Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up a day late ...

I usually do my weekend wrap-up on Sundays. Well, didn't this time ...
Friday afternoon Curt and I headed out for a little shopping. I went to Michaels. Curt went to Best Buy. Guess which place was nuts? Then we went to lunch after that. We tried Cafe Biere ... and bummer they were closed. So we headed to Oaks Card Club for some beer, football and pretty decent food. I like their burgers.
After having a couple of beers (and knowing I was going out again later for more beer) I took a nap. Two naps in one day. How luxurious!
Friday night we went to Albatross to meet Rachel for drinks. She brought a friend. And Monica and Malcolm came, too. That was a fun time.
Saturday headed to the gym. Then started to get lots of stuff done around the house. Started wrapping gifts, getting holiday cards stamped and addressed, and other various things around the house that aren't as fun--like scrubbing a toilet and laundry.
In the late afternoon Curt and I headed to McNally's for a beer to celebrate Mizzou kicking the Chickenhaws' booties. Awesome! (UA also beat ASU.)
Sunday got up and at 'em. Hit the grocery, came home and worked on holiday cards while listening to the Sounds of the Seasons Comcast channel of Christmas music. Early afternoon Curt and I got our Christmas tree in record time. We decorated the tree and the house (we don't have a ton of decorations). Put blue twinkle lights on outside. I also have icicle lights. I knew part of the strand was out. (Can't find just solid blue icicle lights to replace--crazy!!!) And, of course, once the lights were on (with the awesome timer I bought) I realized the strand that really "shows" is out. Nice! So I either gotta take them down or move them around.
Monica and Malcolm came over about 7 and we headed to dinner. We went to Sushiya and the were CLOSED! So we headed to Coach Sushi. It was pretty good. That was the first time Curt and I had been there. Man, they were busy.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

I have never participated in Black Friday shopping, and the tradition continued this year.
I get anxious with crowds--so I don't find it to be appealing at all. Plus it seems to be some sort of greed fest. I know saving money is great, but do we all really need that stuff?
We have stopped exchanging gifts with our families. We now give money to charities instead. Kids usually get books or gift cards to a bookstore. Charity gift cards is what I found last year. And will give those again this year. Curt and I buy the gift cards (and get the tax benefits) and the recipient gets to give the money to up to three charities. They have more than 100 to choose from.
Most of my Christmas shopping is done. Have a few more things to get. But I pretty much buy everything online.
I woke up today (at almost 8 a.m.--that is super late for me) and it was dark and rainy outside. So I am being lazy this morning. I will likely hit the gym a little later and then maybe Michaels after the crowds die down--I don't think there are ever huge crowds there anyway.
Sometime this weekend I want to put up our lights and other decorations. And I have some knitting to do. Our friend Rachel is in town and we are meeting her for drinks tonight.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today started off nice and slow. I had to get a few things from the grocery. I decided to walk.
It was a nice walk. Pretty quiet. I did cross paths with a man pushing a cart who appeared homeless. We exchanged pleasant good mornings to each other. But once I passed him I got really sad. I can't imagine what it feels like to have no shelter, possibly no friends or family and no idea where you will get your next meal.
Once at the grocery I got the items I needed and got in line. The guy in front of me was buying ONE can of cranberry sludge. That's it! I said to him, you came all the way to the grocery for that. He said it was his contribution to dinner. That made me laugh. He will probably arrive at his host's house holding that one, sad lonely can.
Once I got home I started working on the apple crisp that will be taken to my dad and Hilda's a little later. I made a second one for Curt--I already polished off the first one I made him Monday night. I must have done justice to his mom's recipe.
Hope everyone has a good day whatever it is you decide to do. I know many people have to work today: police officers, paramedics, cashiers, journalists, etc. So I thank you for working today.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chola Makeup Tutorial

If you want to learn how to do your hair and makeup like a chola go here.
If you don't know what a chola (or cholo) is go here.
There is some language in the video. So use headphones or close your office door (if you are lucky enough to have an office door). Or whatever, you have been warned.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Slacky blogger

Curt said to me yesterday (I think it was yesterday) that I haven't been blogging lately. My response was, well, my life has been boring lately.
I worked a lot last week (hmmm, what's new?) Then I was a blob most of the weekend. Curt went to the Cal/Stanford game Saturday. So I had the house to myself to watch my shows on the DVR, girlie movies, etc.
I went to the gym and cleaned the house in the morning. Then relaxed in the afternoon/evening.
Sunday--got some stuff done around the house. But more lounging. Oh, and knitting. Have some Christmas gifts I gotta get done.
This week is a short one at work, which is good and bad. Four-day weekend--woo-hoo! But then 5 days of work into 3? Ouch!

