Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I came home from work tonight ...

with Curt saying shhhh as I walked in. I thought maybe Joey had finally made it into the Snuggie box he has been trying to cram himself into the past few days. But I peered around the corner and didn't see Joey. Then I heard a weird noise and noticed this honker stroller in our living room.
I looked around and whispered to Curt, who's here?

It was baby Nate, Jason and Bernadette's 10-week-old. I was still confused since Nate was at our house alone sans parents. Jason and Bernadette were in our hood for dinner and Nate was getting fussy so Jason took him out for a stroll and then called Curt asking if he would watch the baby for a bit. Nate slept the whole time. He is so cute and makes funny noises while sleeping.
I was only home 10-15 minutes before Jason and Bernadette showed up. We visited for a bit.
Nate finally woke up but wasn't too happy. Nate's schedule is off after a weekend visit with Bernadette's grandparents. So off they went.
But I have to say Nate was so good I wouldn't mind watching him again.


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