Thursday, February 26, 2009

In training

So all day today and all day tomorrow I am attending a Basic PCT seminar in the city. PCT stands for Patent Cooperation Treaty and it is how you file international patent applications. It is interesting. I am learning a lot, but it is also overwhelming.
Today I met Curt for lunch. I had a delicious sandwich from Lee's Deli. And this evening I met Curt and my Dad for dinner. We had tapas style food: chicken wings, sweet potato fries, garlic noodles and shrimp. Yum, it was all very good. It was nice to meet Dad out. Wasn't planned--just kinda happened since I was in the city.
Dad and Hilda are coming over to our hood on Sunday for dinner at Sushiya. We still haven't taken them there. And we will hand over a Maui Gold Pineapple. We will also discuss where Dad wants to go in the Napa area for his 60th birthday celebration. We are going to go somewhere in Wine Country to cook and lounge for a weekend this summer. I came up with a couple of places and I think Dad found a place. So we are going to hash over on Sunday and make some real plans.
Bleh! OK, enough of the computer. I just finished going through work e-mails I had to take care of this evening and now I need to do some relaxing and take out my contacts.
Good night.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We're bringing back free drinks!

Curt and I used to fly America West (now US Air) a lot when we lived in Phoenix. So we were collecting miles from them. We ditched them when they tried to charge us 30,000 miles one way to Vegas. Gimme a break. Plus we rarely ever flew them once we came to the Bay Area. Now the norm is Southwest and United.
I still get annoying e-mails from them and I need to get off that mailing list.
But today I received an e-mail with the subject line: We're bring back free drinks.
Then the e-mail tells me: On March 1, we're bringing back free drinks in our Coach cabin. This includes sodas, juices, tea, coffee and water on all US Airways and US Airways Express flights.
You still have the choice to only pay for the things you want – like checked bags ...

OK, people had to pay for water? And soda? That is ridiculous. I have to say I never want to pay for my checked bags. And when we flew to and back from Maui that was the first time I had to pay for a checked bag. Southwest lets you have two bags checked before they start charging you.

Monday, February 23, 2009

It was so hard to get up this morning

I rarely ever hit the snooze button, esp. when my alarm goes off at 7 a.m. But I did. Man, I was exhausted when I got out of bed this morning.
I didn't do much yesterday. Just lounged, did laundry, finished my book, caught up on most of my shows, etc.
So I promised you the dirty and exciting story of us getting home Saturday.
At some point Saturday morning we received an e-mail from United telling us our flight was delayed from 2:40 to 4:18. Then another e-mail saying 5 p.m.
We checked out of our hotel about 11:30 and headed out. We stopped at Lahaina Coolers restaurant for a drink. So I added fuu-fuu drink No. 14 to my count.
After that on to the airport.
Curt dropped me off with the two suitcases and went to return the rental. I met the pineapple guy at the designated spot, which was NOT easy to find. I got my box of six Maui Gold Pineapples and met Curt in the check-in line. They were asking for volunteers to be bumped. The deal was pretty sweet and Curt and I were ready to accept.
We asked what our options were. We wouldn't get in until 12:15 a.m. this morning. Yea, no thanks. I have to work.
So we get our boarding passes. Well, Curt does. I don't. The woman tells me I am No. 2 on the list and she is almost 100% sure I am getting on the flight.
We get to our gate and I get in line with a bunch of other people. They finally tell us seats won't be assigned until 4:30. So Curt and I got get lunch and then head back to the gate, where I stand in line for almost two hours.
(The plane we were supposed to fly home on had 310 seats. Something was wrong with that plane. So the one they sent out had 200 seats. Yea, you do the math.)
At one point the plane is boarding and Curt and I haven't discussed what happens if he gets on the flight and I don't. That is when I had my little break down. I am on the verge of tears. I take my data management card and kinda put it in the guy's face and say, My husband has a seat and I don't. They told me I was No. 2 on the list. Can you check and see if I am getting on the plane? He checks and tells me I have a seat. Wha??? Well, good, but why was I standing there forever? Apparently someone didn't call me when they were supposed to.
So Curt and I run to the boarding line. I somehow luck out and get Economy Plus while Curt is stuck in the back. When we are boarding the plane exhausted and happy to have a seat I see the CEO of Onyx sitting there. HEY!!!!
I ended up sitting next to a United pilot who was supposed to fly the bigger plane home, which was supposed to leave at 2:40.
The flight wasn't bad. I had a good conversation and watched a silly movie. Our plane landed about 12:30 a.m. While waiting for our luggage and pineapple Curt and I chatted with Tony (Onyx CEO) and his wife, Robin.
We had taken BART to the airport and that is how we were gonna get home. So we had to take a Town Car home. That guy drove like a maniac. But he got us home quickly.
Now I am back at work trying to get through e-mails and anything I may have missed.
One of the pineapples pictured above came with me to work, already cut up. Another one went to work with Curt.
Pictures will be going up soon.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

