Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

I have never participated in Black Friday shopping, and the tradition continued this year.
I get anxious with crowds--so I don't find it to be appealing at all. Plus it seems to be some sort of greed fest. I know saving money is great, but do we all really need that stuff?
We have stopped exchanging gifts with our families. We now give money to charities instead. Kids usually get books or gift cards to a bookstore. Charity gift cards is what I found last year. And will give those again this year. Curt and I buy the gift cards (and get the tax benefits) and the recipient gets to give the money to up to three charities. They have more than 100 to choose from.
Most of my Christmas shopping is done. Have a few more things to get. But I pretty much buy everything online.
I woke up today (at almost 8 a.m.--that is super late for me) and it was dark and rainy outside. So I am being lazy this morning. I will likely hit the gym a little later and then maybe Michaels after the crowds die down--I don't think there are ever huge crowds there anyway.
Sometime this weekend I want to put up our lights and other decorations. And I have some knitting to do. Our friend Rachel is in town and we are meeting her for drinks tonight.


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