Saturday, April 05, 2008

In Phoenix

We got into Phx last night in great time. Our flight was actually 10 minutes early. Southwest seems to be doing that more and more these days. When we were at the Oakland airport waiting to board our flight a woman walked by. I said to Curt, Hey, that's Mariflo. (Friend of Leah and Erica's.) Then I walked over to her and found her wife, Katie, who Leah and Erica went to high school with, and their son Phin. Daughter, Anna, is coming later. I said the them when I walked up, I know where you guys are going. :)
Curt and I rented a car. We get to the people who actually give us a car. They just point us to a row and we get to pick whatever we want. Interesting. We went with midsize. We were looking at some sort of Nissan Sentra. Then Curt looks over and sees a Mustang. So that is what we--or should I say he--is driving.
We found our hotel just fine. Our room is nice. We only have a few minor complaints. First, when we checked in the girl told me that we were supposed to have a polka dot gift bag waiting for us but they couldn't find it. Great, Erica went through all that trouble and they lost our bag! I saw another bag sitting there. She told me to check again tomorrow--which is today. Um, does she think it is going to reappear? We get to our room, nice--it's a little suite. Let's see: 2 light bulbs are burned out, the free high-speed Internet is so slow, dial-up is faster. I don't know how I was even able to get on here and blog. We have a kitchenette--with only plastic cups. If you want real cups you have to ask. Pillows are a little wimpy. OK, enough complaining. We did go to the bar last night (which once we got there I realized I had been to before when our friend Jan was in town many years ago). Anyway, the bar was great. Great service and good food.
They have free full breakfast here. And I am hungry. So I may go check that out. I am planning on lounging by the pool today--though first I should work out.
The wedding starts at 430 and is super close to our hotel.


So last night while Curt and I were at the Oakland airport he signed me up for Twitter. I was asking him about it. Not sure why I need to update people on what I am up to. But I am now doing that. I am "following" three people right now. And two are following me. Anyway, I don't have a pic up yet because the Internet here is so freakin slow that I got frustrated with it. So I will likely add a pic after we get home. Anyway, my name on Twitter is StarrChhk.


Blogger Aaron said...

Welcome to Twitter, Ann. I just signed up myself, and I don't use it much. I think I would use it more if I had a smartphone. Bring on the 3G iPhone!

Saturday, April 05, 2008 7:29:00 PM  

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