Sunday, November 25, 2007

Today's our last day

Just lazying around until Curt and I head to brunch at the Arizona Inn with Mom, Fred, Francine and Frank.
Friday night we ended up having dinner with Hilda's sister Thelma, her goddaughter Luna and her brother-in-law Marco. John and Jessica couldn't make it. We ate at the Barrio. Excellent food and desserts. Luna is almost 10. Man, is she an entertainer. She has this sweet little voice that is hard to hear. But she is a talker. She was funny and sweet and fun to have around. Curt told her about my pedicure party. Her comment was, that has my name written all over it. She is smart, too. She already speaks Spanish and English and she is learning Chinese. Her parents adopted her from China when she was 6 or 9 months old (I can't remember exactly how old she was). I am glad we finally got to meet her and her parents.
Saturday morning I went to a yoga class with Dad and Hilda. Afterward Hilda went to prepare for the yoga class she was gonna teach. Dad and I headed back to the house to get Curt. We tried to have breakfast at The Cup. But there was a 45 minute to hour wait. So we went to a place called the B Line. I had a chorizo burrito. I hadn't had chorizo in years. After that Curt and I ran a few errands: Bookmans, Eegee's, and a few other places. Eventually I went to my Mom's house and Curt headed to a bar he had scoped out to watch Mizzou vs. the dumb chickenhawks. Mom and Fred came home and we went to pick up my grandma, then head to a family engagement party. There were second cousins I hadn't seen in years. It was crazy. I mostly hung out with my mom and Fred, Jackie (my cousin), Uncle Mike and Aunt Vera and Grandma. Good food, good drinks and a good time. After that we dropped Grandma off and the three of us headed to The Shanty to meet Curt for a drink. There is some business about how The Depot changed the channel. Curt was annoyed (and rightly so) so he left and headed to The Shanty. Mom, Fred and I weren't there long. I was tired. But right before we left this guy comes up to me and just looks at me. I realize it is Al from The Republic. He was in town hanging out with the guys for the weekend in Tucson. I used to work with Al and argue with him a lot, too. He is the copy desk chief at The Republic. Talk about small world.
Oh, so I didn't mention the most important part, Curt's team won. I bet it was the lucky shirt his wife bought him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for treating for breakfast at the B Line, Sis.

Sunday, November 25, 2007 9:55:00 AM  
Blogger Jodie said...

Yes, what a small world! He came into work yesterday and told me about it. (:

Wednesday, November 28, 2007 8:21:00 AM  

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