Monday, February 28, 2011

Sneaky little ...

In Joey's old age he has developed a much more sensitive tummy. The last visit to the vet, where the vet told me Joey was healthy and then charged me 130 bucks, Dr. Miller gave me some Pepcid type pills to give Joey. I cut them up and stuffed them in to Pill Pockets. And Joey ate them all.
Dr. Miller told me once I ran out of those I could just cut up Pepcid and stuff them in the Pill Pockets.
Last night I gave Joey a Pill Pocket. Later I walked into the kitchen and noticed the pink quartered tablet on the kitchen floor.
This morning I gave Joey his morning insulin shot along with treats after the shot (every insulin shot comes with treats) and the a Pill Pocket. I watched him eat it. And he managed to eat the Pill Pocket but not the Pepcid. Dang it!
Tonight Curt gave Joey his shot and then treats. Then I threw down a Pill Pocket and we watched him eat the Pill Pocket and spit out the Pepcid.
I did crush some up and put them in a Pill Pocket--but it isn't that much "medicine." But it is better than nothing. He ate that one.
According to the Greenies Pill Pocket Web site: Cats love the taste so much--they won't even notice there's medicine inside!
You think I should ask for my money back? Pill Pockets aren't cheap. Forty-five of those little things cost 9 bucks!


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