Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve!

I had to work today. But only about 5 hours. I was planning on leaving about noon. It ended up being closer to 1 p.m. I hit the gym before coming home.
Once home a quick shower. Then Curt and I had our feast. We planned to have the second annual crab dinner celebration. But Market Hall was out of crabs when Curt got there. We had issues last year, too.
But we had plenty of food: shrimp, potatoes, rolls and green beans. We had our feast and then opened gifts. We were a lot lighter on presents this year. With our families we either didn't do gifts or we did charity presents instead--which I really like.
I got some good loot: some books, yarn, a mini stair stepper that I can use while watching TV and burn many more calories than knitting, etc.
I made many Christmas gifts. Here are a few that I made:

Top pic is Baby Dashiell showing off his blankie, which his Aunt Ann made. Middle pic is Lexi and Coop sporting their new beanies Ann made for them. The white stripes glow in the dark. Bottom pic is Curt opening the hunter's orange beanie I secretly made for him.

I also wanted to post some more pics of ornaments:

1. Ornament from London, where we saw the crowned jewels.
2. Ornament I made with kid pics of Curt and me. My mom gave me a locket right before I got married (the locket my dad gave my mom the night before they married) with a pic of me and a pic of Curt in it. There were many extra pics of Curt and me. So I made this ornament. I think all of our family members also got an ornament just like the one you see above.
3. An ornament from my mom: St. Ana. It is beautiful. This saint is a saint for many things. But the one I find truly interesting is she is the saint of childless couples. I prefer the term childfree by choice.
4. Another ornament I made. Curt's hometown paper used to print something called Dusting Off the Old Ones. They print all the kids' letters to Santa. I wish I would have written down the date. But 25 years ago (which had to be really at least 30 years ago today) this letter was written to Santa and printed in the Albany Ledger:

Dear Santa,

How are you feeling? And a few more things: have you shaved? how is Dasher, Comet and Cupid? I have one brother, Craig. -- Curt Poff


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