Oh, I made an apple crisp tonight, two actually. We have a potluck at work tomorrow and I decided to try it for the potluck as a tester and then for Thanksgiving. My dad and Hilda are hosting and we were asked to bring dessert. Got the recipe from Marilyn, Curt's mom. She made it while we were visiting. It is made with the Splenda/brown sugar mix. Anyway, it came out pretty good. Curt and I tried it while it was still warm. Mmmmm. Yummy!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Back from Missouri

Updated with photos, right here.
Curt and I headed to Missouri for the weekend and the opening of deer season.
The weather wasn't good for hunting and Curt didn't have the opportunity to get a deer. And he had a new rifle and all. Oh well.
Curt and I flew in Friday night. Ed and Marilyn picked us up at the airport and we headed to St. Joe for dinner at the Ground Round. Yum to fried food!
Saturday morning Curt and Ed headed to the farm. Eventually Marilyn and I headed to Poppa's for breakfast. The guys met us there. We headed home and soon after that Grandma Phyllis came for a visit. We had yummy fried venison tenderloin sandwiches (a fave of Curt's).
Eventually the guys went back out to the farm. Marilyn and I hung out. She also made a homemade pumpkin pie--including the crust. So good!
We had a delicious venison loin for dinner. (The loin was from the deer Curt got last year.) Grandma P. came back for dinner. After dinner the Humphreys came over for a visit and some pumpkin pie.
Sunday morning the guys went back out to the farm. Marilyn and I hung out at the house knitting, watching movies, etc. Marilyn made a homemade apple crisp. That woman is amazing. It was so good! (I am going to get the recipe from her for Thanksgiving dessert.) Grandma P. came back out for lunch--leftovers.
Curt and Ed went back out to the farm that afternoon. Early that evening they called saying they were at Tightends--new sports bar in town. Marilyn and I met the guys and Howard and Myrna for a drink. The bar looks pretty good.
After the bar Marilyn and I picked up Grandma P. and took her to the house for dinner and, of course, another visit with Katie--her adorable little dog. We had enchiladas for dinner--Marilyn's own recipe, which was super good. And then apple crisp for dessert, which was made with Splenda/brown sugar mix. Another Humphrey visit after that.
Then we relaxed and watched Up.
This morning Ed took us to the airport. Man, it was some wild weather. Lots of rain, then a little sleet, then full on snow. Our plane left a little late because of the deicing. But we still came in a little early.
Ed and Marilyn are always great hosts. And the homemade food is always amazing.
Oh, I forgot to mention Ed bought me a Snuggie--a blue one. But the deal is it has to stay in Albany, which is perfect. A pink one for home and a blue one when visiting Ed and Marilyn.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Go Fit Girl! is back!!!

I have been slacking. But a new post is up. Read, enjoy, comment and hey, think about guest posting.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Cool Halloween costume

Curt sent me this last night.
What are some cool Halloween costumes you saw?
The little dragon was probably the cutest that came to our house. There was a cool shark. Oh, and the IRS tax audit guy was awesome, especially as he ran across the street yelling, I am here to take your money. There was a cute Tiger Woods.

If you have nothing better to do, check out Halloween costumes from the Kansas City area. There are some super creative ones.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

It's already almost over??!!??

Sunday night 6:45 p.m. We have fallen back and I have felt tired almost all day.
I tried to run errands this morning. But it was pea soup outside and I decided that it was not a good idea.
Friday evening after my training was over in the city Curt and I met for drinks at Steff's. We headed home fairly early--as I had house cleaning to do. And we didn't want to be too crowded on BART (bridge is still closed ... as far as I know). I did a little work and then cleaned as Curt ordered sushi for delivery from Sushiya.
Saturday I headed to spin and then hurried home to get cleaned up. After that Curt and I headed to Napa to meet our friend Kelly and her parents and friends for wine tasting. Curt and I first had lunch and then headed to Andretti for wine tasting. We met up with the gang and had a great time. They all hadn't eaten, so after wine tasting we headed back to the same restaurant for a late lunch. Curt and I didn't eat. But I did have a glass of Lambrusco, again. It was a cold, sparkling glass of red. Good stuff!
We came back and got ready for our friends and trick-or-treaters. We didn't get a whole lot this year. I think because it was a Saturday and maybe kids went to the mall and stuff ... Anyway, we had a good time with the cute kids who did show up. There was an adorable dragon. A cool little Tiger Woods. One kid I asked what she was and she said, I don't know.
Today Mia picked me up a little after noon. We had a nice lunch. Then she took me to the American Idiot show. It was amazing. It was a great show. Thanks to Mia for taking me.