We're home

After a long day of travel we are home. We landed about 12:30 this morning. Grabbed our pineapple and luggage and got a crazy town car to drive us home in record time.
The CEO of Onyx and his wife were on the flight, too. Funny! Small world.
I will give you all the gory details of our delayed flight and me being on standby but Curt having a seat.
But we are home, I am happy, Joey is happy and I need to make a pb&j and then head to bed.
Good night or should I say good morning.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Maui, you have been good to us

Well, we have to go home today. It is kinda sad. 
The last time (and our first visit) I was plotting to get us back here. And I did. This trip was in celebration of my 35th birthday, which isn't until October. But this is a good time to come out to Hawaii--especially for the whales. In September we are going to Oktoberfest in Munich in celebration of Curt's 40th. We are also going to Budapest, Prague and Stuttgart (to see our German friends).
So I am plotting how to get us back here. When it is firmed up I will let you in on my little plan. :)
Yesterday morning we had a yummy breakfast at the Castaway Cafe. Afterward I hit the beach for a couple of hours. Then I came back in for lunch. Then Curt and I headed to the Castaway Cafe for a drink. That is where I added fuu-fuu drinks Nos. 9 & 10. 
Then some more lounging on the beach. I started a second book on this trip the other day. Another Jodi Picoult book. This one is called Vanishing Acts. It is pretty good. So far a majority of the book is based in Phoenix. But I am a little offended how Phoenix and people who live in Phoenix are depicted. And I know when this author writes a book she really does her research. So I am not exactly sure how her research went this time. 
This is a Sheriff Jack in the book. I figured he was totally made up. But he isn't. He is Sheriff Joe. I am sure she couldn't use his real name--would probably get sued. Sheriff Jack makes his inmates wear pink underwear, has them eat bologna sandwiches and loves being in the media spotlight. Who does that sound like?
Anyway, so after beach time I came back to our condo to clean up for the Old Lahaina Luau. This was a really nice luau. We sat with a group of friends from Austin and Omaha. Many of them had also been to Prague and were telling me how they found ancestors in the Czech Republic. In my family the Chihaks came from--as my Grandpa says--Bohemia. Sometime last year I made a group on Facebook called I'm a Chihak. For the longest time only my cousin Alex and myself were in the group. Now there are at least 18 people in it and I am finding out all kinds of information about my ancestors, including a village named Cihak.
Back to the luau. Lots of good food and conversations. And the performances were amazing. At the luau I added to my fuu-fuu drink count, Nos. 11, 12 & 13 with a Mai Tai, Little Warrior and a Lava Flow. Now remember this is a luau and everything is watered down. So I am not some boozer or something. :) Though at some point during the show I started to feel sickly--but it wasn't from the booze, it was from all that sugar!
Afterward Curt and I just relaxed at the condo. And, of course, I zonked out on the couch sometime after 9:30. 
This morning I am going to do a little more reading, then I have to pack. We will have breakfast at the Castaway and then maybe take one last walk on the beach.

