Friday, February 20, 2009

The Merlot is in traffic

Yesterday was a loungy (I don't think that is even a word) and relaxing day. We had a late breakfast at the Castaway Cafe. 
After breakfast we headed to Lahaina to buy our pineapples and just a few souvenirs for ourselves. You can actually take pineapple (or papaya or onions) with you on the plane if you buy them from the proper stores and have them packaged a certain way. We also wanted some Maui onions, but they have been out for two weeks. Bummer! Oh, and we got Maui Gold pineapple. The only way to go! We also sent pineapple to Ed and Marilyn and my mom and Fred. From the pineapples we are bringing home Dad and Hilda will get some. So we got all the parents covered this time around.
After shopping we came back to our place and I headed to the beach. Curt went for a walk and joined me for a bit on the beach. It actually rained a little while I was out there. That water was cold.
I came back to the room to hang out for a bit. Then Curt and I went to the Castaway for my fuu-fuu drink No. 7 and some Maui onion rings, which were really good. 
Curt and I already knew there was an accident on the highway, and we would have to leave early for our dinner reservation. But while at the Castaway someone said, we are out of Merlot. But it is coming. The Merlot is stuck in traffic. That just sounded so funny to me.
Back to the room. I actually did some knitting. Had to say I worked on a particular item while in Hawaii and now I have. I have been reading much more than knitting these days. And while here you really can't knit on the beach.
Got ready and headed out an hour before our reservation. A drive that would normally take about 20 minutes took almost an hour and a half. 
We ate at Chez Paul. When we were driving in on Saturday from the airport we saw the restaurant and kinds laughed at the French restaurant in Maui. But then the book that Phil and Lisa gave us for Christmas mentioned how good this restaurant is. I think the hour and a half drive and the spendy items were worth it. The food was absolutely delicious. All of it, mushroom brie puff pastry appetizer, lobster bisque (wow, that was amazing). Curt and I each had a fish main course. Both very good. For dessert I had a warm apple tart. Yum! This is also where I had my fuu-fuu drink No. 8: sparkling wine with raspberry liqueur. 
At breakfast I had a Bloody Mary--but I don't think that counts as fuu-fuu. Though it was very good.
And today is our last full day in Maui. :( I plan on doing more lounging on the beach and we have the Old Lahaina Luau tonight. We wanted to go last time but that luau books up pretty quick. So we went to a different luau last time--which was fun. 


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you have been having a fantastic time! 8 fuu-fuu drinks is pretty good! Enjoy the luau! Have a safe trip home! Our pineapples are beautiful! Thank you! Hugs -M

Friday, February 20, 2009 5:32:00 PM  

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