Sunday, July 18, 2010

Laughing till I cried

That usually happens when I hang out with my friend Dave.
Jen and Dave were in town this weekend. (Technically they are now. They fly back to Phoenix tomorrow morning.)
On Friday Curt and I met up with Jen and Dave at 21st Amendment for a drink before the Giants game. We had awesome seats and had a great time at the game. Barry Zito pitched a good game. We stayed for the fireworks after the game, and those were pretty good, too.
Saturday morning I hit the gym for spin class then hurried home to shower and get ready. We left our house about 11 and picked Jen and Dave up and headed to Napa. We had a delicious lunch at Bistro Don Giovanni (our regular lunch stop).
After lunch the wine tasting began. We first hit William Harrison and sipped our wine outside. We did a quick stop at Mumm just to pick up some sparkling wine. They were so busy there was no way we could have done a tasting. Then we hit Andretti where the tastings are free flowing. Jen and Dave got a couple of bottles there and I got a bottle of Riesling.
Hanging out with Jen and Dave is always a blast. I am always having a good time and laughing when we all hang out.
After Andretti we headed home. There was a little napping on the way home, too--by everyone but Curt, which was a good thing since he was driving. Once we got home we were ready for dinner. So we took Jen and Dave to Art's Crab Shak. The crab there is amazing. Dave also ordered some catfish, which was so good and so fresh.
We drove our guests back to their hotel. (We would offer for them to stay with us. But they are both allergic to cats.) We had a drink at the hotel bar (and many of the free cookies).
Today I ran a few errands and did lots of stuff around the house, cleaned, straightened up the pantry, got the spare room in order, did many many loads of laundry, etc.
I spent this evening knitting, watching "Valentine's Day," which was cute and sad. Good chick flick. Curt and I are watching Sideways right now. And I am gonna get a little more knitting in.
Good night.


Blogger JLC said...

this is such a nice blog posting! it was so nice to see you guys, and we are still laughing at all the jokes -- and dave's still raving about the mushrooms at art's crab shack! :) i wish we could have stayed longer or come visit more frequently! i'm glad you documented everything on your blog.

also... we were saying that next time we visit, we'll definitely have to plan napa for a weekday, so we can have a leisurely time at mumm. the sparkling wine there is very yummy (tho not quite andretti!). :)

Friday, August 06, 2010 5:21:00 PM  

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