Saturday, February 12, 2005

A pit of a house

So our house is a mess. Boxes everywhere. Stuff everywhere. You don't realize how much stuff you have until you move. We have sold a few things: spare room bed, book shelves, two couches, our extra fridge. We are getting rid of stuff to keep our load lighter (since moving companies charge by weight), our new place will surely be smaller and sometimes it is nice to start with some new stuff. Never thought I would be excited to get furniture at Ikea.
Curt put an ad on a site called Craig's List. He put the ad up about 8 a.m. Tuesday. By noon the fridge was out of our house and on someone's truck. Craig's List is where we have been looking for potential apartment in the San Fran area. Lots of postings go up every day.
Curt is heading to San Fran on Tuesday. That gives him about a week to look for a place for us before he starts his new job.
Tonight Curt and I went to Pei Wei for dinner. We rarely ever get to go out to dinner since we never have any days off together. (Curt's last shift at The Republic was last night [Friday].) We used some gifts cards that my dad gave us as an anniversary present.
Oh, we had two more moving companies come over to give estimates: Mayflower and United. Mayflower is the best deal. And I really liked the woman who came over. She told us things the other 2 reps didn't. She was really honest and so friendly. Told us ways to save some money. Even offered to get us some "used" boxes. So that is who we are going with. Her customer service was a huge part of it.
That is the latest here. After Tuesday my blogging will be limited. Curt is taking the computer up with him. So I will have to rely on my work computer for e-mailing and blogging.

Monday, February 07, 2005

A great weekend in Tucson

So Curt and I headed to Tucson on Saturday morning. We attended a UA basketball game against Stanford. That was a Christmas present from my dad. Fourth year in a row we have gotten tickets to the game--front-row seats. We attended the game with my dad and his girlfriend, Dewanne. They sat in the second row. It was a great game. And the Wildcats won.
Afterward we headed to my dad's. My brother, John, and cousin Alex came over. We grilled steaks and had a great dinner. Then John had to head to work. The rest of us played cards. For Alex playing this type of Rummy for the first time he did pretty d*mn well.
The next morning Curt and I were woken up by a horribly loud alarm clock. It literally made us jump out of bed. Well, I made the mistake of hitting the snooze bar. That d*mn thing gave me a second heart attack. Learned my lesson and turned it off!
My mom and stepdad hosted a family farewell brunch for us at their house. It was really nice. Great food--of course. And some people were so kind as to get us some gifts.
After that we headed back to Phoenix--we had to be home on time for the Super Bowl. About 10 minutes before we got home we were hit by a huge rain storm. Man, you could barely see. But we got home safely. And home in time for the Super Bowl, which I didn't watch. I watched Lifetime movies.
I started pulling out boxes last night. When we moved from Oregon to Arizona The Republic moved us. So we still have the professional moving boxes. They are good stuff. I just packed a bunch of books in the book boxes. Nice and strong.
I just finished getting book shelves and sorta the spare room bed ready for Jen & Dave. They are coming over tomorrow to definitely take the bed and hopefully some of the shelves. Not sure how many of them will fit in the truck with the bed.
OK, I am off to enjoy a beer (I earned it after my hard work of packing and rearranging a bunch of cr*p in this pit of a house. Our house is such a mess. The cat, Joey, loves it!) and to watch a new Lifetime Original movie: More Sex and the Single Mom, a sequel to Sex and the Single Mom that came out last year.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Eatin' chips ...

I am sitting here at work eating a bag of 75 cent chips watching Law and Order: SVU. And I am waiting for the papers. I have pretty much tossed out the whole trying to be healthy and exercise thing till after the move. There are just too many other things to worry about at the moment.
We had Wheaton come over today to give us an estimate. It was a little high. I have heard very good things about Wheaton. The woman who gave the estimate was really nice and honest. I liked that. Customer service is very important to Wheaton. But I am working on getting estimates from some other companies.
Curt and I have been house hunting online. We have found some positive possibilities. We found one today that is so great. We are keeping our fingers crossed on that one.
I am slowly looking for work. There are a lot of contract and/or part-time jobs out there. I have applied for a few of them. I could work from home and more or less at my pace. That would be cool. Then I could also focus on doing something with children.
Curt and I are heading to Tucson this weekend. Saturday we will be attending a UA basketball game against Stanford. Then Sunday my mom is hosting a family brunch in mine and Curt's honor. This is a way for us to see the family before we leave.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Long time no blog ...

Sorry that I haven't blogged in forever. Not sure how many blogging fans I have out there. Anyway, as I am sure most of you know Curt got a job in San Francisco. So we are moving. I am gonna be a housewife. :) Well, that won't last long. First of all, it would drive me nuts and second of all, we can't afford it. This gives me a chance to try something new. I would really like to work with children. But I would work at Michaels, a scrapbook store, a bookstore or a few other places.
Curt will be working for the company that publishes Mac World and PC World.
I also have finally put my birthday photos online. I will send a link for that very soon.
Tomorrow someone from Wheaton World Wide Moving is coming over to give us an estimate on moving to San Fran. The house is a mess. Oh well.
I need to go eat my lunch now. Will write more soon.