at the Oakland airport via free wifi while having a Curveball. I was gonna link up to Pyramid. But this free wifi is making it difficult. Oh well.
(I am sitting right on front of the beer taps. Options are: an IPA; an amber ale; a Hefe; my Pyramid fave--Curveball, a blonde ale and a seasonal summer beer; and Bud Light and Budweiser. I don't understand why someone would come to a place like and have a Bud? And yes, I started my first beer this morning before 11 a.m.
Anyway, I am heading to Kansas City (then Albany) today to visit Curt's parents and his grandma. Curt is on the road on the way to Tahoe. He is excited to take the bike up in the new Subaru. Apparently at some of the ski places you can purchase a lift ticket and then ride or coast your bike down.
I have been slacking with the Go Fit Girl! lately, too. But that will change. I have another guest post coming on Tuesday for Guest Post Tuesday. Curt is working on a redesign. I have lots of ideas. Jen is helping me with some stuff, too. (Jen, I know we need to chat.) Anyway, good things are coming with Go Fit Girl! So thanks for all the support and your future support. :)