Sunday, February 06, 2011

Favorite Super Bowl commercial ...

Was the Darth Vader kid. This is an extended (and even better) version than what was on TV today.

This weekend my friend Nydia and her friend Lori came to town. Nydia is moving out to the Bay Area soon and came to look for a place to live. The two made it into a mini vacation and I think they have had a good time. The weather couldn't have been better for them. I think they toured a lot of places in our hood, too. The four of us had drinks at The Trappist and then dinner at Tamarindo. Then us girls went to McNally's for a drink. I had to turn in after that (had to go to the gym Saturday morning). But Nydia and Lori headed to The Conga Lounge for one more drink.
Today the four of us watched the Super Bowl and just had an easy day.
It was a good weekend.
A cleaning frenzy will begin tomorrow night as Curt's parents come into town on Thursday.


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