Friday, January 25, 2008

We made it!

We are in our cabin having drinks and chatting, having snacks. Alexa is making us dinner. Not sure if the whole gang will make it tonight. The weather is pretty bad.
Right now it is Curt, Alexa, Stephan, Gabby and me.
It was an adventure getting here. Most of the trip was easy. It was raining a lot leaving the Bay Area. Once we were near Sacramento it got better.
When we got closer to Tahoe we had to put our chains on. We had issues with the chains we bought. I think something was wrong with the chains--we pretty much drove them off. And Curt knows how to put on chains in bad weather at night.
We lost one of the chains. So we had to have a big dude put our chains on for way too much money--we had to buy another set on chains. But those suckers are on and we won't take them off until we are out of Tahoe and the snow.
So we were fine once our second set of chains was on. Once close to the cabin the driving was tough. Our Volvo didn't like the hills with ice and snow. So we were going pretty slow. We had problems finding our street where our cabin is. We finally found the street. Then finding the cabin was a bitch! There was so much snow it was hard to see the house numbers. We thought we found the place but we had to turn around to get back to it. The driveway we pulled into ... well we got stuck. (Oh, I didn't mention ... Alexa rode with us.)
We tried to get out and it wasn't happening. So Curt sent me to find the cabin. I walked down to a few cabins away from where we were stuck. There was a couple who had just arrived at their cabin and I asked about the address. They told me where our cabin likely was. And then the husband asked, Is that your car stuck in the driveway? Um, yes. So the husband who we never got his name ... told me he would change his clothes and come over and help us. So in the meantime we unloaded the car. That was a workout. I even had to take a hit off my inhaler. Our wonderful neighbor pulled our car out. And then he snowplowed our driveway to our cabin. There was no way we would have gotten our car up there. We gave him a bottle of wine. But we owe them so much more. They were so helpful and nice. We were very lucky.
Thanks you to true Tahoe residents helping the city slickers. We will pay you back.
Next time we come up here in the winter we are renting a 4-wheel drive!
I am tired and have had some wine so if something doesn't make sense I will edit later.
Good night.

P.S. I forgot to mention our wonderful neighbors' wonderful dog. A lab named Lilly. She was so sweet. She was right by my side a couple of times. Makes me want a dog. I think at some point we will get a lab. (Lab or greyhound.)
Oh, and I have to say my Uggs stood up well to the snow. I wasn't planning on wearing them in the freakin snow. But I really didn't have a choice. They stood up well and my feet never got cold.

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