Monday, July 13, 2009

Judging by today ... it is gonna be a long week

Good thing I had a fairly good and relaxing weekend.
Friday night Curt and I had dinner with Cyrus and Becky and Monica and Malcolm. Dinner was yummy and fun. We always have a good time with that gang. Afterward, we headed to M&M's for board game, which I found complicated and frustrating. But it was still fun even if only two out of the six of us knew how to play.
Saturday morning my norm of two hours at the gym.
Then Saturday afternoon we headed to an El Cerrito park in celebration of Todd's 40th. Mia had that thing catered, honker jumpy castle for the kids, lots of sodas and beer and gorgeous weather. It was a lot of fun. Got to hang out with some work friends and catch up. It was a good time.
Saturday evening took a nap and relaxed. Then Curt and I watched Broken Flowers. Pretty good movie. Though the ending was so lame!
Sunday morning was slightly lazy with some coffee and then an expensive trip to Target. After Target did some house cleaning, going through mail, doing laundry, cleaning my closet, filing some home paperwork, washing the car ... and then Curt and I headed to Barclay's for a drink and something to eat.

This morning I logged into my computer at work and had some scary virus thing. I called IT and they sent someone to my desk. They had my computer for hours. It is kinda difficult to work without a computer. I did what I could. I had a lunch date with my friend Alex. When I got back from lunch my computer was back and working.
But I had a lot of catch up to do. And I just have a ton of stuff to do this week and some meetings that will take up a lot of time this week. And I am taking Friday off--so short week!

Good thing I have my wine cube to keep me happy tonight.

Curt and I just watched the season premiere of Entourage. Even though that show can be gross and raunchy it is pretty damn funny. The show tonight was pretty good.

I gotta make some dinner and finish my wine while watching Army Wives. Love that show!


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