Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I could get used to 4-day weekends

I am still swimming in the mental healthness I achieved over my rather relaxing four-day weekend.
On Friday I spent the morning lounging, relaxing, knitting and watching Lifetime. I headed to the gym for a noon body conditioning class--where I ran into my friend Kim, who I hadn't seen in forever. After the gym I headed to Bay St. (an outdoor mall) and had lunch--yummy pizza; did some shopping--hello Apple store and Old Navy; and watched Despicable Me in 3D. The movie was really cute. And the 3D was pretty awesome. I hadn't seen a real 3D movie--well, if you count old school blue and red glasses--so, no, I hadn't seen a 3D movie before. After the movie I headed home and then Curt and I took off for Phil and Lisa's. Curt helped Phil move some furniture. Then the four of us headed out to dinner. A good time as always.
Saturday I headed to the gym in the morning for the norm two hours. After that home for a shower. Then Curt and I headed to Malcolm's barbecue birthday party, which was a good time. Once we got home there was lounging and knitting. We watched Hot Tub Time Machine that evening--which was funny, but not that funny. It was no The Hangover.
Sunday morning I headed to Target. At one point I was semi-stressed when wandering the baby section. I couldn't find what I needed, a baby was crying, I kept walking down an aisle where some toys would start singing and playing music, some kid kept asking their mom for something. Whew! How do parents handle all that????
The rest of Sunday was relaxing. Curt and I had lunch in the hood and then drinks at McNally's. there was more lounging, napping, movie watching and knitting.
Monday I hit the grocery and then the gym. Classes were canceled. So I did a little time on the treadmill and then the spin bike. Curt and I watched some of The Office marathon, headed out into the hood for lunch--actually brunch and beer. Then, of course, more lounging, relaxing, movie watching and knitting. I started troop hat No. 18 yesterday.
My Facebook status on Thursday night was: Ann has started her 4-day weekend, filled with relaxing, knitting, shopping, hanging out with friends, hanging out with The Husband and The Cat, movie watching, wine drinking, more relaxing, napping ... And I have to say all those items were checked off the list.


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