Monday, November 30, 2009

Weekend Wrap-up a day late ...

I usually do my weekend wrap-up on Sundays. Well, didn't this time ...
Friday afternoon Curt and I headed out for a little shopping. I went to Michaels. Curt went to Best Buy. Guess which place was nuts? Then we went to lunch after that. We tried Cafe Biere ... and bummer they were closed. So we headed to Oaks Card Club for some beer, football and pretty decent food. I like their burgers.
After having a couple of beers (and knowing I was going out again later for more beer) I took a nap. Two naps in one day. How luxurious!
Friday night we went to Albatross to meet Rachel for drinks. She brought a friend. And Monica and Malcolm came, too. That was a fun time.
Saturday headed to the gym. Then started to get lots of stuff done around the house. Started wrapping gifts, getting holiday cards stamped and addressed, and other various things around the house that aren't as fun--like scrubbing a toilet and laundry.
In the late afternoon Curt and I headed to McNally's for a beer to celebrate Mizzou kicking the Chickenhaws' booties. Awesome! (UA also beat ASU.)
Sunday got up and at 'em. Hit the grocery, came home and worked on holiday cards while listening to the Sounds of the Seasons Comcast channel of Christmas music. Early afternoon Curt and I got our Christmas tree in record time. We decorated the tree and the house (we don't have a ton of decorations). Put blue twinkle lights on outside. I also have icicle lights. I knew part of the strand was out. (Can't find just solid blue icicle lights to replace--crazy!!!) And, of course, once the lights were on (with the awesome timer I bought) I realized the strand that really "shows" is out. Nice! So I either gotta take them down or move them around.
Monica and Malcolm came over about 7 and we headed to dinner. We went to Sushiya and the were CLOSED! So we headed to Coach Sushi. It was pretty good. That was the first time Curt and I had been there. Man, they were busy.


Anonymous Jodie said...

I don't like scrubbing the toilet, but afterward, it's so nice to have the cleanness!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009 11:36:00 AM  

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