Monday, October 05, 2009

I am no longer a zombie!

So I think I am finally back to normal.
Weekend was very relaxing.
Went to an Oktoberfest birthday party Friday night. I didn't wear my dirndl for two reasons: I was exhausted and not really in the mood. And I left straight from work, so I would have had to change at work--eh, no thanks. (Dirndl will be revealed at the costume party for work.) But the party was fun and a great time. Gabi did an amazing job putting on this suprise party in like 5 days. The food was excellent. There was lots of beer and decorations. It was a good time.
Saturday I decided to stay away from the gym and just sleep in. I didn't sleep in too late. But I lounged in the morning, watching TV, having coffee, etc. Then I ran a few errands and then back home for lounging.
Most of Saturday Curt was at a conference. So I spent part of the day drinking wine and watching Sex and the City.
Sunday I actually slept in. Then hit the grocery and starting cleaning the house for the anticipated visit from my mom and Fred.
Soon after Curt and I left the house at 12:30 to meet Dad and Hilda for lunch. We didn't get there until 2 p.m. The traffic was insane. (The drive shoulda taken us 30 mins.--the most 45 mins.) We had a nice and yummy lunch and a good visit.
More lounging and some knitting (yup, I am slowly starting to knit again) in the evening.
And I have to say the workday hasn't been too tough. Mostly worked on my department budget.
This morning when my alarm went off at 6 I wasn't ready to kill it or anything else like last week. I am no longer a zombie! And am now all rested up. (Supposedly for every hour you were ahead in your timezone it takes that many days to get back to normal. S0 it was 9 hours and about 8 days.)


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