Sunday, November 21, 2010

I have a new favorite adult beverage

Friday evening about 6:45 Curt texted me saying he was heading to McNally's. After almost 12 hours at work I left about 7:15, headed home and then to McNally's. It was cold and rainy. I didn't want a cold drink. I asked for a hot one. Tobias suggested and Irish Coffee. But I am not a whiskey fan. He suggested A Baileys and coffee. YUMMY! After drinks at the bar, Curt and I had a late dinner, which was delicious.
Saturday I did my norm two hours at the gym. Then I hurried home to take Joey to the groomer, run a few errands and then head to my massage.
The rest of my day/evening included lounging and cuddling with the furbaby. He has been quite cuddly lately--even more than normal. Curt and I watched Get Him to the Greek. So disappointing. Not funny.
Today I felt quite productive. Started some laundry this morning, grocery for the week and the Thanksgiving feast we are hosting, dishes ... Then I headed to the yoga studio for a pretty intense class. After class I got some more laundry done and a few things around the house.
I am looking forward to my short week and long weekend. Hopefully this week won't be too nuts. Tomorrow we have a new person starting on the Legal team. She will be working with me. I am looking forward to the help.
Have a good week.


Blogger Ed said...

My fav too. However, I prefer to order the Bailey's on the side and sip it, chasing it with the coffee instead of having it added to the coffee. I think it enhances the flavor of both. Just my two cents worth.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010 5:21:00 AM  

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