Monday, July 18, 2011

Meat Lover's Supreme Grillin'

Our weekend was pretty low-key. Lately I have been more than happy to keep them that way. I need my vegg time as getting up at 5 a.m. during the week really takes its toll on me.
Curt went with a bunch of buddies to the city on Saturday for a soccer match and some eats and drinks. So I got some alone time to just hang out. I finished watching the rest of the season of Parenthood. Man, that is a good show. I also watched Hereafter, where wasn't as weird and bizarre as I thought it would be.
On Sunday we headed to Monica and Malcolm's for a cookout. I planned to grill a portobello and use a Sandwich Thin as my bread. Curt had defrosted some venison burger. I started thinking that I wanted to try the venison burger. So I had one. And wow, that was good. Better than a beef burger. And I like a good burger.
Pretty much everyone who showed up brought some sort of meat. After the venison I tried some lamb, beef, pork and beef again. I think my father-in-law would be so proud.
I did have a couple of grilled veggies and brie to balance it all out. Oh, and don't forget the wine.
It was a good time and a great way to end the weekend.
I started my Monday (once at work) by dumping most of my coffee into my lap. Luckily I was wearing tan pants, so the coffee pretty much blended in once it dried.

Thursday, July 07, 2011


I know I never really post here these days. But this little guy should make up for it. (Posted on Mlkshk and Cute Overload.)
Oh My Gosh! It that not the cutest thing EVER?
You can find him or her here or here.

Last weekend was fairly relaxing. I feel I need those more and more. Like I don't want to plan anything and I just want to veg.
And who doesn't love a 3-day weekend?
Our friends Monica and Malcolm recently got engaged. So Monica's parents hosted an engagement party on Monday. And they hosted a taco bar. Man, the tacos were so freakin good! I had way too many. But it was so worth it.
Nothing too exciting has happened this week. Get up at 5 a.m., go to work, get some exercise in during the day, come home, have dinner and get ready for the next day.