Sunday, November 28, 2010

Much needed long, lazy, loungy weekend

This long weekend was just what I needed--especially as I gear up for the busiest month of the year at work.
Thursday morning I attended a 2-hour yoga. It was a wonderful way to start Thanksgiving. We had a small and casual dinner with a few friends. Over the past few years Curt and I have started our own Thanksgiving traditions--one of them being a ham from Burger's Smokehouse. Man, is it good!
Friday my goal was to get all of my errands, things done around the house. Instead I was lazy and watched TV, movies and just enjoyed being lazy. At some point that day Curt texted me and said John, our favorite bartender, was asking about me. So I headed to McNally's for a couple of Bailey's and coffee.
Saturday I hit the gym for my usual two hours. Then I came home and got stuff done around the house: organized and sorted my clothing drawers, did a little closet cleaning, more knitting, watched a few episodes of Parenthood on the Mac Mini. Curt and our friend Michael went to the Stanford/Oregon State football game. When they got back the three of us headed to McNally's.
This morning Joey and I headed to the vet. He was not happy about it. But he had to have a blood sugar test. And his sugar is slowly lowering, which is great. Dr. Miller is happy with Joey's progress in health. You can read about his experience on his blog.
After the vet, I headed to what now is becoming my regular Sunday yoga class. That Vinyasa class is intense and an hour and a half. Though Sean, the instructor, lost track of time and class was an hour and 45 minutes.
Soon after class, Curt and I headed out for brunch. After that I got a much needed mani/pedi.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your long weekend sounds absolutely perfect after Thanksgiving and a busy work week.
Hope this work week is good.
Hugs -M

Monday, November 29, 2010 5:34:00 PM  

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