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Merlot is in traffic

Yesterday was a loungy (I don't think that is even a word) and relaxing day. We had a late breakfast at the Castaway Cafe. 
After breakfast we headed to Lahaina to buy our pineapples and just a few souvenirs for ourselves. You can actually take pineapple (or papaya or onions) with you on the plane if you buy them from the proper stores and have them packaged a certain way. We also wanted some Maui onions, but they have been out for two weeks. Bummer! Oh, and we got Maui Gold pineapple. The only way to go! We also sent pineapple to Ed and Marilyn and my mom and Fred. From the pineapples we are bringing home Dad and Hilda will get some. So we got all the parents covered this time around.
After shopping we came back to our place and I headed to the beach. Curt went for a walk and joined me for a bit on the beach. It actually rained a little while I was out there. That water was cold.
I came back to the room to hang out for a bit. Then Curt and I went to the Castaway for my fuu-fuu drink No. 7 and some Maui onion rings, which were really good. 
Curt and I already knew there was an accident on the highway, and we would have to leave early for our dinner reservation. But while at the Castaway someone said, we are out of Merlot. But it is coming. The Merlot is stuck in traffic. That just sounded so funny to me.
Back to the room. I actually did some knitting. Had to say I worked on a particular item while in Hawaii and now I have. I have been reading much more than knitting these days. And while here you really can't knit on the beach.
Got ready and headed out an hour before our reservation. A drive that would normally take about 20 minutes took almost an hour and a half. 
We ate at Chez Paul. When we were driving in on Saturday from the airport we saw the restaurant and kinds laughed at the French restaurant in Maui. But then the book that Phil and Lisa gave us for Christmas mentioned how good this restaurant is. I think the hour and a half drive and the spendy items were worth it. The food was absolutely delicious. All of it, mushroom brie puff pastry appetizer, lobster bisque (wow, that was amazing). Curt and I each had a fish main course. Both very good. For dessert I had a warm apple tart. Yum! This is also where I had my fuu-fuu drink No. 8: sparkling wine with raspberry liqueur. 
At breakfast I had a Bloody Mary--but I don't think that counts as fuu-fuu. Though it was very good.
And today is our last full day in Maui. :( I plan on doing more lounging on the beach and we have the Old Lahaina Luau tonight. We wanted to go last time but that luau books up pretty quick. So we went to a different luau last time--which was fun. 

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fuu-fuu drink count: 8

I am kinda tired so this is gonna be short. I should have a full post tomorrow morning.
I had a Mai Tai today in Hilda's honor. She requested I have one for her.
And a sparkling wine with raspberry liquer at dinner tonight.
Check back for a much more lengthy summary of today's activities.

A day of activity

Sorry that I didn't post last night. I am sure you were all on the edge of your seats wondering how our day went.
I came home pretty tired. I managed to take a shower, have a beer (not a fuu-fuu beer) and do a little reading.
Curt and I went out on a Trilogy boat yesterday. When we were in Maui two years ago we also went on a Trilogy activity. Last time was a half day. Yesterday we did a whole day.
We left on the boat about 10 a.m. We got out of the harbor and then they stopped the boat to tell us about our day in Lana'i and some coast guard rules. While we were sitting there a mother and calf whale were so close. They didn't come out of the water too much. But you could see their backs and water spouts. It was so cool. That was the closest I have seen the whales. Owen--one of our captains (we had three captains and 1 crew)--was telling us that the mother and calf are always attended by an unrelated male. No one knows why.
After the days' activities were explained and the safety rules were explained we were off. We couldn't have picked a better day. The ride to Lana'i took about 2 hours. We saw lots of whales.
We got to Lana'i and some of us took a van tour of the island. That was pretty cool. Only about 3,000 people live in Lana'i Town. And if I remember correctly there are only 20 miles of paved road.
After the van tour we were dropped off at the beach. Curt and I got our snorkel gear. This was the first time I was wearing contacts and snorkeling. My friend Alex suggested regular goggles and then the snorkel mask. I kept trying to get the snorkel mask over the goggles and it just wasn't working. Oren (crew guy) came over to help me. He told me that he thought I would be fine with just the snorkel mask. Just to make sure I made a tight seal when I put it on my face. Apparently they also have snorkel masks with prescriptions. But mine is such an odd one I decided to try it with just the regular snorkel mask. Plus I would actually have to take out my contacts--which I had all the supplies for if I needed. 
So I get out in the water semi-terrified of the water and of losing my contacts. :) I had on a floaty thing so I didn't really have to swim too much. Once I was done breathing heavily and freaked out it was absolutely beautiful. I just saw fish. But there were some amazing looking fish down there. And I couldn't believe how close to the coast these fish were. 
Eventually I got out and relaxed on the beach a bit. I heard some people say they saw dolphins while snorkeling. And I could see a bunch of dolphins playing not too far away.
I thought we would have more beach time. But they started packing us up at 3. We headed over to a pavilion and they cooked us an early dinner: chicken, stiry fry and peas, salad and rolls. It was all delicious. They have their recipes online, too.
If you come out here and want to do some kind of excursion via boat I highly recommend Trilogy. We have gone twice and will go with them again. They are great.
We saw many more whales and some dolphins on the way home. And the sunset was pretty nice, too. It was a little bit of a wild ride home. But it was fun. We got off the boat about 6:30 and there was a band outside playing. It was really cool. Some lady said, is that a mariachi band? (I laughed and rolled my eyes.)
And you won't go hungry on this trip: juice, cinnamon rolls, fruit, lunch wraps, then the dinner, then ice cream on the way home. 
Today we will just be lounging. It looks like it rained during the night. It is almost 8 a.m. here. I hope the sun decides to pop out soon.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another day in paradise

