Saturday, April 05, 2008


So Curt and I had breakfast this morning--a full breakfast, not continental. It was pretty good. We took our coffee to the pool to sit and relax and watch the Brits play in the pool.
Wow, my lunch just arrived. That was quick! Ooh, just took a bite of my salad. Yum!
So after our lounging Curt and I came back to the room. Curt wanted to hit Cabelas. Believe it or not but when we want SmartWool socks Ed has to get them for us or we have to get them at REI. I headed back to the pool.
When I was putting on my 2-piece I noticed that the plastic hook for my top was looking kinda haggard. So I reinforced it with the tiny safety pin I found in the mending kit I have in my toiletry bag.
I went down to the pool. I have to say it is so great to have your music and your phone (plus everything else) in one thing. I didn't have to worry about missing a call, e-mail or text while lounging and listening to my music.
I lounged, soaked up sun (don't worry, I use sun screen. Most of my life I have pretty much never used sun screen. Being from Arizona and being Mexican I never really needed it. But getting older and no longer living in the Grand Canyon state I must use it.) listened to music, read and just relaxed. I ordered water and a bloody mary from the guy delivering drinks. At one point I decided to get in the pool and cool off. As I was lying back down on the chaise lounge front down my top popped! Talk about perfect timing. Crap. So I layed there a bit. Then I was able to hold the back of my bikini top closed with one hand while grabbing my bag with the other and getting my little cover up. I was able to conceal and still get some sun until I was ready to come in to the room.
I do have to say this is the second bikini top to pop on me. When we lived in Phx I was at the pool (we had a pool in our backyard) and my top popped. But at least I was in my own backyard. That bikini I had for just the summer! This bikini I bought last year before we went to Hawaii. But that was the only other time I wore it. For a week in Hawaii, and oh wait, while in the beach with Kate the day after her wedding. But it isn't like I wear it a lot. So do I dare buy another top from Target? I know they have these same suits again this year. So I just need a new top. Not sure how much beach and pool time we will have this year.
Gonna go eat my lunch. Curt is hanging out with Ryan at George and Dragon. I will eat my salad and then jump in the shower.
Sorry if there are any typos--I am not checking for mistakes right now.


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