Monday, February 16, 2009

Fuu-fuu drink count: 6

Had our usual breakfast at the Castaway Cafe. Had another show from a few whales, too. Very exciting.
Oh, before breakfast I did a little yoga out on the lanai. It was so nice to hear the wind blowing (and the neighbors renovating next door).
About 10:30 I headed out to the beach. Curt joined me for a little while. About 12:30 I headed back in for lunch with Curt. 
Then back out to beach for some more sun worshipping. About 3:30 I met Curt at the Castaway Cafe bar for fuu-fuu drinks No. 4 & 5: mango daquiri & banana daquiri. 
Then back to the room for some relaxing and cleaning up.
At some point Curt let the management know about the renovating noise from next door. They almost responded immediately. They moved us into a new room. We are now in the coconut building (where we belong) and in a one bedroom sted of a studio we were in before. Our view is in the same direction. But now we can actually see the ocean. The upgrade was really nice! We had to quickly pack all of our stuff up for the move. But definitely worth it.
Curt and I went into Lahaina for dinner. We wanted to go to a burger joint--but there were people standing outside waiting. So we ended up at a place called Canoes. There was barely anyone there. But the food was really good. Spendy but good. We had great service and a great meal. The decor was Polynesian circa 1980. Oh, drink No. 6: Lahaina Lemonade.
Now we are back in the room just relaxing.


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