Thursday, November 15, 2007


I had to get gas last night. My little light turned on. And I paid $3.49 a gallon. Insane, eh? I wonder if it will reach 4 bucks. One of my favorite DJs, Greg the Gay Sportscaster, was saying he paid $3.93 the other day. He lives in the city--so the gas is a little more expensive there.


I guess there is a new company taking over our building parking garage at work. So this morning there was free coffee and pastries and a raffle drawing. I got a cute little muffin.

Tuesday Night Social Club ... Thursday edition

Our "drinking" group is meeting tonight. Special night since our friend David will be gone for like 2 months and he leaves next Monday or something. So we wanted to squeeze one in for him before he misses a bunch.

Work is still insane. I feel like I never catch up. So back to it.
Have a good day! Happy Thursday.


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