Monday, July 05, 2010

Knitting, beer, visits, movie watching, lounging ...

So it is nearly 10 p.m. on Day 3 of a three-day weekend.
We didn't do a ton this weekend. It was quite relaxing. Which I needed. The next many weekends will be rather action packed.
Friday night we met newborn Emi. Our friends Nicole and John had a baby girl last Tuesday. She was so tiny and sweet. She almost looked like a doll. We were impressed with John's swaddling skills and how great Nicole looked. The both seemed like naturals.
Today I actually slept in until almost 9. Hardly ever heard of. I did wake up a few times between 7 and 9. But the fact that I was able to go back to sleep was pretty awesome.
I lounged this morning and then headed to spin class a little before noon. After that errands at Petco and the grocery.
Curt and I visited McNally's today, of course, right. Curt headed there first and said he would text me on the goings on. It's funny because I noticed that I have a few texts from him on various days regarding McNally's.
I did some more knitting. (Now on troop hat No. 13.) Some lounging and movie watching. I watched "Remember Me." It was actually better than how the previews made it look. I thought I only liked Robert Pattinson when he was vamped out.
OK, time to wrap up for bed and another workweek. Good night.


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