Today was a good day.
After breakfast and filling out some postcards I headed out to the beach for some more sun worshipping. About 12:30 I came in for lunch.
We saw some whales during breakfast and I saw a few playing when I was out at the beach. The whales have been very active this trip.
Curt and I took a drive in the afternoon. We headed to Wailuku to check it out. Not a whole lot going on. Though they did have their own Cash for Gold store. 
After that to Ioa Needle. Man, that place was amazing. The peak is one of Maui's famous landmarks. 
We then drove through Kahului. I missed most of it since I had something in my eye. When I wear my contacts and get something in my eye it is very painful and I usually can't even get my eye open. To make my life easier I just shut both eyes and waited for the foreign object to finally tear out of my eye.
We came back to our room and relaxed and did some reading. Now that I am done with the Twilight series I am back with Jodi Picoult books. On this trip I started Second Glance. At first I wasn't that in to it. But as the story unfolds I can't stop reading. But I know how much you all need an update I pulled myself away. :) Curt is reading Fantasyland, which he seems to really be enjoying.
Tonight we had dinner reservations at Sansei. An amazing sushi restaurant. We got there a little early and had a beer at the bar. The bartender told us her favorite roll. We made sure to order that and some other yummy rolls. One I ordered was called the Volcano. And it looked like one. (I took a pic.) It was delicious.
Now we are back in our room. I am tired. I can't seem to stay up much later than 9/9:30 p.m. these Maui days. I hope to read a little of my book.
Tomorrow we are going on a snorkeling trip to Lanai. I am looking forward to it. 
And sad to say my fuu-fuu drink update is still at 6. I only had beer today. But don't you worry that number will change ... soon.
Good night.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Fuu-fuu drink count: 6

Had our usual breakfast at the Castaway Cafe. Had another show from a few whales, too. Very exciting.
Oh, before breakfast I did a little yoga out on the lanai. It was so nice to hear the wind blowing (and the neighbors renovating next door).
About 10:30 I headed out to the beach. Curt joined me for a little while. About 12:30 I headed back in for lunch with Curt. 
Then back out to beach for some more sun worshipping. About 3:30 I met Curt at the Castaway Cafe bar for fuu-fuu drinks No. 4 & 5: mango daquiri & banana daquiri. 
Then back to the room for some relaxing and cleaning up.
At some point Curt let the management know about the renovating noise from next door. They almost responded immediately. They moved us into a new room. We are now in the coconut building (where we belong) and in a one bedroom sted of a studio we were in before. Our view is in the same direction. But now we can actually see the ocean. The upgrade was really nice! We had to quickly pack all of our stuff up for the move. But definitely worth it.
Curt and I went into Lahaina for dinner. We wanted to go to a burger joint--but there were people standing outside waiting. So we ended up at a place called Canoes. There was barely anyone there. But the food was really good. Spendy but good. We had great service and a great meal. The decor was Polynesian circa 1980. Oh, drink No. 6: Lahaina Lemonade.
Now we are back in the room just relaxing.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Whale watching

Today was a nice day.
Curt and I headed to the Castaway Cafe for breakfast. After that back to the room to get ready for the beach.
I lounged on the beach for a couple of hours, reading, people watching, listening to music. Curt hung with me for a little while. He spent some time in the room reading out on the lanai (sp?) aka deck.
I saw a whale or two from pretty far away.
I came back in about 11:30 and we headed out to lunch for traditional Hawaiian lunch. It was so good. And I had some really good garlic fries. They were so different than what we are used to. I also had my first fuu-fuu drink, Hawaiian Punch.
After lunch we hit the grocery to pick up a few things. We are staying at a hotel condominium. So we have essentially a studio apartment.
After that some more lounging in our room. And then we went for a walk on the beach. We got a great view of two whales. It was likely a mama and her calf. They played for the longest time--for our pure entertainment, I am sure. They weren't too far away so we got a pretty good view of them. It was really neat.
After our walk we hit the Castaway Cafe for a drink. I had No. 2 fuu-fuu drink: Castaway Cooler. Then back to our room for a little more lounging. We discovered a horrific show on MTV called From Gs to Gents. I can't believe shows like this exist. And people actually watched it. I think we watched more out of horror than anything. But whatever gets people to watch it, right?
I got cleaned up and we headed out to Lahaina for dinner. We planned to go to this place we ate at twice last time--where Curt got the honker crab leg. CLOSED! Strike two. On our way to find another dinner spot we ran into Curt's physical therapist and his wife. Curt knew he would be here about the same time as us. It was funny and cool to run into them.
I don't even remember the name of the place we ate at. But it was good. The service was good. And I am thinking we will be back. There I had fuu-fuu drink No. 3: Dickenson Street Lemonade. Yummy!
Now we are back in the room with our sliding glass door open enjoying the breeze.

