Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A lady who lunches

The Bay Area has been in a "heat wave." High 80s and even in the 90s the past few days. 
I wanted to eat lunch outside yesterday. So Sue, Alonzo and I walked to Togo's and had sandwiches and salad while enjoying the beautiful weather.
Today Melissa, Koy and I headed to a restaurant called Sea Breeze (we had to drive). I had heard great things about this place but had never eaten there. I splurged and had a cheeseburger. And it was good. We got to sit outside and soak up the sun and relax a little.
Apparently tomorrow we will be back in the 60s and the rain will return. Forecast for Saturday and Sunday is 60 and rainy. Boooo!
The past few days I have been able to wear clothes I normally don't get to display. So that has been nice. But good thing I didn't put the long sleeves and pants away.
The thing that makes me laugh is that people have been complaining that it is too hot! They are nuts! Anything below 70 and I am cold. So I am loving this "hot" weather.
(***Update on the weather*** Just checked the iPhone and it has changed its forecast. Tomorrow a high of 79. This weekend appears sunny and in the mid- to high 60s. Schweet!)


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