Sunday, June 27, 2010

Love my lazy weekends

Started my weekend with Friday evening yoga. After that met Alicia and Sue for dinner to celebrate Alicia's birthday. We had sushi at Sushiya--and it was Alicia's pic. It was a delicious dinner, as always. And a great time catching up with friends.
Saturday morning only an hour and a half at the gym. As I had to shower quickly and hurry home for the USA/Ghana football match. Our friends Jim and Jennifer came over and they brought some delicious munchies, too.
I had to leave the house before the game was over to for my hair appointment. (I didn't realize when I made my appointment two weeks ago that USA would be playing at that time.) I came back and the gang headed out for drinks at McNally's and then lunch at Rustica.
After that it was home for nap and then pretty much lounging the rest of the evening.
Today I was totally lazy. I never actually left the house. I was supposed to go grocery shopping--one of my least favorite tasks--but I didn't. So now I have to go after work tomorrow. I did do laundry. I watched movies, TV, knitted, etc. I watched the Laramie Project. It was very well done. Makes you think. I can understand ignorance--because you just don't know any differently. We are all ignorant about something. But hatred, I don't understand that. I find it sad and disgusting and heartbreaking.
This evening Curt and I watched Invictus--which ended up being heartwarming. The message was pretty amazing.
Back for another week at work and then a three-day weekend. We don't have a lot planned and I would like to keep it that way. July is going to be a busy month--with visitors two different weekends and us going out of town another.
We are meeting my dad and Hilda for a late lunch on Saturday. We will be celebrating my dad finishing culinary school and his externship and a new job for Hilda. It will also be a farewell lunch as Dad and Hilda are moving back to Tucson.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that sounds like a fun weekend!
Not too many days until the long weekend. It was great chatting with you. Hugs -M

Tuesday, June 29, 2010 7:59:00 PM  

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