Wednesday, November 21, 2007

23 hours

So last night I checked Curt and myself in for our flight tonight. I checked in about 23 hours before our flight and we got B seating. What the H???? We also have some weird numbering in addition to our B seating. I think it is gonna be crazy.
Curt and I are attempting one suitcase since he is working today and I am not. I can get to the airport as early as I need to for checking the bag in. And then Curt doesn't have to schlep a suitcase around the city. I don't have all of my stuff in the suitcase yet. We always bring a dufflebag in our suitcase just in case. And I know this time we are going to need it. We have to bring home tamales, Christmas presents and presents from India (my dad and Hilda were there last month). Oh and I think my brother has my birthday presents from the past 2 birthdays. No, apparently he has not heard of this thing called mail.
I am sure I will be blogging while we are away. But just in case, everyone have a great Thanksgiving. Here are some Turkey Day tips for you from Hungry Girl. Enjoy!


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