Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween part 2!

So we got our keys to our new place. I wasn't sure how the new 'hood would be with trick-or-treaters so I brought candy just in case (I keep a candy bowl at my desk atwork for others). We had 2 or 3 sets of kids come to the new house while we were there. So I had recess (however the H you spell that--I have had a few).
So we got our keys tonight, unloaded my craft crates, boxes and bags.
The block is a trick-or-treaters' dream. We will be prepared for next year--as long as we aren't moving again. Hopefully, not!
Anyway, we got the keys, met with our landlord, unloaded my crates of crafts and then walked to dinner. Anywhere is good. We had Italian for dinner (Ed, they had Sangria by the pitcher) and then headed to a bar for drinks. The place had a fireplace and bumper pool. Ever heard of that? It looked weird.
So it is 130 days until St. Patrick's Day. Mark your calendars now. That was the sign above the bar--not the mark your calendars part, just the 130 days till the miraculous day for our Irish folks--hey, I am 1/8 Irish.
I LOVE our new neighborhood. I can't wait until we are fully moved. The movers will be here 8 a.m. Saturday morning. I still need to do a little packing. But we are pretty much packed.


Aunt Ann, Jackson and Uncle Curt all dressed up
for Jackson's 4th birthday party/Halloween party.

This is a picture of Curt many years ago. I think it is so sweet.

Monday, October 30, 2006

100 ///// $2.39

I was watching CNN this morning while getting ready for work. The 100th U.S. soldier was killed in Iraq in October--which has been the deadliest month since the war started. While looking up the total death toll I found an article that says 101 for October. The total is more than 2,800. Yikes! Whatever the number, is oil worth all of these deaths? And what about all the Iraqi civilian deaths? I am grateful that I have no family members or friends over there. I feel very badly for those who do.

I was going to say in other news, but I guess it is really, in related news ... (sad, very sad)
Gas prices keep going down. Driving to work this morning I saw gas for $2.39 a gallon.

In really unrelated news, the packing is really coming along. Tomorrow evening after work we will meet our new landlord, Rosalie, to get the keys to our new place. My goal is to get all or most of my craft stuff over there tomorrow night. That will free up some room for more packed boxes at our old place.
I will be sending out our new info soon: address and phone number. We tried to keep our old number--but we couldn't.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Being productive

Well, I guess I am not at the moment.
But Curt and I got a lot of packing done yesterday. And we still have all today plus an hour. (I think falling back is so dumb. Arizona is so smart not to do it.)
But this morning I did a little knitting--working on a Christmas project for someone. And I forwarded our mail, ordered new checks and address labels, rerouted the newspaper and had some breakfast.
So now I need to start working on boxes and taking things apart and putting them in boxes. Oh, and I need to change all the clocks back an hour. Luckily the computer and TiVo are smart enough to do that on their own.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Adios crappy laundromat!

Ahhh, today was the last day I had to schlep all of our dirty clothes, towels and sheets to the laundromat.
Man, I hate doing that so much.
But our new place has a washer and dryer!!!!!!!
No more buying quarters, no more getting up on Saturdays to realize I have to do this horrible chore, no more getting everything together Friday night even when I am tired.


So Wednesday night to Thursday I woke up to a shrieking beep. I ignored it and it went away. Thursday night to Friday I woke up to it again. I tried to ignore it and it wouldn't go away. So at 2:30 in the morning I am trying to figure out what it is. It sounded like the battery was low in the smoke alarm. So I am standing there holding the carbon monoxide alarm while standing under the smoke alarm to determine which one is making the noise. I decide it is the smoke alarm. I climb up there and change the battery--and when you do that get a beautiful shrieeeeek! (Then I can't fall back asleep for hours and have a horrible night sleep with lots of weird dreams during the little time I did sleep.) Then last night to this morning I wake up to the horrid noise again. I get up puzzled since I just fixed this problem the night before. I change the batteries in the carbon monoxide alarm and nope, doesn't fix it. I am wandering around our teeny apartment trying not to run into anything (lots of boxes sitting around) trying to figure out where the noise is coming from. I have almost given up when it dawns on me that we have a second smoke alarm in our "hallway." Why an apartment as small as ours needs 2 is beyond me. So I climb up there and change the battery and go back to bed.
And through all these shrieks the past 3 nights Curt NEVER wakes up!
I wish I slept that well.

OK, I need to get crackin' on the packin'. Weeeeeeeeee!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

3 years

So some of you, my dear readers, were at my wedding 3 years ago shaking your booty to KC and the Sunshine Band or celebrating with Kool and the Gang or getting drunk at the bar.
Anyway, today is mine and Curt's third year anniversary. As we like to say, it feels like 14 long years. :)
Tonight we are going to Sausalito (great area) and having a nice dinner at an Italian restaurant. Curt sent me beautiful roses at work. (I haven't given him his gifts yet.)