We're in Maui

Got in last night about 5 p.m. Maui time. It was a pretty easy landing. Last time it was pretty rocky.
I got the bags and Curt got the rental car and we were off. We decided to have dinner at this bar/burger joint we ate at last time we were here. We got there and the place is closed. It looked like there may have been a fire. Oh well.
So unto our hotel. We checked in. We were hoping to stay in the coconut building like last time. Nope, this time we are in the banyan. Last time our view was of grass, trees and a pool. This time there is still some grass and trees, but also a road and cars. Last time we were totally spoiled. But we are still totally happy to be here. We are looking forward to a week of relaxing and enjoying ourselves.
After we checked in and got settled we headed to the Castaway Cafe for dinner. We sat outside. It was windy and I ended up going back to the room to get my jacket. But the view was beautiful. It was the perfect way to start a vacation.
I wanted to share a photo with you that I posted directly on Facebook from my phone. But for the life of me I can't remember how to save a photo without a mouse and Curt (my tech person) went for a walk.
Well, Facebook does an automatic link that anyone can see. Let's see if that works. Click here please. Yea, it works!
Later dudes.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Packed up and ready to go

My suitcase is packed and by the front door. The house has been tidied up. Yes, I like to clean the house before I go on vacation. I like to come home to a clean house. Plus the pet sitters are coming and I don't want them to think we are pigs. :)
I am planning on doing a lot of relaxing, sleeping, reading, knitting, soaking up some sun and drinking lots of fuu-fuu drinks with umbrellas in them!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Yummy cukcakes

My co-worker Faye has a side business called Sweet Citrus.
Faye makes the yummiest cupcakes and cakes. And they are always so pretty.
Monday is Amy's birthday. I am going to be out all next week so I wanted to have a mini celebration for her today. (Legal is taking her to lunch in a week and a half.) So I asked Faye to make some cupcakes for the celebration.
Aren't they so cute? Faye does a great job. If you live in the Bay Area I highly recommend you ordering from Sweet Citrus.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

As Dolly Parton would say ...

Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion.
A co-worker sent me this video yesterday. I was laughing/crying so hard. I was worried someone was going to think I was really crying at my desk.
Anyway, not all female drivers are this bad. I do have to say I am one of the worst parkers in the world.
Just sit back, relax and enjoy the video.
You don't need sound. But the music makes it even funnier.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm back baby

I finally went back to the gym today after a three-week hiatus. I am almost back to normal. My cough is just slight and doesn't seem to be waking me up in the middle of the night.
I get to the gym in my yoga clothes and go to walk into the locker room. CLOSED! So I ask the woman at the front desk what is the deal. Her reply, the locker room is closed. Great, thanks! So I had to take all of my crap with me to yoga class and then come to work in my yoga clothes and change.
According to my friend Laura the women's locker room will be closed for 15 days for remodeling. And it just started on Monday. I hadn't been to the gym in three weeks so this was new news to me. But an e-mail would have been nice.
But the class was a great class to get back in the swing of things. I am hoping to do yoga and some cardio next week. Our hotel has a gym. Last time we were in Maui I used it once. :)

Kate: I didn't get to see Dan's name in the Wall-e creds. I watched closely but since I was watching with about eight others I felt weird making them watch all of the credits. So I will have to check it out later.
And yea, I don't think I would have liked reading Breaking Dawn if I were in labor either. That whole pregnancy thing was freaky. My friend Monica told me to keep reading and go with it. I have about 100 pages left and I am not that excited about it. But I want to finish it and see how it all ends. Plus I don't want to take that honker book to Hawaii with me for 50-100 pages left to read. So it will be finished before Saturday afternoon.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Um, OK?

