Friday, December 19, 2008

Absolutely crazy morning

More like crazy week. This week has been so busy. And I still have so much to do at work before the end of the year--and last day for Onyx is Dec. 24.
This morning was so crazy. I felt like a nutjob running around like a madwoman. But Legal had a welcome lunch for our new paralegal and it seems better now.
Many celebrations lately. Yesterday at work we had a Lunch & Learn with HR. Then Kris Kringle gift exchange at 2 p.m., which was a lot of fun. (I was in charge of Kris Kringle this year.) And then at 3:30 we had a champagne celebration for something else. I mean, we are all over the place with this partying.
Then today we had our welcome lunch for Melissa. It was a nice lunch. Our server asked us if we laughed that much at work. I liked that comment. It means we are a good group and have fun together--I think that is so important when you spend so many hours of your day together. Melissa is a great fit for our department. As is Koy, who is temping for us.
Now I am trying to get a few things done before I leave work no later than 5:10 to make my yoga class. I haven't left before 6 p.m. all week.


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