Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Princesses and pink and purple

Today at the end of my yoga class the instructor Sean said he would be gone next Tuesday because he is taking his 3-year-old niece to Disneyland with other family members. Suraya, another of my regular instructors, will be subbing.
I was asking Sean after class if his niece was into princesses. He wasn't sure. I assured him that she is likely is and that she loves pink and purple. (His niece lives in Sacramento, so he doesn't see her too often.) He was asking me where he should go to buy something for her ahead of the trip.
I told him Target has one aisle that is just pink. I said anything pink, purple, princessy, feathery, sparkly she will like.
I remember the first time I met my niece, Madison, who is now 11. She was 2 1/2 and Curt and I went back to Missouri for a family reunion. Great time to meet the family, eh? Curt wanted to take her back a gift but wasn't sure what to get her. He asked me if I would buy something. I gladly took the task on. And I went straight to that pink aisle at Target.
I got her those sticker earrings, a purse that was pink and had feather boa on it and some other stuff. When we got to Ed and Marilyn's Curt introduced me to Madison and a little later told her I had a gift for her. She followed me, plopped herself in the middle of the kitchen and gladly excepted all the pink, sparkly, girlie gifts. And I think I had her hooked, lined and sunk right then and there. :)
I have to say I still appreciate pink and purple--though my favorite color is blue, esp. cobalt blue. I love boas--and I think every girl should have a boa or at least a scoa. I love sparkly stuff--I still use body glitter for special occasions. :)


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