I took a quick break from work and ran to Target to pick up a few things. Needed just some stuff and some stuff for our trip to Maui this weekend.
I bought one of the reuseable bags for 99 cents. The girl scanned it and then threw it in a plastic bag. Um, OK, I bought that so I wouldn't get yet another plastic bag. Maybe she thought it was for someone else--like a gift. But shouldn't she have asked?

Monday, February 09, 2009

Back from Tahoe

Curt and I went to Tahoe this weekend with some friends.
Our friend Nancy rented a nice big SUV. And we caravaned up there with Jacob, Monica and Malcolm.
We left Friday night about 7:30 and were at the house by about 11 p.m. Easy drive. Not a lot of traffic and no weather issues.
Last year was a major adventure getting to the ski house we rented. This year very little adventure to be had, which is fine by me. We got to the house we rented, instructions in hand on how to disarm the alarm. The stupid thing went off. Curt was having issues. It was piercingly loud. He got ahold of the owner and they finally figured out how to get that thing to stop screeching. That was the big adventure all weekend.
Saturday morning Curt, Nancy, Jacob and Malcolm heading to Homewood for skiing/snowboarding after breakfast. Monica and I stayed at the house. We chatted and read. We are both reading Breaking Dawn, last book in the Twilight series.
At some point we went to the grocery to get stuff to make dinner. Then came home and had lunch and did more reading and lounging. I took a little nap.
About 4 or so the gang came home. I think about 5 Stefan and Gabby came to the house with their daughter, Annabelle.
Monica made a delicious dinner. We all ate a great feast. Some ventured to the hot tub. Then we all watched Wall-e, which was super funny and cute.
Sunday morning breakfast and cleaning up the place. Stephan, Gabby and Annabelle went skiiing. The rest of us went for a walk, had some coffee and then headed toward home. We stopped at a brewery to have lunch and then home.
The rest of yesterday I just stayed cozy on the couch and read Breaking Dawn. I am a little more than half way through this one. And this is a weird one.

Lately I can't seem to embed anything. Stephan was talking about this commercial. It is hilarious.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Carrot made me relapse

So I was chatting with my friend/co-worker Amy. She offered me a carrot. Ate it. Grabbed a second one and started chewing. I don't know if it went down the wrong pipe or just tickled my throat.
But it caused a major coughing fit that lasted about 10 minutes. I just couldn't stop coughing. It took me a bit before I could even take another dose of my cough medicine.
And now I have the sexy voice again. Crap! I was all snotty, my eyes teared up, etc.
This cough has been horrible. It wakes me up in the middle of the night. It gets worse in the evenings. So I am constantly sucking on Ricolas. I am gonna have to buy another bag soon.
I am so ready to be over this cold.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Hello Beautiful

As I was walking out of my work building last night into the garage I heard a guy on a cell phone, talking to someone he thinks is beautiful.
I am not a mushy romantic. Most of that stuff makes me gag. But I thought the greeting was so sweet.

Hello Beautiful.

What a great way to be greeted.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Bummin' around

So when you are sick life is not very exciting. And that is why there have been so few posts from me lately.
I have been laying low.
Friday night I did have dinner with Alicia and Sue to celebrate Sue's birthday. We had Chinese food at a really good restaurant near work. The food was excellent. The service was eh!
Saturday I never left the house. And it was a gorgeous day--too bad. I lounged all day, watching lots of movies. I did throughout the day clean the house. It was a mess.
Sunday I left the house to go to the grocery store. Woooo! Then home to relax. We only had one friend over to watch the SuperBowl--Jacob. We invited Jacob and Aileen. But Aileen had to study. I am glad it was low-key since I am still harboring this cold. And I like hanging out with Jacob. I had plenty of salty snacks to keep us fed.
Most of the commercials were lame. Except for the Cash4Gold. That was awesome!!! There was a grease monkey one. And, of course, the Etrade baby is always a great hit. So there were a few good ones.
I was rooting for the Cardinals. I really don't care about football. But since they were the underdogs and my homestate team I might as well. It was actually an exciting game.
And now back to work. I still have my cold. But it is getting better. It is now in my chest. So I have a slight cough and the sexy voice goin' on. I am still a little tired. But slowly I am getting back to normal.
My friend Dan from college posted a pic of him and me on Facebook from a Halloween party while we were in college. Since not all of you are on FB I will share it here, since it is hilarious.

Dan is a white Mr. T. He actually shaved his head for the party. And I am, well, isn't it obvious? A box of Cheese Nips. Those are real Cheese Nips glued to my costume. That was a great party at Robert's, even if some jerk threw a full pumpkin through the back windshield of my car.