Monday, February 28, 2011

Sneaky little ...

In Joey's old age he has developed a much more sensitive tummy. The last visit to the vet, where the vet told me Joey was healthy and then charged me 130 bucks, Dr. Miller gave me some Pepcid type pills to give Joey. I cut them up and stuffed them in to Pill Pockets. And Joey ate them all.
Dr. Miller told me once I ran out of those I could just cut up Pepcid and stuff them in the Pill Pockets.
Last night I gave Joey a Pill Pocket. Later I walked into the kitchen and noticed the pink quartered tablet on the kitchen floor.
This morning I gave Joey his morning insulin shot along with treats after the shot (every insulin shot comes with treats) and the a Pill Pocket. I watched him eat it. And he managed to eat the Pill Pocket but not the Pepcid. Dang it!
Tonight Curt gave Joey his shot and then treats. Then I threw down a Pill Pocket and we watched him eat the Pill Pocket and spit out the Pepcid.
I did crush some up and put them in a Pill Pocket--but it isn't that much "medicine." But it is better than nothing. He ate that one.
According to the Greenies Pill Pocket Web site: Cats love the taste so much--they won't even notice there's medicine inside!
You think I should ask for my money back? Pill Pockets aren't cheap. Forty-five of those little things cost 9 bucks!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Warming my heart amidst the "snow"

Well, we didn't get snow in the Bay Area. I guess that isn't true. The Twin Peaks area got flurries. But nothing around us or even in San Francisco.
But Tucson got snow this morning. Real snow. Snow that stuck.

As all of the you hundreds (ha ha) readers I have ... you know that I knit. And I have tried to take my knitting to more of a charitable level. I have knitted many beanies for troops along with friends and my mother-in-law.
A high school friend of mine who I am friends with on Facebook has a husband who is in Afghanistan. I asked her if he would like a handknit hat from me. I made him one and sent it about a week ago. He got it this past Friday. I received a message from him on Facebook and a note on my Facebook Wall from his wife. I enjoy making hats for the troops, but I never know who actually gets the hat made from me. It made me feel really good to know who got it. And to hear how much it meant to him and that it kept him warm that first night. It warmed my heart.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

SNOW in the Bay Area????

So it could snow in the Bay Area tomorrow night. And on Saturday it could snow in San Francisco, which hasn't happened since 1976--see photo above. NUTS!!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Relaxation and fun all rolled into one ... 3-day weekend

My weekend started out with dinner with two good friends, Sue and Alicia. The three of us used to work together and still get together at least three times a year to celebrate our birthdays. We were celebrating Sue's birthday and she picked the Jonga House for dinner. We cooked our own meat and had many sides. The food was amazing and reasonably priced.
Saturday I hit the gym for an hour and a half. I skipped my third class at the gym as I had a lot to do. After the gym I hit the grocery and then home to get ready and make some salsa. Our first appointment was at 2 with our tax person. That took almost two hours. Afterward we headed to Monica and Malcolm's new house for their housewarming. Then came home for about a half an hour and then off to another party (yes, we are so popular). My friend Jennifer was having a "spin social." The food was amazing and the company was a blast. We ended up moving a dining room table for a dance floor.
Sunday I decided to be lazy and skip yoga. Curt and I headed to Phil and Lisa's for some soccer, Chinese food and to hang out with Baby Bea. She is so much fun--she is really getting a personality right now and I really enjoyed hanging out with her and, of course, her parents. The rest of Sunday was lounging and TV watching, napping, movie watching, etc.
Today I spent this morning doing stuff around the house. I attended my regular noon spin class. After class I came home to get cleaned up, some more stuff around the house and some more lounging.
My friend Alex, who I used to work with, has taken some time off to travel. She is home this month taking a break. I was lucky to spend a few hours with her.
This evening has also entailed some lounging.
Trying to mentally prepare myself for work again ... for tomorrow. Bleh. If only I could be a lady who lunches.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Golf, sun, good food ...

On Thursday Ed and Marilyn came into town. They got in about noon. So they had time to spend some time in our neighborhood. They got raviolis, cheese, bread and sausage from Market Hall for dinner. We had a delicious dinner.
We got up super early on Friday morning and headed down to Monterey to see family friend Tag Ridings play some golf. First day was at Spyglass Hill. We followed him around all day. At some point (I think the 10th hole) we met up with his wife, Brenda. The weather was gorgeous and we felt so lucky to be walking around on that course.
Once Tag was finished for the day the four of us headed back to the car and to the B&B we were staying for the next two nights. We decided to have an early dinner. We just walked to Monterey's Fisherman's Wharf and found a good restaurant to eat dinner. My pasta and wine mixed with getting up early and walking around in the sun for 6 hours had me ready for bed pretty early, which was good since we had to get up early the next day to catch Tag tee off.
We made it on time to see Tag tee off at 8:22 on the 10th tee. Tag was happy to see us there that early. We followed him around all day. We stopped for a quick lunch halfway through and then we caught him at the end of the 1st hole (remember he started on 10 and ended on 9). At some point Brenda caught up with us. And we all finished walking together to see Tag finish at the 9th hole. Unfortunately he didn't make the cut. But we enjoyed our two days following him around and watching him play at two gorgeous golf courses.
Lots of autographs were signed by Tag on tickets, T-shirt, balls, etc. We were lucky and able to tag along in a shuttle with them back to the front of the course. My feet were pretty tired.
Pebble Beach is a pro-am. We sighted a few celebrities. We saw Tony Romo and Matt Cain tee off on one whole. Man, those guys can swing. We ran into Kevin Costner out of the ropes and had to wait until he hit it back to the green. We kinda saw Bill Murray--well, we saw his crazy hat. We weren't super close to him. But today I did see that he won the amateur part of the weekend along with his pro, D.A. Points.
When we got back to our hotel we decided to go have a drink at an English pub Curt found near by. After drinks we went back to the room for a little relaxing, nap and got cleaned up for dinner.
We had an amazing dinner at Domenico's on the wharf. We had good wine and some delicious seafood dishes.
Today we had a leisurely day back home. Once we got home we headed to the hood for lunch. Then a visit to John at McNally's for some awesome Bloody Marys.
Now we are just hanging out at the house and will head to Sushiya shortly.
It's been a good weekend.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Favorite Super Bowl commercial ...

Was the Darth Vader kid. This is an extended (and even better) version than what was on TV today.

This weekend my friend Nydia and her friend Lori came to town. Nydia is moving out to the Bay Area soon and came to look for a place to live. The two made it into a mini vacation and I think they have had a good time. The weather couldn't have been better for them. I think they toured a lot of places in our hood, too. The four of us had drinks at The Trappist and then dinner at Tamarindo. Then us girls went to McNally's for a drink. I had to turn in after that (had to go to the gym Saturday morning). But Nydia and Lori headed to The Conga Lounge for one more drink.
Today the four of us watched the Super Bowl and just had an easy day.
It was a good weekend.
A cleaning frenzy will begin tomorrow night as Curt's parents come into town on Thursday.