Monday, September 19, 2011

Celebrating Grandpa's 90 years

Featured in the collage above are: Grandpa; Ann; John; Alex; Alison; Tim; Emily; Ashley; Dad; Uncle Pat; Aunt Gen; Tony; Curt; and Marshall

This past weekend was truly amazing. The only negative was the heat. I was excited for the temperatures of 90ish. That is until I arrived. I have no idea how I survived 23 years in Tucson. And then later 3 1/2 years in Phoenix. That heat is wretched.
OK, get ready for my quick summary of the weekend ...
Curt and I arrived Friday night.
Saturday we had a late breakfast at The Arizona Inn with my mom and stepdad. Then it was time for errands: BevMo for drinks for my grandpa's 90th birthday party; Michaels for a frame for the collage I made for Grandpa with pics of all the grandkids, shown above; grocery for a few ingredients Dad needed for the meal; eegee's for my strawberry slushie (and one for Alex, too). We got back to Dad's to help with a few things, run another errand to get ice and corn tortillas, then get ready and head out about 2:15 to pick up the guest of honor for his 3 p.m. 90th birthday party.
Party was a success. It was fun. Grandpa was so appreciative. There was no family drama. Delicious food. Grandpa absolutely loved the collage of the grandkids younger and older with and without Grandpa. He got emotional over the collage and the card I created where all six of us grandkids signed. It was a fun party. It was so important that we did it.
After the party some of us headed to The Buffet for a drink. I have a tradition of taking my younger cousins there for a drink after they turn 21. All who joined us was: Of course Curt and myself, Fred (stepdad), cousins: Jackie, Emily and Alex and Emily's boyfriend, Adam. It was a good time. We bought a round of drinks with 2-3 more drinks and only spent 30 bucks. Gotta love The Buffet.
Sunday morning Dad made chorizo and eggs for breakfast. Emily and Adam joined Dad, Hilda, Curt, Alex and myself for breakfast. Then we hung around for a bit and chatted. Eventually Curt and I headed to my Mom's to fulfill family obligations on that side. My grandma came over for a visit along with my Uncle Mike and cousin Daniel. Mom had appetizers and drinks. It was a good visit. After the gang left we hung out for a bit and then the four of us headed to dinner: pizza and beer. After that Curt and I headed back to Dad's to relax for the rest of the evening.
This morning we headed to 4th Ave. for a little breakfast and coffee and then off to the airport to come home.
Here is a link to all the photos I took from the weekend.