Monday, August 02, 2010

Good cooking, good visits, good times

I left a little early from work on Friday. I came home and Grandpa and Dad were hanging out. I asked them if they wanted to head to McNally's for a drink.
We went to visit John, our favorite bartender, and hang out. Grandpa enjoyed the Harp he tried. We had a good time hanging out, drinking, talking, watching some baseball. Ya know. At one point Grandpa said, I wish Curt was here.
We headed home about 6. Curt came home soon after that. Dad made an amazing dinner. Appetizers were shrimp with polenta in a really yummy sauce. For dinner we had asparagus, skirt steak and rice with sausage.
Saturday morning I headed to the gym for spin class. I came home for a quick shower and French toast made by Dad. After that we headed to the city for the Giants/Dodgers game. Grandpa was excited for the game. We had great seats and the weather turned out to be pretty nice. And the Giants won.
Saturday night we headed to Sushiya to cure Dad's craving. It was a good dinner--but that's not a surprise.
Sunday we had coffee, read the paper and lounged. Dad headed to the city for some meetings. Ed got to our place about 12:30. The four of us headed out to lunch at Ben and Nick's. After lunch another visit to see John at McNally's. We had some beer and hung out.
Soon after we got home from McNally's Dad came home and started making dinner of venison tenderloin, leftover rice and green beans. Delicious yet again.
We had a nice evening hanging out and then to bed.
Dad and Grandpa headed out early this morning. Ed is here until Wednesday. Curt and Ed are at an A's game tonight. I am having a little alone time tonight.


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