Monday, November 19, 2007

Finicky weather

So last weekend I wrote about how rainy season was here. And I think I wrote about it in October. For some reason the weather is teasing us. I mentally prepare myself for months of wet and rain and then it lasts like one day! It has rained today and I am guessing will again. The cloud cover is a good bet.

Trying to get things wrapped up at work. I am out Wednesday. (We fly to Tucson Wednesday evening.) And the office is closed Thursday and Friday. I am a little stressed. I love going home, but it is tough making sure I see everyone. It usually works out that I miss someone. Only so much I can do. And hey, they can come visit me!

When I lived in Oregon for 3 1/2 years the only family members who came to see me were my mom (and Fred for a visit), my dad and my brother. That is it!!!! I lived in this beautiful place and they all didn't take advantage of it.

We have been in the Bay Area for almost 3 years and have had a ton of visitors. But as far as family goes: only Mom and Fred and Dad and Hilda (Hilda used to live here--so she likes to come back as often as possible. Can you blame her?) and Ed and Marilyn and Grandma Phyllis.
I just checked the weather for Tucson. Today is 85! Looks like by mid to end of week it will be 70s and 60s. That seems more reasonable.

To my Phoenix friends: I would love to come see you all. But there just isn't enough time during this short holiday visit.
I will likely be there in January for a visit. See you all then.

OH MY GOSH! I knew there was something else I wanted to blog about. I just couldn't remember. Onyx (and Bayer) received FDA approval today to sell Nexavar for liver cancer. It has been approved for kidney cancer for about 2 years now.
Thanks for the congrats e-mail Aaron and for reminding me to blog about this. :)
Click here for the story Aaron sent me.


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