Monday, February 02, 2009

Bummin' around

So when you are sick life is not very exciting. And that is why there have been so few posts from me lately.
I have been laying low.
Friday night I did have dinner with Alicia and Sue to celebrate Sue's birthday. We had Chinese food at a really good restaurant near work. The food was excellent. The service was eh!
Saturday I never left the house. And it was a gorgeous day--too bad. I lounged all day, watching lots of movies. I did throughout the day clean the house. It was a mess.
Sunday I left the house to go to the grocery store. Woooo! Then home to relax. We only had one friend over to watch the SuperBowl--Jacob. We invited Jacob and Aileen. But Aileen had to study. I am glad it was low-key since I am still harboring this cold. And I like hanging out with Jacob. I had plenty of salty snacks to keep us fed.
Most of the commercials were lame. Except for the Cash4Gold. That was awesome!!! There was a grease monkey one. And, of course, the Etrade baby is always a great hit. So there were a few good ones.
I was rooting for the Cardinals. I really don't care about football. But since they were the underdogs and my homestate team I might as well. It was actually an exciting game.
And now back to work. I still have my cold. But it is getting better. It is now in my chest. So I have a slight cough and the sexy voice goin' on. I am still a little tired. But slowly I am getting back to normal.
My friend Dan from college posted a pic of him and me on Facebook from a Halloween party while we were in college. Since not all of you are on FB I will share it here, since it is hilarious.

Dan is a white Mr. T. He actually shaved his head for the party. And I am, well, isn't it obvious? A box of Cheese Nips. Those are real Cheese Nips glued to my costume. That was a great party at Robert's, even if some jerk threw a full pumpkin through the back windshield of my car.


Anonymous jodie said...

Being sick sucks. I hope you feel better real soon.

That's a fun photo from the past. Too bad about your car though.

Monday, February 02, 2009 11:29:00 AM  

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