In other news, I had my first weigh-in at WW. Since last Wednesday I have lost 5.8 pounds! It probably won't be as drastic again. But, hey, I feel good. And it has just been with me controlling my eating and drinking tons of water. Week 3 is when I will start doing a little walking and yoga. Soon after that I will start cardio (once we have moved--which is Nov. 4. Our place is a mess. I can't wait until we actually move!).

Monday, October 23, 2006

Foggy day

So the fog really rolled in last night.
It wasn't too bad driving to work. And once I got closer to the Bay it was much clearer.
At work I am on the 12th Floor and we couldn't see out the windows. It is clearing up now.
I still need to tell you all about our great trip to see our niece and nephews. It was a great visit. It made me sad to leave. I hate that we live so far away from the kids. And being there made me even want to have kids much less and more just to love these ones like crazy. I love being an aunt!
We have some great pics that I still need to post.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Weight Watchers

I joined Weight Watchers today. A group has been formed in the building I work in. Two other co-workers also joined.
I have been unhappy with my weight for some time now and I want a change. I have had trouble doing it on my own. WW is kinda a support group. And it will keep me motivated and accountable. I think doing it with co-workers will help, too.
So starting tomorrow I have to keep track of everything I eat.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


So for the weekend we were in the Philly area visiting our niece and nephews. Jackson, whose birthday is today, had a party over the weekend. And we wanted to be there for it.
More updates on our visit later--with pics!
Our ride home was long. We had a 5:52 p.m. flight on United. We volunteered to be bumped to a 6:30 p.m. flight on US Airways. (We get free tickets.) Well, the 6:30 flight didn't leave until 7:30. But it was fine--except for the bumpy ride home. I coulda done without any of that.
Now I am trying to catch up with work.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mish mash

I know I haven't updated in what a whole week????
Anyway, lots of good things have been going on.
Last Thursday, Curt and I saw Billy Bragg perform. I pretty much know nothing about music--I wish I did. We saw him at the American Music Hall or something like that in San Fran. He was great. And he is very liberal and likes to talk about it. He also had a song called the "Bush War Blues." It was great! This venue was in the Tenderloin. If you aren't familiar, that is the sketchiest area in San Fran. There were some strange people--but it wasn't too bad.
Saturday went out in the city for dinner to celebrate my friend Alex's birthday. We went to this place called AsiaSF. We had family-style dinner and great drinks. Well, the place is known for transvestites. Our server was one. Her name was Sharon. Well, during dinner they have entertainment. Different trannies dance on the bar. It is totally amazing. After dinner we went downstairs to the club. We did lots of dancing. And there were more performances by the trannies. I took lots of pics--haven't uploaded them yet.
Then Sunday was my craft party at Michaels. Had a good turnout. We made a necklace and a bracelet. And they came out pretty nice. We had good eats at the potluck and fun and crazy conversations, as always with that group. Everyone was so generous with gifts--which I didn't expect at all.
I took yesterday off. I don't like to work on my birthday. In the morning I got a mani/pedi. Then to Old Navy for a little shopping. Then our storage unit to get some boxes. I came home, had a little lunch and did some packing. Curt got home a little after 6 with sweetheart roses for me. He and I had sushi for dinner at this great place in Oakland. We came home and I opened my gifts. Woo-hoo!
I got more stuff in the mail today. And tonight I am getting my gift from Curt. He says I am really gonna like it. (He had shipping issues--and yesterday was a holiday--so that is why I am getting it tonight.)
When I went in to work today I had beautiful flowers from my dad and Hilda. And cute little roses from my friend Alex. Hopefully I won't kill them.
Thanks for all the gifts and well-wishes everyone. It was a great day!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Is this kitty cute or what??? Curt forwarded it to me from someone's Flickr account.

Monday, October 02, 2006

The packing has begun

Ugh! Does anyone LIKE moving? We packed books yesterday. And I started to attack the office. I am trying to go through that stuff and throw out a lot of crap we don't need anymore.

Yesterday I also went to Michaels to meet with the "party lady." I am having a birthday craft party Sunday and I went in to pick out our supplies. Should be a fun time. Romana (aka party lady) is excited to host an adult party. She says it will be nice to have a party without the screaming and crying. I told her I couldn't make any guarantees.

Saturday: We went to Oktoberfest in Alameda with our friends Phil and Lisa. The also had a friend with them, Erin. So the 5 of us headed to the Oktoberfest, which was sponsored by a German restaurant. There was music, good food and lots of beer. Phil and Lisa did the Chicken Dance. Quite entertaining. But the real entertainment was when they called out for some men to dance and their wives or girlfriends to judge. (Well, Lisa and Erin had already left--went to an art show.) So I was Phil's "girlfriend." There were 6-8 guys dancing. It was hilarious. I laughing so hard I was crying. One of the judge's kept saying Phil was really good and really trying. So Phil had a dance-off with another guy. And Phil won.

Anyway, I will be in packing hell for the next month. I can't wait until we are in our new place.